Malaysian Muslim cleric warns government to reject intellect and logic

Malaysian Muslims protest against the video, “Innocence of Muslims”.

In what very well could have been mistaken as either satire or a line from the seventh century, a Southeast Asian Islamic mufti has warned his fellow government officials to that when it comes to Islam, intellect and logic have no place in the conversation.

As reported by the Malaysian Insider news portal on Aug. 7, 2015, and also by Front Page magazine on Aug. 6, 2015, Dr. Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria cautioned other public servants in the Malaysian state of Perak to steer clear of reason for fear of inviting Beelzebub into their midst.

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Obama silent on Malaysia to execute non-Muslims according to Shari’a Law

Obama and Malaysia politician Jamaluddin bin Mohammed Jarjis.

While on his whirlwind tour of the Far East, Barack Obama managed to find time to hammer the embattled owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, yet the Chief Executive has remained curiously silent when informed that his Malaysian hosts have every intention of implementing the harshest punishments found in Islamic Shari’a law on the nation’s rather sizable non-Muslim minority. As reported by both The Malaysia Chronicle and The Malay Mail Online, both on April 28, 2014, as well as USA Today on April 27, 2014, Obama referred to Clippers owner Donald Sterling as both “ignorant” as well as “incredibly offensive” while the billionaire Democrat was secretly recorded berating his 49-years-his-junior now ex-mistress, known to the world only as V. Stiviano, for her friendship with blacks as well as posting online photos of her with NBA legend Ervin “Magic” Johnson.

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Malaysia: Judge warns Hindu, Buddhist statues ‘hurt feelings, threaten’ Muslims

“It hurts people’s feelings…”

Despite Islam constitutionally recognized as the nation’s official religion, the South East Asian country has also declared by law that a number of non-Islamic holy days as state holidays. Nonetheless, a prominent retired judge has called out both the Hindu and Buddhist minorities of not only hurting the feelings of the nation’s Muslim majority, but also causing the followers of Mohammed feel threatened, as reported by the news portals Malaysian Digest on April 17, 2014, and also by the Malay Mail Online on April 16, 2014.

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Malaysian Muslims angered: Witch doctor called in on missing jet search

At times, the only thing in life that makes sense is when someone calls in a witch doctor. Case in point, in the way of a 777 jetliner virtually disappearing off the face of the earth, Malaysian Airlines has reportedly calling in a local witch doctor much to the chagrin of local Muslims, as reported by the International Business Times, Australia Edition on March 15, 2014, and the New York Daily News on March 13, 2014.

Touted as the “king of the local witch doctors,” Ibrahim Mat Zin made an appearance at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport to perform a ritual that was suppose to assist officials in locating the missing airliner, along with the 239 crew and passengers.

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Malaysian Muslims Flip-Out Over Halal Seal on Beer Can

calsberg-halal+infolajuIn what could be the next reason for Muslims to riot, burn things down and execute various kafirs on the spot, the Malaysian government is furious over an image of a can of beer sporting the Islamic halal-approval symbol, as reported by the Malaysian news portal on Jan. 10, 2014.

The Malaysia Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) is screaming mad over the picture of a certain Danish fermented adult beverage making the rounds on the internet that has the Mohammedism seal of approval right there for Allah and everyone to see.

Crack Open a Cold One…

That’s what caused officials in the Malaysian government to get their taqiyahs in a wad — unlike having sex with one’s dead wife deemed wholesome and appropriate, the consumption of beer is expressly forbidden in Islam.6a0111685b4b71970c012876c4bdf2970c-800wi

To ironically add insult to injury, the banned brew just happens to be Danish.

Denmark is still number 1 on Islam’s khara-list after a Danish newspaper in 2005 ran a series of editorial cartoons depicting the face of Muhammad.

Considered haram (forbidden), the images of the founder of Islam resulted in waves of massive riots that swept throughout the Muslim world.

By the time the furor subsided, the body count exceeded 200. Property damages were also estimated well into the hundreds if not thousands of dollars.