Ex-Secretary of Defense blames Obama for Iraq falling to Islamist Jihadists

IRAQI FREEDOM“Looked upon Team Obama as those who were ‘eager to rid itself of Iraq …'”

Considered by both Republicans and Democrats as one of the most respected men inside the Washington, DC beltway, former Secretary of Defense (SecDef) Leon Panetta has placed the blame on Iraq teetering on the edge of falling to the al-Qaeda allied ISIS terrorist organization directly at the feet of Barack Obama. As reported by The Wall Street Journal and also by the NewsMax.com news portal, both on Oct. 2, 2014, not only in published passages in his forthcoming memoir, “Worthy Fights,” but also in televised interviews, Panetta paints a picture of two separate factions within the Obama Administration prior to the 2011 total and complete withdrawal of American combat troops – Panetta’s camp wanting to leave a residual force – the “President’s team” essentially wanting to leave Iraq in the rear view mirror just as fast as possible.

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