The Sanders $15 Hourly Wage Only Ensures the Working Poor STAY Poor

Interesting that Lent is upon us. I forced myself to watch about an hour’s worth of the Jack-Ass Party debate in South Carolina. That alone must clear me of at least a couple of centuries off my time in Purgatory.

Nonetheless, Comrade Sanders sure does make a lot of noise regarding his promised $15 an hour federal minimum wage.

Maybe someone said something on TV… maybe all the tumblers were lined up properly in my noggin, but I distinctly remember Bolshevik Bernie droning on about $29,000 and alleged “free” health coverage.

I also remember Sanders promised upping the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, which is clearly noted on the official Bernie Sanders campaign website.

So let’s do the math;

  • Anyone who works 37.18 hours per week X $15 an hour = $557.70 of pay per week.
  • $557.7 of pay per week X 52 weeks per year = $29,000.40 per year.

But on another of the official Sanders for president websites, the magic and maximum amount a person can make to qualify for “free” health care is any amount up to $29,000 a year.

  • Creating a 4 percent income-based premium paid by employees, exempting the first $29,000 in income for a family of four.

Hmmm… so if any given individual is only wage earner for his family of four, and also happens to work 37.18 hours per week (which is $29,000.40 a year), his “free” health coverage costs him four percent over his first $29,000 of his income. But just for the heck of it, let’s say mom also works 37.18 hours per week at $15 an hour.

Four percent of $29,000.40 means mom and dad must pay $1160.02 a year for their “free” coverage. Remember, even if mom and dad just so happen to have a sweet healthcare plan at work, Sanders kills all private health insurance.

In other words, this hypothetical family pays $96.67 a month for their “free” healthcare costs. Shitty health care, at that.

One other thing, Sanders attempts to paint his insurance scheme as cheaper than what folks pay now. Sadly for Bernie, he uses the worst case scenario. He ignores that many workers have some pretty sweet coverage through their unions, etc.

But Sanders will make all private insurance illegal. We all will now have the health coverage that most in Britain, Germany and Sweden have.

And it’s a fact that waiting upwards of eight months to finally have scheduled chemo in Britain simply isn’t all that rare. By then, it’s too late. The cancer has metastasized.

That’s the alleged “free” healthcare Bernie wants for everyone.

Socialist Venezuela raises minimum wage to $2 a month

Seen at the Simón Bolívar international Airport - "Welcome to Venezuela. Notice: We have electricity, no toilet paper, no eggs, no president, not a fucking thing."
Seen at the Simón Bolívar international Airport – “Welcome to Venezuela. Notice: We have no lights, no toilet paper, no eggs, no president, not a single fucking thing.”

How great is socialism? So great, that the minimum wage in the Workers Paradise of Venezuela was nearly doubled, but the same worker is now only pulling in a measly one and one-fourth penny (00.0125¢) per hour.

That’s right… the nation defended by a spectrum ranging from the airheaded to the completely useless (Sean Penn, Jamie Foxx, Oliver Stone, Naomi Campbell, Michael Moore, Jeremy Corbin, Bernie Sanders, Danny Glover, etc.) is now paying those in the government controlled workforce a whopping Bs. F 797,510 (bolívares fuertes), worth roughly $2.02 a month according to the Spanish language currency converter website

Despite both Left and Right leaning news services agreeing on the specific amount of money going to the Venezuelan people, both liberals and conservatives agree that things in the South American nation pretty much suck.

As reported by Reuters;

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced a 40 percent increase to the minimum wage as of January, a move that will foment what many economists already consider hyperinflation in the oil-rich but crisis-stricken nation.

In his televised year-end address, leftist Maduro said the new wage level would protect workers against what he calls Washington’s “economic war” to sabotage socialism.

“Good news!” said the former bus driver and union leader, speaking next to a Venezuelan flag in a midday address.

Venezuelans will now earn some 797,510 bolivars a month, factoring in food tickets, or just over $7 on the widely used black market index. Millions will still be unable to afford three meals a day, while the increase is likely to stoke inflation further. Prices went up 1,369 percent between January and November, according to figures released earlier this month by the opposition-led Congress, which estimated the 2017 rate would top 2,000 percent. The Venezuelan government no longer publishes inflation data on a regular basis.

"We die of hunger because of total dictatorship."
“We die of hunger because of total dictatorship.”

On the flip-side, notes;

Venezuela’s socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro has raised his country’s minimum wage by a further 40 percent, meaning public sector employees will now earn around two dollars a month in his seventh and final major hike of 2017.

“We have good news regarding the protection and stability of all the workers,” said Maduro in a televised address. “I am announcing the rise of the national minimum wage by 40 percent for all our doctors and public sector workers.”

The move means that working Venezuelans will now receive a basic salary of 248,510 bolivares, equivalent to $2.02 a month. On top of that, they are also handed an increased food ticket worth 549,000 bolivares worth $4.46, meaning their total income amounts to around $6.48.

As part of his socialist “Bolivarian revolution,” Maduro’s late predecessor Hugo Chávez would boast of Venezuela having the highest minimum wage in Latin America, equivalent to $372 a month.

However, inflation began to soar as early as 2007 and accelerated further after oil prices crashed in 2012. In recent years, Venezuelans have been seen carrying thousands of banknotes to buy the simplest of products, in scenes similar to Germany’s Weimar Republic or Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation crisis.

The government has responded by introducing higher denomination bank notes, although even the maximum note of 100,000 bolivares is still worth under one dollar.

Since the below video was first posted to Youtube in November 2017, to 100,000 bolivar note was worth $2.42. It has since shrunk in value to roughly 78¢.

Despite Dems Support Raising Minimum Wage – 96% Don’t Pay Interns

hypocrisy-meter-2With the overwhelming majority of Democrats in Washington, DC vociferously and repeatedly calling for a hike of the federal minimum wage up to $10.10, the overwhelming majority of Dems within the beltway don’t even pay their interns, as reported by Matt Vespa of the right-of-center Cybercast News Service ( on Jan. 27, 2014.

With members of the Donkey Party running from the train wreck that is ObamaCare faster than Jesse Owens did from the starting line, Dems are now jumping on the “increase minimum wage” bandwagon faster than Atlantans during a Falcons winning streak.

Unfortunately for the Democrats who proclaim to care so much for Joe and Jane Lunchpail, only 4 percent pay a wage of any kind to their interns.

As Vespa noted from a recent study completed by the Employment Policies Institute (EPI):

The same Members of Congress who are supporting a 40% wage hike on private sector employers are simultaneously failing to provide any wages to their own employee interns.

To further ratchet up the hypocrisy,  Vespa also cited his previous reporting while employed at that many in the mainstream media seemingly ignored his report last year proving that they largely ignored the Obama White House paying “their female staffers 88.3% of what their male ones earn.”

Not quite done yet, the reporter aslo made mention of “then-Washington Free Beacon reporter Andrew Stiles reported in May 2012 that the female members of the Senate Democratic Caucus are some of the worst offenders concerning the gender wage gap.”

“Female members of [Democrat Washington Senator Patty] Murray’s staff made about $21,000 less per year than male staffers in 2011, a difference of 33.8 percent,” reported Stiles.