Epic Beat Down: Russian Men Hospitalize Thug Migrants

"We don't need Moscowbad".
“We don’t need Moscowbad!”

As a matter of national policy most nations in the north, south and west of Europe frown upon the slightest whiff of anything that might be described as “Islamophobia”. It’s bad enough when police in Germany, Sweden and Britain are accused of covering-up Muslim perpetrated crimes for fear of being labeled Islamophobic racists, France recently fined six youths 500 ($558) each for the high crime of displaying a banner that translated to English: “Expel The Islamists”. Continue reading “Epic Beat Down: Russian Men Hospitalize Thug Migrants”

Europe was warned, instead chose to ignore

parisriots3Sadly, many of the non-European citizens of the world’s civilized nations are under the impression that the recent wave of Muslim rape, beatings and mass murder in the cradle of Western civilization are a somewhat recent phenomena. The cold, hard and objectively fair historical facts paint quite a different picture. Continue reading “Europe was warned, instead chose to ignore”

Sweden: Muslim migrant children riot, no free candy

Another example of Muslim gratitude.
Another example of Muslim gratitude.

Great civilizations are never murdered… they die from slow suicide.

The likes of Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton have been assuring the West that we have nothing to fear from the hundreds of thousands of Mohammedan “migrants” flooding into Europe. Even Sweden’s Prime Minster Stefan Löfven recently stated that as far as he’s concerned, there is “no limit” to the amount of immigrants his Scandinavian nation can and will receive.  Continue reading “Sweden: Muslim migrant children riot, no free candy”

CBS: Muslim claims Trump’s Words Will Move American-Muslim’s To Violence (Video)

01-20150511eNews_The-Nature-of-Homegrown-TerrorAppearing on a segment of the CBS Sunday morning political interview show Face The Nation, pollster Frank Luntz hosted a panel of 16 American-Muslims. During the course of the segment, Luntz ask some very frank questions regarding the Republican front-runner Donald Trump, and received more than a few equally frank answers. Continue reading “CBS: Muslim claims Trump’s Words Will Move American-Muslim’s To Violence (Video)”

Sharia in Action: Father Lets Daughter Drown, No ‘Strange Men’ Could Touch Her

16/10/09 TODAY Picture by Tal Cohen - Muslims protest outside Geert Wilders press conference in central London 16 October 2009, Wilders who faces prosecution in the Netherlands for anti-Islam remarks pays visit to the capital. The Freedom Party leader said 'Lord Malcolm Pearson has invited me to come to the House of Lords to discuss our future plans to show Fitna the movie.' Wilders won an appeal on October 13 against a ban, enforced in February, from entering Britain. Ministers felt his presence would threaten public safety and lead to interfaith violence. (Photo by Tal Cohen) All Rights Reserved – Tal Cohen - T: +44 (0) 7852 485 415 www.talcohen.net Email: tal.c.photo@gmail.com Local copyright law applies to all print & online usage. Fees charged will comply with standard space rates and usage for that country, region or state.

The notion of honor killing under Islam’s strict Sharia Law may not strike most Westerners as not only an alien concept, but often downright cruel and coldblooded. Case in point would be the death of a young woman in the Middle East whose father physically stopped rescuers from saving his daughter’s life for fear of “strange men” touching her, thereby dishonoring the family’s good name.

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Malaysian Muslim cleric warns government to reject intellect and logic

Malaysian Muslims protest against the video, “Innocence of Muslims”.

In what very well could have been mistaken as either satire or a line from the seventh century, a Southeast Asian Islamic mufti has warned his fellow government officials to that when it comes to Islam, intellect and logic have no place in the conversation.

As reported by the Malaysian Insider news portal on Aug. 7, 2015, and also by Front Page magazine on Aug. 6, 2015, Dr. Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria cautioned other public servants in the Malaysian state of Perak to steer clear of reason for fear of inviting Beelzebub into their midst.

