(VIDEO) Houston Mayor: During Covid-19 Pandemic, Criminals Need to ‘Take a Break’ and ‘Chill’

Texas-sized Covidiot.

Someone tell this numbskull that if criminals were able to “chill” to begin with, they wouldn’t be criminals…

I’ve heard politicians make some unbelievably moronic statements. Everything from Bubba Clinton’s “I did not have sex… with that woman” to Comrade Barry’s “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” Continue reading “(VIDEO) Houston Mayor: During Covid-19 Pandemic, Criminals Need to ‘Take a Break’ and ‘Chill’”

Minneapolis Mayor: Fried Chicken, Beer Now Deemed ‘Racist’

Is it humanly possible that the dead body parts of a chicken, deep-fried in a secret Cajun recipe could somehow inherintly be racist?

The Thibaudeau, Gautreaux, and Beauregard families over in Jefferson Davis Parish might take offense to Popeye’s Chicken fast-food chain using a supposed indigenous to Louisiana-stylized ingredients and cooking techniques to preparing yard bird … well, they could claim Popeye’s of wrongful cultural appropriation.

I’m fairly sure that the descendants of the Acadians who now range from the Florida Panhandle to South Padre Island are made of sterner stuff than to whine over someone else using the word “Cajun.”

But back to the topic at hand. Other than Louisiana Cajun-style fried chicken, how about beer? Is beer racist?

Probably the closest to a racist beer I can find would be Honolulu’s Aloha Beer. Only fo’ da Bruddahs to buss you up. But then again, “Aloha” is a pretty all-inclusive and welcoming word, so no racism when it comes to Hawaiian hops and barley.

The offending box lunch.
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