The Flog Squad; Indonesia’s All-Female Sharia Law Cops who Specialize in Beatings

Many of you remember the 2004 tsunami that hit Indonesia’s Aceh province, killing over 300,000. What many of you probably don’t remember is that Western nations sent well over $2 billion to help the stricken region recover. Continue reading “The Flog Squad; Indonesia’s All-Female Sharia Law Cops who Specialize in Beatings”

Fox News: Lara Logan Slams ‘Mostly Liberal’ Media, Same Gutless Media STILL Ignoring Her Savage Rape in Cairo

“At least six men raped her vaginally, and a number of men raped her anally…”

Now that Lara Logan is back on the air via the Fox News streaming service (Fox Nation), she’s still one of the very few of the Fourth Estate who still adheres to the notions of journalistic objectivity and personal integrity. Continue reading “Fox News: Lara Logan Slams ‘Mostly Liberal’ Media, Same Gutless Media STILL Ignoring Her Savage Rape in Cairo”

MiLB: Muslim Group ‘Demands’ it be the ‘Arbiter’ if Team Owner ‘Allowed’ to Remain Team Owner

“Buy me some halal peanuts and halal Crackerjacks…”

Who would have ever imagened that the MiLB (Minor League Baseball) Short-Season Single “A” Connecticut Tigers baseball team out of Norwich, CT, would one day be embroiled in a situation that would be described as “part of the stealth jihad against America.” But that’s exactly what’s happening. Continue reading “MiLB: Muslim Group ‘Demands’ it be the ‘Arbiter’ if Team Owner ‘Allowed’ to Remain Team Owner”

Islamic Jihadists Massacre Entire Christian Village; Women, Children, Elderly Burned to Death

If you think the War on International Terrorism is over, guess again. Especially for the minority Christian populations of the majority Muslim nations of Saharan Africa. Continue reading “Islamic Jihadists Massacre Entire Christian Village; Women, Children, Elderly Burned to Death”

Indian Bollywood Actress Turned MP Defies Islamic Fatwa

Member of Parialment Nusrat Hahan.

Nusrat Jahan may have been born into a West Bengali-Muslim family, but the comely Bollywood actress turned Indian Member of Parliament has found herself at the recieving end of a rather nasty Islamic fatwa (religious rouling) aimed directly at her. Continue reading “Indian Bollywood Actress Turned MP Defies Islamic Fatwa”

First Somali-Muslim female congresswoman advances claim that Sen Lindsey Graham is a homosexual

Sen Lindsey Graham (Republican-SC) and Rep Ilhan Omar (Democrat Farm Labor-MN).

Ilhan Abdullahi Omar may be one of two Muslim women first elected to the US House of Representatives (Rashida Harbi Tlaib (D-MI) of “impeach that mother f*cker” fame being the other), but she just may have stooped even lower than her sister in Mohammad with her latest foray into the public eye.

Besides, Rep Omar has plenty of her own personal problems of her own. Namely, that she is not only legally married to two men, but one of those two men are none other than her own brother. As reported by Scott W. Johnson of the City-Journal (Manhattan Institute); (Emphasis mine) Continue reading “First Somali-Muslim female congresswoman advances claim that Sen Lindsey Graham is a homosexual”

Latest Islamic Fatwa: Plucking eyebrows and waxing are sinful

(Photo: It’s probably a good thing for Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai that she isn’t Muslim. She might be damned to hell for plucking her eyebrows.)

I can’t help but wonder if everything in Islam is considered haram (forbidden). Everything from flying kites to eating vegetables that may resemble the male sexual organ (such as carrots) have been deemed by as sinful by various Islamic clerics.

After all, it was Iran’s Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini who once famously stated, “There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam.”

But what would you expect from a guy who lived on nothing but raw milk yogurt, onions and plain rice? More like Ayatollah Buzzkill.

Anyhow, the word from India’s East Coast Daily is that it’s strictly verboten for chicks to pluck their eyebrows or to have body hair plucked, shaved of waxed;

The Darul Uloom Islamic school at Deoband in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur district is known to issue several fatwa, many of which go on to create quite some stir. After banning the use of CCTVs and saying that women mustn’t pluck and shape their eyebrows, the school has now issued a fatwa against waxing and shaving.

