Epstein ‘Suicide’: Prison Guards Who Slept on Duty Face Criminal Charges

Hillary: “Hello, suicide hotline? I’d like to place an order…”

According to the Associated Press (via CNBC), the two corrections officers who supposedly fell asleep exactly at the same time frame billionaire and renown FOB Jeffery Epstein reportedly killed himself. Continue reading “Epstein ‘Suicide’: Prison Guards Who Slept on Duty Face Criminal Charges”

California rookie cop murdered while serving and protecting, coward shooter kills himself

Natalie Corona always wanted to be a cop. After all, her father, Merced Corona, was a Colusa County deputy sheriff for over a quarter of a century.

The pretty 22-year-old Californian pursued her dream and graduated from the Sacramento Police Department’s training academy this past summer as well as completing her field training just before Christmas.

Sadly (and I mean sadly), the End of Watch radio call went out for Officer Natalie Corona of the Davis Police Department just yesterday.

As if Officer Corona’s killing couldn’t be even more tragic, her life was taken by a gutless coward.

Officer Corona having her badge pinned on by her father.

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CNN’s Couomo: ‘Offensive’ When Trump says Mollie Tibbets is ‘Permanently Separated’ From her Family

CNN’s very own maître de douche Chris Cuomo rarely allows objective journalism to interfere with his particular brand of leftist propaganda.

Yet another example of this buffoon’s deep-seated Trump Derangement Syndrome would be his branding of President Trump’s referring to the murder of Mollie Tibbets of her being “permanently separated” from her family as somehow crossing the line.

In spite of Bubba Clinton signing into law, then Bath House Barry wholeheartedly enforced for eight full years the separation of families who crossed the border illegally, somehow President Trump is evil incarnate for doing the very thing that was firmly entrenched as practical policy.

In fact, the Seattle Times referred to “Trump’s cruel policy of separating children from their parents at the border nauseated people across the political spectrum.” Nary a word regarding 44 and 42’s complicity.

Mollie Tibbets.

But back to this yutz, Cuomo.

For whatever bizarre reason, the brother of the Empire State’s Gauleiter is triggered whenever Trump makes mention of Mollie Tibbets being “permanently separated” from her family.

This delicate hothouse orchid considers Trump stating the obvious is downright “offensive”.

Sheesh… save us from such fragile femi-men.

Aussie, Canadian cops join Yanks in turning backs to de Blasio


The fraternal bond between law enforcement officials has long been known for its legendary strength in the face of adversary and grief. Yet the show of solidarity recently displayed in New York City has crossed not only international borders, but reached beyond the seas. As reported by the Washington, DC-based the Raw Story news portal on Dec. 28, 2014, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani took to the airwaves to cite that officers attending the funeral for an assassinated brother weren’t just from The Big Apple.

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Aryan Brotherhood placed $10,000 Reward on Heads of Accused Killers of WWII Veteran

Aryan Brotherhood leader sporting pro-Nazi tattoos.
Aryan Brotherhood leader sporting pro-Nazi tattoos.

“Beating the diminutive Belton to death with their fists and flashlights…” 

Perhaps taking a cue from the New Black Panther Party, it was just released to the public that the Aryan Brotherhood had previously offered a $10,000 reward for the killers of an 88-year-old World War II veteran, as reported by both The Spokesman Review (of Spokane, WA) and KOMO News (of Seattle, WA) on Nov. 19, 2013.

Offering the exact same amount that the Black Panthers offered up for George Zimmerman, it was just released in court documents that the white supremacist prison gang, the Aryan Brotherhood had placed a $10,000 bounty  on the heads of the two teens charged with beating Delbert Belton to death last August of this year. Continue reading “Aryan Brotherhood placed $10,000 Reward on Heads of Accused Killers of WWII Veteran”