Did Trump really say ‘the media is the enemy of the people’?

It goes without saying that the American people are rightly proud of our First Amendment, as we should be.

The number of countries that routinely toss legitimate reporters in jail, torture, rape and/or execute the same valid journalists looks an awful lot like roll-call at the United Nations.

But now that I think about it, it’s pretty amazing how those two go hand-in-hand.

Anyhow, leftist politicians, along with their media lapdogs, are setting their hair on fire over President Trump supposedly stating that “the media is the enemy of the people.”

Here’s just a few of the more attention grabbing headlines:

  • The New York Times – “Trump Embraces ‘Enemy of the People,’ a Phrase With a Fraught History
  • MSNBC – “Trump calling media enemy of the people could endanger lives
  • Washington Post – “Trump calls the media ‘the enemy of the American People‘”
  • New York Daily News = “President Trump labels news media ‘enemy of the American people’
  • CNN – “Trump calls media the “enemy” of the people

Then there’s the tweet sent out by Seth “Precious Snowflake” Abramson;

As he describes himself on his personal website, Abramson cites that he’s written for newspapers such as The Washington Post, The Kansas City Star, The Economist, Boston Review, The Dallas Morning News, The Seattle Times.

Not just daily newspapers, he also notes that he’s a “regular commentator on U.S. politics on CNN and the BBC, with recent additional interviews by CBS, CBS Radio, MSNBC, CNBC, NBC Radio, ABC News, ABC Radio, NPR, PBS, the CBC, Bloomberg, the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs, The Washington Post, The New York Times, New York Magazine, Newsweek, Vanity Fair, The Boston Globe, Politico, Congressional Quarterly, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Der Spiegel, The New York Daily News, The Wall Street Journal, and others.”

Anyhow, this President Donald J. Trump sure is a rotten guy, huh?

But wait… here’s the actual tweet the president sent out;

Hmmm… it looks like the NY Times, MSNBC, the Washington Post, etc, left out the words “fake news.”

You know what “fake news” is also called? Propaganda.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, propaganda is defined as;

“information, ideas, opinions, or images, often only giving one part of an argument, that are broadcast, published, or in some other way spread with the intention of influencing people’s opinions.”

I have but one parting question: Where does the fake news media end, and slander begin?

Stupid alert – victimhood pimp finds latest oppressors: Smart people

Smart people suck.

“Stupid people of the world, uhhh…”

Victimhood has always been a lucrative business. Doubt me? Just look at the millions of dollars pulled in by the likes of Al Sharpton, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Jesse Jackson.

Or if you’re anywhere near the University of Iowa, look up student Dan Williams. He’ll give you the lowdown on those with a low IQ.

If you’re lucky, Williams will happily explain to you how unfair it is to the more stupid that dwell amongst us that smart people have a clear “privilege” over them.  And by crackie, that’s just wrong and needs to be stopped, forthwith. And probably fifth and sixthwith, too.

Reported by Thomas Lifson of The American Thinker, “Progressives, crazed with identifying new forms of oppression attached to the currently fashionable catchword privilege, have finally embraced the stupid as a victim class.

Lifson notes one of the more interesting (amusing) passages in Williams’ article;

There are many kinds of privilege besides white privilege: cognitive privilege, for example. We now know that intelligence is not something we have significant control over but is something we are born with. We are living in a society in which success is increasingly linked to one’s intelligence. This is not to say that intelligence is the only factor that is important. All that is implied is that below a certain threshold of intelligence, there are fewer and fewer opportunities. These opportunities are being shifted upward to jobs that require heavier cognitive lifting or else are being replaced by robots. Thus, the accident of having been born smart enough to be able to be successful is a great benefit that you did absolutely nothing to earn. Consequently, you have nothing to be proud of for being smart.

As every schoolchild knows (or at least should know), the Declaration of Independence clearly states:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Maybe it’s the “self-evident” part that the stupid need explained to them, or possibly that the pursuit of happiness is far from a federal guarantee of happiness.

Nonetheless, Williams makes a point of blaming those gifted with intelligence for the stupid being, well… stupid.

And victims. Don’t forget that the less intelligent are victims of the more intelligent.