The seminary was replying to a query by a local named Abdul Aziz, who wanted to know if it was acceptable for a man or a woman to shave their arms or legs. The seminary said barring armpits, mustache and lower part of navel, removing hair from any other part was “against culture”.

Posted for no other reason that Ashwarya Rai is really, really good looking. And yes, she really does have blue eyes.

As it turns out, the Darul Uloom seminary has quite a history if issuing fatwas (Islamic rulings) that seem rather curious, if not downright Stone Age, to Western sentiments.

As reported by the Time of India, Muslim women shopping at “bangle shops” must never allow male shopkeepers to attend to their needs… only female employees are allowed to serve them.

After all, a male stranger even touching a woman’s naked arm is “wrong and a big sin”.

All Rai… all the time.

Muslim preacher: Beardless men could be mistaken for women, cause ‘indecent’ thoughts

Do they look like women?
Would you confuse these two for a couple of chicks?

Islam sure does make a big noise in regards to their (often violent) opposition to the homosexual lifestyle.

But the seemingly never-ending threat Muslim men seem to have in sticking to their heterosexuality smacks of being, well… rather queer.

In spite of my reservations regarding the validity of pretty much anything from the Moscow mouthpiece better known as, I have to admit they’ve caught an apparent Muslim scholar with his veritable pants down;

In an effort to get Muslim men to grow out their facial hair, a Muslim preacher has claimed that clean-shaven men with long hair “cannot be distinguished from women,” which can cause “indecent thoughts” to occur between males

“Men should grow beards. One of the two body parts that separate men from women is the beard,” Turkish preacher Murat Bayaral told religious station Fatih Medreseleri TV on Saturday, as quoted by [the Turkish newspaper] Hurriyet.

He went on to describe a possible scenario in which a man could find himself having “indecent thoughts” about another man.

“For example, if you see a man with long hair from afar you may think he is a woman if he does not have a beard. Because nowadays women and men dress similarly. God forbid! You could be possessed by indecent thoughts,” he said, apparently referring to same-sex relationships.

Perhaps best illustrating the rather hypocritical Muslim attitude towards homosexuality, the headline itself; Pakistan executes homosexuals, but leads world in gay Google searches sums up the gist of the entire article.

As cited in the 2014 article;

The South Central Asian nation of Pakistan may be a bit schizophrenic when it comes to active homosexuals, executing those drug before their increasingly Islamic-based court system, but leading the globe in gay Google searches, as reported by the New York Post.

Pakistan is by volume the world leader for Google searches of the terms “shemale sex,” “teen anal sex,” and “man fucking man,” according to Google Trends.

How young Muslim men view women

‘Marry Your Rapist’ Laws Still on the Books in Middle East

Marry your rapist.
Marry your rapist.

What to do with a rapist… especially a child rapist? In the good old days, they were simply executed. But that was before America became “civilized” regarding the proper disposition of of some of the more vile and violent that walk among us.

But unlike a number of predominantly Muslim nations, at least we don’t give any given rapist the opportunity to get away with their crime by simply marrying their victim(s).

While civil libertarians, women’s rights groups and victim’s advocacy organizations here in the West have long accused the Muslim World of treating women little better than livestock or beasts of burden, at least a handful have technically dropped the “marry your rapist” get out of jail free card from their respective criminal codes.

As covered by Elspeth Dehnert of the women-centered News Deeply portal, the Muslim nations of Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia have stricken all the marry your rapist provisions from their secular law canons;

Jordan’s lower house of Parliament voted to repeal Article 308. Two weeks later, Lebanon abolished its own “marry-your-rapist” law, Article 522. In July, Tunisia had done the same by repealing Article 227.

As reporter Dehnert cited, the change in the rape laws in Jordan just may have come too late for a girl Dehnert referred to as “Aya” to protect her identity, as well as any future acts of violent retribution that is, unfortunately, the norm in many Muslim majority nations;

When Aya was 15, she was forced to marry the 24-year-old man who had raped her.

Her family agreed to the arrangement so that her rapist could evade jail time, and they could avoid a “scandal.” But after months of further abuse from her husband, Aya had enough. She decided to file for divorce and speak out about her situation.

“I’m a girl who was raped,” she wrote in an anonymous letter to the Jordanian Parliament and local media. “It’s clear to me now that he only wanted the marriage in order to leave prison and get rid of the sentence.”

Aya’s rapist had taken advantage of Article 308, a legal loophole that allowed offenders to be set free if they married their victims.