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ISIS death threat against Geller; ‘Draw Mohammed’ winner Bosch Fawstin in hiding

Born and raised in the Bronx by his Albanian Muslim parents, blond haired and fair skinned Bosch Fawstin has since left the belief system of his family, and actually has become quite a critic of not only Islam, but also of the more sanguine followers of Mohammed. Fawstin has even gone as far as winning a total of $12,500 as well as being proclaimed as the recipient of the “People’s Choice Award” for his cartoon depiction of Mohammed.

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Brigitte Bardot under fire again for insulting Muslims


Considered by many as one of the sexiest actresses in the film industry during the 50s and 60s, the iconic Brigitte Bardot is best known in her later years as one of the most staunch and vocal defenders of her French homeland and also of the more cerebral endeavor of what it means to be French. Unfortunately for the former sexpot, her nationalistic defenses of her nation and its culture has seen her run afoul of France’s laws against “inciting racial hatred.”

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British Army Chief of the General Staff; more Muslims needed in Britain’s Army


Despite the top man in the British Army openly stating he is desirous of the “best possible talent” to join his nation’s active duty army, he’s also called for a greater recruitment effort of a certain demographic based on little more than their religious belief. As reported by Britain’s Sky News and also the Moscow based RT.com (formerly Russia Today) news portal, both on Feb. 6, 2015, General Sir Nicholas Carter stated that non-European ethnic minority representation in the British Army is “nowhere near where it needs to be.”

Installed last year as the Chief of the General Staff, Gen. Carter has reportedly placed a special emphasis on recruiting Muslims into the British Army as to have a more correct reflection of the face of Britain. Overall, non-European ethnic groups in the nation, to including blacks from Commonwealth nations such as Nigeria and Jamaica, as well as Sikhs, Indians, Chinese, Pakistanis and Fijians constitute approximately 10 percent of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. Curiously enough, according to the British Census of 2011, the non-European ethnic groups of the nation also constitute approximately 10 percent of the population.

Britain’s MoD (Ministry of Defence) has also recently released figures that cite a mere 480 Muslims serve Queen and Country by way of donning the Army camouflage field uniform. That’s a minuscule 0.54 percent the total active duty army strength of 88,500. As cited by Newsweek magazine on Aug. 20, 2014, the number of British Muslims serving in all branches of the British Armed Forces is only around 600 total. The remaining 120 British Muslims are literally and figuratively sprinkled through the ranks of the Royal navy, Royal Marines and Royal Air Force.

Published media reports and various government statistics place Britain’s Muslim community at roughly 4.4 percent of the island nation’s population. But when all branches of the Armed Forces are totaled up, the followers of Mohammed comprise an almost microscopic 0.4 percent of all personnel.

London’s The Telegraph reported last November that more than three times as many British Muslims have volunteered to serve the ISIS terrorist network than have vowed to serve their nation in uniform. Member of Parliament Khalid Mahmood (Labour – Birmingham Perry Barr), an area with a rather sizable Muslim constituency, has stated that the London government has purposefully low balled the official number of British Islamic Jihadis fighting in Syria and Iraq.

The authorities say there are 500 British jihadists but the likely figure is at least three to four times that. I think 2,000 is a better estimate.

Kansas sheriff folds to pressure from pro-Muslim group

“In most cases, when you attack people, you back down, but I am a Marine.” – John Guandolo

In what has recently surfaced as an accusation of law enforcement agencies in Kansas officially sanctioning a “notorious anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist” to conduct a training seminar has bore fruit for a national Muslim advocacy group. As reported by the Associated Press via the Connecticut Post on May 24, 2014, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has won a major victory in their opposition to the counter-terrorism consultation, training, and educational organization Understanding the Threat from conducting a two-day seminar.

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Blasphemous: Saudi Arabia officially bans 50 names for newborns

The hard-core Islamist theocrats in the Saudi Arabian government have just outlawed at least fifty names for babies as illegal on the basis of being either blasphemous, culturally insulting, or due to the perception of being disrespectful towards the Royal House of Saud, as reported on March 16, 2014 by the Islamic/Arabic-centric news portal Al-Bawaba (of Amman, Jordan), The Washington Post, and The Week magazine (of London, UK).

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