For the benefit of Williams and the stupid he claims are victims, allow me to point out that once that whole creation stuff is finished, some rather interesting things happen;

  • Some people are taller than most, some are shorter than most
  • Some people are stronger than most, some are weaker than most
  • Some people are more intelligent than most, some are less intelligent than most

Referring back to the article from The American Thinker,  Lifson correctly opines;

I am not certain if Williams is an actual sophomore, but he certainly is sophomoric.  He understands nothing about intelligence, though he pretends he does.  (In fairness, I was once an undergraduate college student intoxicated with the new ideas I was learning.  And it was my privilege to learn from scholars immersed in classical thought, not progressive propagandists.)

House Democrat calls Gen. Kelly ‘extremist’ who is ‘militarizing the White House’

Babs and Barry are besties. (Twitter)
Babs and Barry are besties. (Twitter)

Say what you will about John Francis Kelly, but it’s a safe bet that any rational and objective person wouldn’t describe him as an “extremist”.

Patriotic, faithful, personally and morally courageous, yes… but never an extremist. Continue reading “House Democrat calls Gen. Kelly ‘extremist’ who is ‘militarizing the White House’”

Shattering the myth of California being ‘sixth largest economy on planet Earth’

California State Senate leader Kevin de León perpetuates the big lie. (Youtube)
California State Senate leader Kevin de León perpetuates the big lie. (Youtube)

California State Senate leader Kevin de León made quite the big noise at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last year of what an economic powerhouse the Golden State truly is. Continue reading “Shattering the myth of California being ‘sixth largest economy on planet Earth’”

Growing chorus for Fox News to dump Shepard Smith

Open wide for Shep Smith. (Youtube)
Open wide for Shep Smith. (Youtube)

Despite touting their news coverage as “Fair and Balanced,” the viewership of the Fox News Channel (FNC) is increasingly calling for newsreader Shepard Smith to seek employment elsewhere. Continue reading “Growing chorus for Fox News to dump Shepard Smith”

Megyn Kelly – The Next Liberal Superstar

MSNBC-worthy softball interview.
MSNBC-worthy softball interview.

Die hard Oakland Raider fans, and I mean the Kenny Stabler, Jack Tatum and Ben Davidson Raider fans, were understandably upset when their beloved Silver and Black moved to Los Angeles. To add insult to injury, the final nail in the coffin was when Hollywood Raiders Howie Long and Marcus Allen posed for the cover of GQ.

Everyone knew the Raiders would never be the same. Needless to say, there was no joy in the Land of Oak. Continue reading “Megyn Kelly – The Next Liberal Superstar”

Myth Busted: White Southern Democrats then just like White Southern GOP now

Angry Democrats set the dogs loose on blacks.
Angry Democrats set the dogs loose on blacks.

The Southern Fried Socialism your teachers never told you about.

As any white liberal Northerner will tell you, just forget that the pre-1970 Democratic Party was actually the party of the KKK, water cannons and attack dogs. The same white liberal Northerner will ensure that everyone in earshot understands that those evil white Democrat Southerners back then did nothing more than to make an easy switch to the GOP when the Jackass Party moved hard left almost half a century ago. Continue reading “Myth Busted: White Southern Democrats then just like White Southern GOP now”

The Commander-in-Chief vs. the Commander-in-Grief

Presidents in Uniform: Kennedy recovering from wounds during WWII; Obama wearing an über-hip Bomber Jacket.
Presidents in Uniform: Kennedy recovering from wounds during WWII; Obama wearing an über-hip Bomber Jacket.

The United States Armed Forces lost one of their greatest champions ever 50 years ago today.

With that said, I simply must ask rhetorically if it’s possible that every member of the species Kennediae absolutely must be classified as genus Liberalis, Familuis Democratus

No matter how hard the Left claims John Kennedy as one of theirs, the facts simply don’t pass muster under the harsh light of objectivity and plain old common sense.

What’s especially insulting is those that utter the name of Jack Kennedy in the same breath as Barry Soetoro Obama insinuating the two are ideological twins. Continue reading “The Commander-in-Chief vs. the Commander-in-Grief”