Three long years later is when the Jordanian lower house of their Parliament finally acted on behalf of the women and girls who have absolutely no say-so when it comes to legitimizing the same criminal who violated them to begin with.

As Dehnert also took note of;

As the laws tumble throughout the region, activists are hoping this forward momentum will pressure other countries to follow in their footsteps.

“Hopefully, this is a domino effect,” Equality Now’s legal equality program manager, Antonia Kirkland, says. “There are some Gulf states, like Bahrain and Kuwait, which have this type of law, and we hope they’ll be next.”

Other nearby countries with “marry-your-rapist” laws include Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Algeria.

But despite the victim-bride *technically* being off the hook from wedding her assailant, Dehnert cites an often deadly Catch-22 the women and girls find themselves in;

“Unfortunately, in practice, it seems like this might still be happening whether or not it’s on the books,” Kirkland says. “Law enforcement or authorities are not going to implement the law if they see that the family wants the girl and the rapist to be married.”

For some families, exposing their daughter’s rape to the public gaze by prosecuting the rapist means risking social shame – a consequence that can sometimes lead to them killing her in the name of family honor. Marriage is the easier, more private solution.

Islamic Fatwa gives thumb’s up to toilet paper

All the modern conveniences of the 9th century in the 21st!
All the modern conveniences of the 9th century in the 21st!

Toilet paper, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Yes, we in the West have been use to the modern convenience of cheap, plentiful and sanitary butt-wipe for well over the past 150 years.

Sadly, there are billions of the more impoverished who’ve never enjoyed the pillowy softer side of personal hygiene after the evacuation of one’s bowels.

Oh, and the Turks. The Turks obviously have been on the stanky-fanger side of the debate until just recently.

That’s right, our erstwhile NATO allies have finally been given the go-ahead sign when it comes to going number two.

As reported by the Jerusalem Post,

Using toilet paper is allowed in Islam but water should be the primary source of cleansing, according to a Fatwa released by Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs (the Diyanet), [the Turkish newspaper] Hurriyet reported on Thursday.

The idea that using toilet paper is prohibited stems from the idea that paper can be used for writing.

“If water cannot be found for cleansing, other cleaning materials can be used. Even though some sources deem paper to be unsuitable as a cleaning material, as it is an apparatus for writing, there is no problem in using toilet paper,” the fatwa declared.

In a separate statement, the religious authority said last month that “it was okay for substances produced for cleaning and containing alcohol to be used for cleaning purposes, while stressing that drinking alcohol was forbidden by the Islamic religion,” Hurriyet reported.

Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs. (Twitter)
Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs. (Twitter)

As far as the question of what exactly is the proper Islamic etiquette for making your bladder gladder and/or dealing with a bad case of the dirty squirties, gives the lowdown of the down and dirty.

Just a few of the do’s and don’ts of going dooty; (emphasis mine)

  • One should enter the toilet with one’s left foot and exit with one’s right foot.
  • One should recite the prayer “Alhamdu-lil-laa-hil-la-dhi adh-haba ‘a-nil a-dhaa wa ‘a-faa-ni” when exiting the toilet.
  • After cleaning one’s private parts, one should cover them immediately.
  • One should remove the feces on one’s anus with one’s finger and wash one’s hand. If there are still traces of filth, one should wash them with water.
  • When cleaning the private parts after answering the call of nature, men should wash them from the back to the front. Women should wash them from the front to the back. Thus, the genitals will not be smeared with filth, nor will it cause one to be sexually aroused by the stimulation of fingers.
  • One should dry one’s private parts with a cloth after washing them. If there is not a cloth available, it is permissible to use toilet paper because toilet paper is produced to be used after answering the call of nature. But using other kinds of paper for this purpose is not permissible.
  • One should sprinkle some water over one’s underpants after cleaning one’s private parts. By doing so, when one notices wetness on one’s underpants, one will not feel doubt as to whether it is urine or not.
  • After cleaning their private parts, men should do istibra. Women do not do it. Istibra means not to leave any drops of urine in the urethra. It is done by walking or coughing or lying on the left side.
  • If a man exits the toilet without doing istibra, drops of urine may come out and soil his underwear. Therefore, he should insert a cotton wick as big as a barley seed into his urinary hole, whereby he will prevent urine from oozing out.
  • One should not look at one’s private parts or spit into the toilet.
  • One should not urinate while standing unless there is strong necessity for doing so and should not let drops of urine splash onto one’s clothes. To that end, one should keep separate pajamas or tracksuit. It is mustahab to enter the toilet with separate pajamas and with the head covered.
  • One should wash one’s hands after using the toilet.
  • One must not urinate into any water, on a wall of a mosque, in a cemetery, or on a road.
  • Cleaning the private parts with stones and similar materials is an acceptable substitute for cleaning them with water.

