Report: Philly Mail-In Ballot Counting ‘Temporarily Halted’, Pittsburgh Voter Officials Take the Day Off

While many consider unsolicited mail-in ballots received after election day to be illegal, one might say that some rather interesting developments have been made public in the Keystone State.

According to (emphasis mine);

Philadelphia temporarily halted mail-in ballot counting shortly before noon Thursday to address a court ruling, two Democratic officials told NBC News. A state court judge ordered that observers for the Trump campaign must be allowed greater access at the Pennsylvania Convention Center while ballots are tallied.

On the other side of the state, the official website for Allegheny County (the greater Pittsburgh area) cites that at of 11 PM (EST) on Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2020, all the vote counters will stop doing just that, instead will be doing “administrative work” (emphasis mine);

On Tuesday at 8 PM, we had a total of 348,485 mail-in or absentee ballots returned. The difference between the two numbers – mail-in/absentee votes counted (313,072) and total ballots returned (348,485) is 35,413. That 35,413 includes the universe of voters who received incorrect ballots and were then issued corrected ballots (appx. 29,000), ballots that were unscannable and will need to be duplicated during the Return Board process (appx. 2,250) and miscellaneous ballots like ones missing the date, or an illegible voter on declaration (appx. 4,350). Again, those numbers are all estimates and explain the differences between the number that we have now and the number of ballots returned.

The Return Board will convene on Friday morning, November 6, at 9 AM. Although originally planned for the County Office Building, the Return Board will now convene at the Elections Warehouse. Further information and detail will be issued publicly tomorrow.

There are six precincts of the 1,323 that will be reported tomorrow as their results were not transmitted from the regional reporting centers on Tuesday. Those are Braddock Hills 02, Homestead 01-01, Pittsburgh 20-13, Pittsburgh 25-01, Shaler 02-05, and Whitehall 09.

Last, but not least, there is not any canvassing work being done at the warehouse tomorrow and it will be closed to media and observers. The Elections Division staff will be using the day to do administrative work. They will not be available for any media inquiries or interviews tomorrow.

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