When will Democrats, media, RINOs and Hollywood love America more than they hate Trump?

It’s glaringly obvious that the Deep State, and their predictable coterie of bootlickers, ass-kissers and brown-nosers from Hollywood, the Establishment GOP, and the MSM, have a deep-seated, burning hate for our president.

Just a small taste the NeverTrumper thugs have been spewing was recently compiled by Lloyd Marcus of The American Thinker;

We the people elected Donald Trump. And look how the Left is responding. I am talking hypocrisy on steroids.

Here are just a few examples of the Left, in essence, saying they not only hope, but intend to do everything in their power to ensure that Trump fails.

With the verbal pus oozing from the NeverTrump hoodlums, comes a quote I heard many years ago from the former Israeli Prime Minister (and ex-school teacher from Milwaukee) Golda Meir.

On peace [in the region], she said in 1957, before the National Press Club in Washington: ‘Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.’

With that in mind, I have to ask;

Peace will come to the world when the Democrats, media, RINOs, and the Hollywood elite love the United States of America more than they hate President Trump.

Sorry, California – Secession is (Still) Illegal

The pipe dream that is the California secession movement, aka: Calexit. (Twitter)
The pipe dream that is the California secession movement, aka: Calexit. (Twitter)

In what may be the greatest case of mass-tantrum in the history of man, the NeverTrumpers in the Golden State have put aside the flood of tears, stopped rioting (for the time being), and put the kibosh on whining of the popular vote. Continue reading “Sorry, California – Secession is (Still) Illegal”