Road Rage in Multi-Cultural Denmark: ‘I’ll F*** Your Goat’


Denmark, like almost every other member nation of the European Union have experienced wave upon wave of overwhelmingly unskilled and uneducated Muslims from North Africa, the Middle East, and South Central Asia.

As the Euro-centered news site 10News reports, “West Europe is changing rapidly as a result of mass-immigration from the Islamic world. This includes the level of aggression in public spaces. Denmark experiences increased problems with reckless drivers of a Middle Eastern background.”

Taking their observation to the next level, the news page cites the left-leaning Danish newspaper, Politiken, who notes of a whole newway of insulting the people of Denmark is rearing its ugly head;

“A guy makes the world’s biggest three-point turn, and is about to drive into me. We get eye contact and I shake my head. He screams something through the open window. At first, I can not recognize the words, but then I hear them:

‘I’ll f**k your mother’

A few days later I’m on my motorbike going home from work, as a driver in a black car almost hits me. The driver is talking in his mobile phone while driving, and I give him what I think is a good advise: ‘Drive a car, not your phone, when you are driving’. ‘I saw you,’ he claims.

The word ‘idiot’ escapes my mouth and I take off. At the first coming red light the guy runs with his hands closed in a fist. Among the threats he screams:

‘I’ll f**k your dog — I’ll f**k your goat!’”

Denmark has seen a veritable flood of new migrants enter their nation in recent years. Notable increases have originated in Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Morocco, Lebanon and Somalia.

More common in the land of origin of the new arrival to Denmark than Western sentiments are use to, just a few examples of what the Danes and the rest of Europe must be prepared for;

The India Times notes some of the more curious fatwas issued to the Muslim faithful;

  • Their driving has always been under suspicion, now we know why
    In 2013, Saudi Arabia’s Sheikh Lohaidan issued a fatwa that Women who drive risk damaging their ovaries and producing children with clinical problems
  • Rapist father-in-law made husband
    In 2005, In a particular case, a woman was raped by her father-in-law in UP and instead of punishing him, an Islamic court in Deoband issued a fatwa saying that because of the father-in-law’s act, she should now be treated as his wife, and hence, her husband would now be her son
  • Buffets are haram
    In 2014 in Saudi Arabia, A member of the Standing Committee of the Council of Senior Scholars, Sheikh Saleh bin Abdullah Al-Fawzan, said that buffets offered at restaurants are haram.

The News International (of Pakistan) reported in 2011 that a local man was caught in flagrante with a neighbor’s donkey, resulting in a 50,000 rupee fine. Shocking to the Western mind, the fine wasn’t imposed for having sex with an animal, but for committing adultery. The raped donkey was labelled a ‘kari’ (an adultress) and eventually honor killed by its owner.

Incredible though it may sound, a donkey was declared ‘Kari’ and shot dead here in a remote area on Monday. The Jirga imposed 110,000 rupees fine on the alleged ‘Karo’.

The reports said that in Village Ghahi Khan Jatoi, a villager Ghazi Khan alias Malang shot dead his donkey on being ‘Kari’ with Sikandar Ali alias Deedo. He attempted to kill Sikander too but the alleged Karo managed to escape and surrendered himself to an influential person of the area.

Sources said the influential person summoned both the parties and imposed 110,000 rupees fine on the Karo. They said Sikander and his family were forced to pay Rs 50,000 on the spot and the remaining amount in two installments.

The sources added that the alleged Karo pleaded innocence at the Jirga, but the Jirga members paid no attention to it. Sikander’s family said he paid Rs 50,000 to save his life otherwise he would have been killed. also cites the following in regards to “zoophilia”;

Middle East: Miner and DeVos (1960) comment that amongst Arab tribal cultures, “Bestiality with goats, sheep, or camels provides another outlet. These practices are not approved but they are recognized as common among boys.” Havelock-Ellis [note 52] states “The Arabs, according to Kocher, chiefly practice bestiality with goats, sheep and mares. The Annamites, according to Mondiere, commonly employ sows and (more especially the young women) dogs.”

