Classless UFC fighter Conor McGregor arrested in NYC

Looks like the Clown Prince of the UFC may have learned a sorely-needed lesson in humility. Unfortunately, the lesson master had to be a New York City judge.

Seemingly forgetting that nearly everyone on the planet has a cell camera, Ireland’s Conor “The Notorious” McGregor decided to violently flip-out at the Barclays Center, Brooklyn’s multi-purpose sports arena.

As reported by the New York Post, regardless of his wealth, McGregor is looing at some serious time in prison;

He was charged with felony criminal mischief and misdemeanor counts of assault, attempted assault, menacing and reckless endangerment. He faces as much as seven years in prison, if convicted.

McGregor said nothing in court except, “Yes, your honor” when asked whether he understood terms of the orders of protection against him – barring him from contacting fighters Michael Chiesa and Raymond Borg, who were hit with flying glass.

While the man punched identified as Jason Ledbetter, one of the two UFC fighters just may face a career-ending injury due to the shattered glass. Specifically, glass scratches to the eye;

Borg suffered a cornea abrasion to his left eye and bruising to his left cheek, while Chiesa had cuts to his face and hand – causing their bouts on Saturday night at the Barclays to be canceled.

It’s still unreported the extent of the glass-induced abrasions to Borg’s eye, but it’s a sure bet that glass to the eye is never a good thing.

London murder rate surpasses New York


The mayor of London, the Right Honourable Sadiq Khan once said not all that long ago that the British capital is “the safest global city in the world, and one of the safest cities in the world.”

Careful, Saddie. You might take care that those words don’t sneak up and bite you dead on the six.

Oops… too late.

As reported by Jack Montgomery of Breitbart London, meddy olde London Towne has broken a record versus the Big Apple that the Brits were quite proud of; specifically that New York has annually had a higher murder rate since 1800, Anno Domini.

That’s right, for the past two months in a row, New Yorkers have the edge on not being murdered.

Specifically, during the month of February, London has seen 15 killings as compared to New York’s 14. Even worse (or better, depending which city you live in), during March, London’s murder numbers again edged out New York, 22 killings to 21.

As Breitbart’s Montgomery noted;

The change is partly a consequence of Mayor Khan’s campaign against using stop and search on ethnic minorities, with London police chief Cressida Dick admitting that constables have become “fearful” of confronting suspects as they “might get into trouble or might not be supported if they had a complaint”.

Oh, but it doesn’t end with mere homicide. Montgomery also cites;

  • London was already the more dangerous of the two cities for almost every other category of violent and sexual crime
  • Londoners are six times more likely to be burgled than New Yorkers
  • Three times more likely to be raped than New Yorkers
  • One and a half times more likely to be robbed than New Yorkers

But fret not, Saddie Khan is busy keeping himself fighting crime. As seen in the video below, he’s doing what he can to pass newer and more strict regulation from tech companies to ban “racist social media messages”.

‘We cause you pain inside your house’ – Muslims celebrate NYC jihad attack

Muslims celebrate jihad attacks of September 11. (Youtube)
Muslims celebrate jihad attacks of September 11. (Youtube)

Before Barack Obama finally got around to even mentioning the terrorist bomb set off in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, supporters of Islamic jihad took to Twitter to celebrate.  Continue reading “‘We cause you pain inside your house’ – Muslims celebrate NYC jihad attack”

‘Medical episode’: Hillary Clinton unexpectedly collapsed, rushed from 9/11 ceremony to hospital

Hillary Clinton's "medical episode." (Twitter)
Hillary Clinton’s “medical episode.” (Twitter)

UPDATE: The Clinton campaign tells the press that instead of going to a hospital as earlier reported, she was instead taken to her daughter’s Manhattan apartment. As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, “Clinton’s campaign says the former secretary of state left the morning ceremony after a 90-minute visit. They say she ‘felt overheated’ and left for the nearby apartment. Her campaign has not offer additional details, including whether Clinton required medical attention.”

While attending the remembrance ceremony at One World Trade Center in South Manhattan, Democrat nominee for president Hillary Clinton unexpectedly left early in what has been declared a “medical episode.” Continue reading “‘Medical episode’: Hillary Clinton unexpectedly collapsed, rushed from 9/11 ceremony to hospital”

‘F**k America’: Muslim store owner busted on EBT fraud, burglary, crack possession

Muslim family values.
Muslim family values.

Immigrant Muslim family none-too happy with these United States…

It’s never a good thing to get busted on food stamp fraud, burglary, and possession of crack cocaine. But when your wife and daughter are caught on camera flipping off and dropping F-Bombs at the American people and the nation overall, that’s never a good thing. Continue reading “‘F**k America’: Muslim store owner busted on EBT fraud, burglary, crack possession”

NYC’s Black Guerrilla Family ‘preparing to shoot on-duty police officers’


With radical elements mixing in with those who seek to peacefully exercise their displeasure with a recent grand jury ruling in New York City, word is bubbling to the surface that a small but very violent gang is in the process of planning hits on New York’s Finest. In an updated report by The New York Daily News on Dec.7, 2014, the notorious Black Guerrilla Family is conspiring to assassinate on-duty New York City police officers, ostensibly as revenge for the death of Eric Garner. Continue reading “NYC’s Black Guerrilla Family ‘preparing to shoot on-duty police officers’”

When stock brokers joined construction workers: NYC’s ‘Hard Hat Riot’ turns 44

“A lot of us are World War II vets and fathers and Purple Hearts. We’re from a generation that believes the flag over everything.” – Electrician Morty Grutman, quoted in the New York Post, May 9, 1970.

What has been largely forgotten by both the mainstream media and academia nation-wide, today marks the 44th anniversary of New York City’s pivotal “Hard Hat Riot” what began as a violent reaction from a relative handful of NYC construction workers, many of whom were World War II, Korea War and Viet-Nam War veterans, against a rather large number of anti-Vietnam War protesters. As reported by the New York Times on May 9, 1970, the Wall Street Journal on May 11, 1970, and also the Vancouver (Canada) Sun on May 20, 2970, an estimated two hundred “Hard Hats” battled roughly one thousand antiwar protesters literally in the shadows of the New York Stock Exchange.

Continue reading “When stock brokers joined construction workers: NYC’s ‘Hard Hat Riot’ turns 44”

De Blasio Knifes New Yorkers in the Back, Forks Them Over

deblasio4Amid cries of “oh, Madonn’!” and “whadda cafone!” New York City’s brand spanking new mayor Bill de Blasio may have just had a honeymoon with Gotham voters shorter than any of Rock Hudson’s marriages, as reported by ABC News on Jan. 10, 2014.

Nonnas from Staten Island to the Bronx swooned whilst goombas steamed as the unrepentant fan of everything Marxist dug into what appeared to be a Pizza Margherita with no less than a knife and fork.

Continue reading “De Blasio Knifes New Yorkers in the Back, Forks Them Over”

New York: Hook-handed terrorist whines of sub-par jail conditions

But it works wonders for hemorrhoids.
But it works wonders for hemorrhoids.

Al-Qaeda terrorist Abu Hamza (aka: “Doctor Hook” and “The Hate Cleric” by the British press) is complaining to a federal judge in New York that his current accommodations aren’t quite up to snuff by his standards, as reported by the New York Daily News on Nov. 26, 2013.

Claiming he lost his hands fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s, Hamza ordered his taxpayer-funded team of lawyers inform the judge that the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan just isn’t cutting it.

Seeking transfer to  a special medical prison in Devens, Mass., one of his lawyers, Lindsay Lewis informed the court, “his arms are infected, and this is an issue that needs to be resolved at a medical center.”

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