Annapolis shootings: Reporter fired for fake news, lies of Trump connection to killer

Conor Berry formerly was employed by The Republican newspaper of Springfield, MA. But as I said… formerly.

On the heels of Jarrod Ramos being arrested for the shotgun murders of five people in the offices of the Annapolis newspaper, the Capitol Gazette, Berry sent out a tweet that looked an awful lot like breaking news.

But as reported by Warner Todd Huston of;

Berry deleted the tweet after an editor from his paper saw it and demanded that the tweet be deep-sixed. However, the posting was seen before the deletion and screenshots soon began appearing on social media.

By Friday, Berry went back to Twitter to announce that his newspaper career had come “to a screeching halt,” The Hill reported.

In spite of Berry’s multiple mea culpas, his apologies fell flat when he again took to Twitter to explain himself;

In one of the comments on his announcement, the now former reporter insisted that his original MAGA hat tweet was supposed to have been taken as sarcasm and cynicism, but it was “interpreted as fact. It was not fact. It was fiction.”

Despite Berry’s none-too-subtle insinuation that the killer is a Trump supporter, questions have arisen if Jarrod Ramos is a Democrat or Republican.

As it turns out, Ramos is so apolitical that Maryland records note his political affiliation as simply “Unaffiliated”.

Nonetheless, even though it’s an inanimate object, the now famous MAGA hat has somehow managed to “trigger” snowflakes everywhere, even in far-off prairielands of Canada;

‘It’s Okay to be White’ Opponents Have Reading Comprehension Problems


As recently reported by the reliably hysterical Washington Post, some hateful individual ostensibly of equal parts Satan, Hitler and Donald Trump is on the loose in the DC area fomenting racial hate and discontent.

How so? By telling folks of the Caucasian persuasion that is’s “okay” to be a white person.

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Nowhere on the offending piece of paper cited by both the Washington Post and WJLA of Washington, DC, does it even allude the whites are in any way superior, better, smarter, healthier, more attractive, smell better, harder working, closer to God, better fashion sense, etc, than anyone else.

Again, the message is painfully clear in its message and simplicity: “It’s okay to be white”.


Just as it’s okay to be Latino, black, East Asian and so on, those who trace their lineage to Europe, North Africa and Western Asia have just as much right to proclaim their basic human dignity as anyone else.

Nonetheless, as the WaPo notes, the tweet originating from WJLA does make clear that the offending message found in a Maryland high school has been “removed” and the school officials assure everyone that “they’re investigating.”

To wit, I’m forced to ask the following: Investigate what?

Needless to say, these are interesting times we live in when stating the obvious is labeled a hate crime.


North African Berbers.
North African Berbers.
A Kalosh child whose people live in northern Pakistan/northern India.
A Kalash child whose people live in Northern Pakistan/Northern India.
Himself from a long line of Syrian Christians, Sammy Hagar.
Himself from a long line of Syrian Christians, Sammy Hagar.


Snowflake alert: Anti-Confederate hysteria hits Maryland



Maryland arguably has the coolest flag of all the 56 states, commonwealths, territories, and the singular district that all fly under the Stars and Stripes. That is, if you’re big into European heraldry.

But as cool as the Calvert family coat of arms consisting of alternating quarter squares of the yellow-and-black colors of his father’s family and the red-and-white colors of his mother’s family, the Crosslands, we now have to deal with crazed “There’s a Confederate hiding under my bed!” hysteria casting not only disparaging remarks, but also flat-out historically wrong accusations against the Maryland colors. Continue reading “Snowflake alert: Anti-Confederate hysteria hits Maryland”

Judge drops legal bombshell on Baltimore’s Marilyn Mosby

Marilyn Mosby in her more arrogant days. (Twitter)
Marilyn Mosby in her more arrogant days. (Twitter)

Remember the Baltimore State Attorney who famously told the press in 2015, “To the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across America. I heard your call for ‘no justice, no peace'”? Continue reading “Judge drops legal bombshell on Baltimore’s Marilyn Mosby”