Meanwhile, Google Trends notes that Pakistan leads the entire planet regarding internet searches for the following four-legged fornication;

  • Pig sex – followed by India, then Egypt
  • Rat sex – Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) second, India third
  • Camel sex – South Africa comes in second, with India not far behind

Pakistan was barely beaten by Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) when it came to the following:

Pakistan also came in second to Ethiopia in the following:

  • Donkey sex –  Kenya came in third
  • Horse sex – Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) came in third

Pakistan came in a disappointing third regarding the following:

  • Cat sex – Vietnam wins the Gold, Sri Lanka takes the Silver

While two of the top three nations leading the list regarding goat loving (Pakistan and Bangladesh), as it turns out the followers of Mohammed aren’t even listed when it comes  to getting up close and personal with sheep.

In light that sheep are consumed in most nations of Muslim majority, it is arguable that Muslims really do take serious the old adage, “Don’t play with your food.”

When Islam gets it right: Rapist, baby killer executed by machine gun blast


hqdefaultWhen it comes to Islam, I usually find myself in disagreement with the followers of Mohammed. From their rather sanguine dogma and scriptures to the deafening silence from the overwhelming majority of so-called peace-loving Muslims when it comes to condemning militant radical Islam.

But in all fairness, there are times when Islam absolutely and without fail gets it right.

The recent execution of one Muhammad al-Maghrabi, formerly of Sana’a, Yemen, is one of those moments. Continue reading “When Islam gets it right: Rapist, baby killer executed by machine gun blast”

Pakistan: Tribal elders sentence girl to be gang-raped for her brother’s crime

Pakistani village elders pass sentence. (Youtube)

Pakistan is a difficult country to figure out. Especially for those of the Western mindset of what is considered the very basics of right and wrong.

One recent example would be of a fuel truck that overturned on one of Pakistan’s more decrepid excuses for a highway. Continue reading “Pakistan: Tribal elders sentence girl to be gang-raped for her brother’s crime”

Aussie political scientist: Sharia will send the West back to the Dark Ages

Dr. Jennifer Oriel. (Twitter)
Dr. Jennifer Oriel. (Twitter)

Australia’s Jennifer Oriel may have the look of a make-up model, but her thoughts and opinions could easily be taken of those of Ann Coulter. Continue reading “Aussie political scientist: Sharia will send the West back to the Dark Ages”

Cyber-Insecurity: Three Pakistani-Muslim brothers under DC criminal investigation

Imran Awan with Bill Clinton. (Facebook)
Imran Awan with Bill Clinton. (Facebook)

With updates slowly but steadily percolating to the surface, it’s being made public to the American people that three Pakistani-Muslim brothers are under investigation by the US Capitol Police. Continue reading “Cyber-Insecurity: Three Pakistani-Muslim brothers under DC criminal investigation”

Prince Charles Tells Christian Subjects to Think of Muhammad this Christmas

Charles, Prince of Wales (Twitter).
HRH Charles Prince of Wales (Twitter).

Charles Battenberg very well could be his name if he were to renounce all that comes with his royal upbringing.  But we all know that’ll never happen. Continue reading “Prince Charles Tells Christian Subjects to Think of Muhammad this Christmas”

Ohio Prosecutor: Muslim Father ‘Executed’ Own Daughter

Tahani Mansour - twice shot in the head by her own father. (Twitter)
Tahani Mansour – twice shot in the head by her own father. (Twitter)

Father kills youngest of six children…

Tahani Mansour seemed to have achieved the American Dream. The pretty 27-year-old daughter of Jordanian-Muslim immigrants was a member of the Phi Lambda Sigma sorority when enrolled at the Northeast Ohio Medical University, where she went on to eventually earn her Doctor of Pharmacology degree in 2013. Continue reading “Ohio Prosecutor: Muslim Father ‘Executed’ Own Daughter”

Islam in Action: Woman Caned for ‘Standing Too Close’ to Boyfriend

For violating the law of Islam, woman publicly beaten. (Twitter)
For violating the law of Islam, woman publicly beaten. (Twitter)

