Pro-Trump UFC champ: ‘I’m bringing this belt to the White House’

Fourth ranked welterweight Colby “Chaos” Covington was suppose to lose to Brazilian champion Rafael dos Anjos in last Saturday night’s UFC bout in Chicago.

According to, dos Anjos was a -123 favorite to win (you bet $100 on dos Anjos to win, you win an additional $81.30). Covington was at +100 (you bet $100 on Covington to win, you win an additional $100).

But in a fight that went the full five rounds, Covington won in a unanimous decision, much to the chagrin of the Chicago crowd.

Hailing from California’s High Sierra Mountains, Covington made clear his political leanings just as soon as he won the belt. As noted by;

“I’m going to do what a real American should do. I’m bringing this belt to the White House, and I’m putting it on Donald Trump’s desk,” he said immediately after the decision was announced. Some of the Chicago fans booed after his proclamation.

After getting a chance to shower and clean himself up after the fight, Covington refreshed himself with a bottle of “nerd tears” and unloaded on the “Filthadelphia Eagles” during his post-fight press conference;

Classless UFC fighter Conor McGregor arrested in NYC

Looks like the Clown Prince of the UFC may have learned a sorely-needed lesson in humility. Unfortunately, the lesson master had to be a New York City judge.

Seemingly forgetting that nearly everyone on the planet has a cell camera, Ireland’s Conor “The Notorious” McGregor decided to violently flip-out at the Barclays Center, Brooklyn’s multi-purpose sports arena.

As reported by the New York Post, regardless of his wealth, McGregor is looing at some serious time in prison;

He was charged with felony criminal mischief and misdemeanor counts of assault, attempted assault, menacing and reckless endangerment. He faces as much as seven years in prison, if convicted.

McGregor said nothing in court except, “Yes, your honor” when asked whether he understood terms of the orders of protection against him – barring him from contacting fighters Michael Chiesa and Raymond Borg, who were hit with flying glass.

While the man punched identified as Jason Ledbetter, one of the two UFC fighters just may face a career-ending injury due to the shattered glass. Specifically, glass scratches to the eye;

Borg suffered a cornea abrasion to his left eye and bruising to his left cheek, while Chiesa had cuts to his face and hand – causing their bouts on Saturday night at the Barclays to be canceled.

It’s still unreported the extent of the glass-induced abrasions to Borg’s eye, but it’s a sure bet that glass to the eye is never a good thing.

Leftie Rousey slammed by Fellow Leftists: ‘Weak White B*tch’ Loses Despite her ‘White Privilege’

It's been a rough handful of months for Rousey. (Twitter)
Ronda Rousey was once the darling of the UFC. The same Rousey was also but another shining star that jumped feet first into the Bernie Sanders constellation during the last election.

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Arrested: Brooklyn Knight in Shining Armor who Saved Fiancée from Muslim Thugs

Muslim 'utes claim innocence.
Muslim ‘utes claim innocence.

You hear your fiancée screaming for help when two thugs are sexually assaulting her.

You unleash 175 pounds of pure-pissed-off Italian on them.

You’re an MMA trained fighter.

It’s what you do.

That’s pretty much the case of Christopher Vallaro of Brooklyn. Continue reading “Arrested: Brooklyn Knight in Shining Armor who Saved Fiancée from Muslim Thugs”

New UFC Heavyweight Champ Gives Police Shout-out

The Champ stands up for police.
The Champ stands up for police.

Brock Lesnar may have had the Canadian Maple Leaf prominently displayed on his gear prior to entering the ring to duke it out with New Zealander Mark Hunt, but he made his All-American sentiments quite clear. As he stated after receiving the mixed martial arts UFC Heavyweight Championship Belt, Lesnar made an impromptu and impassioned plea for national unity and support for police officers and sheriff’s deputies everywhere.

As reported by the news portal, the hulking 265.5 pound prize fighter won a unanimous decision against Mark “Super Samoan” Hunt at the UFC 200 series of bouts held at the brand spanking new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. But it was what the Champ stated in his post-fight quickie interview with Joe Rogan:

“One thing I do want to do: America, a shout out to the men in uniform who protect and serve this country, from sea to shining sea. From one white boy to all nationalities: We need to stand together, people.”

Born and raised in the farming community of Webster, South Dakota, Lesnar now resides in just as agricultural and rural Maryfield, Saskatchewan. According to the Canadian press, the American citizen Champ recently stated he hopes “to become a dual citizen and eventually a Saskatchewan resident.”

As quoted, Lesnar stated, “I grew up on a farm. I love the country. I like the wildlife. I like everything that Saskatchewan has to offer.” Also reported was that “Lesnar has always taken great pride in his roots, saying the way he grew up instilled many of the values that have helped him in life. He lives a famously simple lifestyle, preferring quiet time with his family over the fame and party lifestyle that his profession can offer.”

Said Lesnar in 2013: “I just want to raise my kids on the farm and have them grow up learning how to work on the farm and building that strong work ethic, just like I did.”