Islam in Action: Pregnant woman to be beaten for violating Shari’a…

Most Westerners have at least a vague recollection to a certain area of the world known as Aceh. For those that may have forgotten, Aceh was the region of Indonesia that received roughly half a billion Yankee dollars in the aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami disaster. Continue reading “Islam in Action: Woman Caned for ‘Standing Too Close’ to Boyfriend”

‘We cause you pain inside your house’ – Muslims celebrate NYC jihad attack

Muslims celebrate jihad attacks of September 11. (Youtube)
Muslims celebrate jihad attacks of September 11. (Youtube)

Before Barack Obama finally got around to even mentioning the terrorist bomb set off in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, supporters of Islamic jihad took to Twitter to celebrate.  Continue reading “‘We cause you pain inside your house’ – Muslims celebrate NYC jihad attack”

The Belgian Chainsaw Massacre: ISIS plot to attack Christians foiled

Muslim teen tells of ISIS plot to attack Christians with chainsaws (Youtube).
Muslim teen tells of ISIS plot to attack Christians with chainsaws (MEMRI video).

Just when you thought ISIS couldn’t sink any deeper into their depravity, they just did. This time it involves the Belgian nation, Christians, shopping centers, and chainsaws. Continue reading “The Belgian Chainsaw Massacre: ISIS plot to attack Christians foiled”

‘F**k America’: Muslim store owner busted on EBT fraud, burglary, crack possession

Muslim family values.
Muslim family values.

Immigrant Muslim family none-too happy with these United States…

It’s never a good thing to get busted on food stamp fraud, burglary, and possession of crack cocaine. But when your wife and daughter are caught on camera flipping off and dropping F-Bombs at the American people and the nation overall, that’s never a good thing. Continue reading “‘F**k America’: Muslim store owner busted on EBT fraud, burglary, crack possession”

Muslim attempts to interfere with Traditional Catholics praying, pays the price

The Spirit of Urban II in present day Catholics. Photo: Youtube.
The Spirit of Urban II in present day Catholics. Photo: Youtube.

From the Facebook page of the patriotic French Catholics of Reconquête Française (Reconquest of France), the above translated from French, Greek and Latin:

Lord have mercy, have mercy upon us.
One for all, all for God.
Do not let our religion be exterminated,
Join Us.

While members of Reconquête Française posted the video (below) to their facebook page, it was actually the group Les Soldats Du Christ (The Soldiers of Christ) who initially uploaded the clip to social media.  Continue reading “Muslim attempts to interfere with Traditional Catholics praying, pays the price”

Petition calls for CNN’s Sharia-friendly Kohn live in a Sharia nation for one week

Kohn reaches out her long, hairy arm of the (Sharia) law directly at Trump. Photo: Youtube screen capture.
Kohn reaches out with the long, hairy arm of the (Sharia) law directly at Trump. Photo: Youtube screen capture.

CNN’s Sally Kohn has been attempting to school Donald Trump as of late on what exactly Sharia Law is. Not only in her well publicized CNN op/ed piece, but on social media as well. Continue reading “Petition calls for CNN’s Sharia-friendly Kohn live in a Sharia nation for one week”

Australia: ‘Allahu Akbar’ killing spree, cops refuse to call it terrorism (Video)

Englishwoman Mia Ayliffe-Chung killed by Muslim in Australia (Photo: Facebook).
Englishwoman Mia Ayliffe-Chung killed by Muslim in Australia (All photos: Facebook).

A mere 21-years-old, Mia Ayliffe-Chung, from Derbyshire, England was just slaughtered in a backpacker’s hostel in the rural village of Home Hill, Queensland, Australia. The killer made a point of screaming the jihadi war cry of “Allahu Akbar” while to he stabbed pretty tourist to death.   Continue reading “Australia: ‘Allahu Akbar’ killing spree, cops refuse to call it terrorism (Video)”

The amazing Quran takes flight, kills infidel with lasers

(Over) Dramatization of Salman Rushdie taking laser shots from flying Qurans (Screen capture: Youtube).
(Over) Dramatization of Salman Rushdie taking laser shots from flying Qurans (Screen capture: Youtube).

Is there anything the Quran can’t do? For the past 1,400 years it’s motivated Muslims to spread the Islamic belief system by the bloodied sword, beat the daylights out of lippy women, even give homosexuals the old heave-ho from the nearest cliff or rooftop. Continue reading “The amazing Quran takes flight, kills infidel with lasers”