North Carolina Teacher: Vice President Pence Should be ‘Shot in the Head’

VP Pence and family in 2015.

Roughly 20 miles to the southeast of downtown Charlotte, NC, lies the picturesque bedroom community of Waxhaw. Known for it’s conservative politics and small town Southern charm, Waxhaw is a much sought for hometown for more than a few wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of the largest city the Tar Heel State. Continue reading “North Carolina Teacher: Vice President Pence Should be ‘Shot in the Head’”

Confessions of a Hurricane Florence refugee

“You don’t have to smell like a refugee…” – Tom Petty
(I think)

Day 5 since we left Wilmington, now better known as the island of Wilmington.

As much as I wanted to stay and gut it out, my wife and daughter were the voices of reason. So after loading two cars with the things we consider irreplaceable, it’s off to Charlotte we trudged.

Luckily, my daughter was able to lock-on a couple of motel rooms that take pets. That’s the good part. The bad part is that neither of her to pups are quite housebroken yet.

Thank you, Lord, for bestowing upon us, Your unworthy subjects, the blessings that are puppy pads.

It sucks to be me.
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A Case for Corporal Punishment: Lemonade Stand Robbed at Gunpoint

Unfortunately, corporal punishment has long since been outlawed as part of any judicial punishment in the United States.

It’s literally been many decades since a court of law has meted-out a flogging, whipping, caning, or even a good old-fashioned general purpose ass-beating.

But if judicial corporal punishment was ever warranted, a suspected robber in Monroe, North Carolina certainly fits the bill.

As it turns out, the Union County Sherriff’s Office is on the lookout for a teenaged boy identified only as donning a black shirt and camouflaged ballcap.

The young lad’s purported offense? Armed robbery of a 9-year-old’s lemonade stand. As reported by Fox News;

A 9-year-old North Carolina boy manning his lemonade stand Saturday was robbed at gunpoint by a teen who made off with just $17, officials said.

The boy was at his lemonade stand at a roundabout in St. John’s Forest development about 3 p.m. Saturday when a teenager wearing a camouflage hat walked up, pointed a gun at the child’s stomach and demanded he hand over the money he’d earned, Union County police said. Philip Smith, the boy’s father, told FOX46 the cash amounted to about $17.

“Never had an incident like this, never thought this would happen,” Smith told the news station. “It’s pretty low, despicable in my book, and I can’t believe someone would stoop that low to steal money from him.”

Communists, mob rule reigns in Durham, NC

Durham: Communist agitators of triumph as law enforcement looks on. (Twitter)
Durham: Communist agitators of triumph as law enforcement looks on. (Twitter)

If you’re counting on the Durham County Sheriff Michael “Mike” Andrews (919-560-0853) or the City of Durham Chief of Police Cerelyn “C.J.” Davis (919-560-4322) to actually stand-up to the Communists or Anarchists, guess again.

As reported by Fox News, a mob took to the streets of Durham, NC in broad daylight and destroyed a memorial statue to the Tar Heel State’s Confederate veterans of a century and a half ago.

Keep in mind, the LEOs (Local Law Enforcement)

All the while, the statue located at the County Courthouse but within the boundaries of the City of Durham, was destroyed while county sheriff’s deputies and city police officers did nothing more than stand there and watch as the rule of law was completely and totally abandoned.

Sadly, Sheriff Andrews and Chief Davis have proven that words like “serve, protect, alert and vigilant” have no meanings whatsoever. They’re simply empty words completely void of honor or integrity.

Regardless if the memorial statue in question was to Confederate veterans or Malcolm X, the fact of the matter is that law enforcement officers allowed the law to be openly and flagrantly violated.

As Fox News reporter Lucia I. Suarez Sang noted; (Emphasis mine)

At no time did officers with the Durham Police Department or deputies with the Durham County Sheriff’s Office intervene as activists brought a ladder up to the statue and used a rope to pull it down, according to multiple media reports.


Reporter Sang also cited that “Criminal charges sought for protesters” who destroyed government property in spite of LEOs watching the crime as it happened.

But to make matters worse, Sheriff Andrews turned common sense on its head with his rather Orwellian quote to the press; (Emphasis mine)

He continued: “My deputies showed great restraint and respect for the constitutional rights of the group expressing their anger and disgust for recent events in our country. Racism and incivility have no place in our country or Durham.”

Other than open vandalism and destruction of public property, Sang also reported that in regards to state property in the form of memorials to Confederate soldiers – “North Carolina has a law protecting the statues. The 2015 law prevents removing such monuments on public property without permission from state officials.”

Apparently that particular law has little meaning in City of Durham or in Durham County proper. At least the world knows now how the LEO leadership in that particular city and county will react if the mob is big enough.

As far as the mob itself is concerned, little doubt in the knowledge that the openly pro-Communist and militant Marxist was the primary power-player in the recent mob rule of Durham.

Other than openly supporting North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, Venezuela’s Maduro, and Iran’s ayatollahs, as the group notes on their official website;

We’re talking about the real issues facing workers and oppressed people – and organizing for the real solutions. Revolutionary solutions. Join us in the struggle to demand:

  • Abolish Capitalism
  • Disarm the Police & ICE Agents
  • Fight for Socialist Revolution
  • Defend Black Lives Matter

Mass struggle is the way forward.

Domestic Terrorism: GOP HQ in North Carolina Firebombed

The burned-out interior of the Charlotte office. (Republican Party of NC)
The burned-out interior of the Charlotte area office. (Republican Party of NC)

Leftist message spray painted: “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else”

When rioting isn’t quite enough, there’s always the fall-back move of tossing Molotov Cocktails. Recently rocked by Leftist-led marches and riots, the greater Charlotte, NC area is now seeing the Republican Party headquarters firebombed. Continue reading “Domestic Terrorism: GOP HQ in North Carolina Firebombed”

The truth of the North Carolina Voter ID law that was kept from us all

Voter ID Law - 1.25 billion Indians can't be wrong.
Voter ID Law – 1.25 billion Indians can’t be wrong.

First thing first… kudos to  Continue reading “The truth of the North Carolina Voter ID law that was kept from us all”

NC Democratic party boss flips out, attacks GOP poll worker – kicks in the junk

Fulk (far left) tweets advocating belief in man-made climate change.
Fulk (far left) tweets advocating belief in man-made climate change.

Maybe it was a case of a Croc to the crotch or possibly even a construction boot to the boys. Whatever it was, local police have ruled out a pump to the rump. North-central North Carolina‘s Stokes County American Legion hall-turned-polling-station was the scene of the crime on election day as reported by The Washington Times on Nov. 5, 2014 and also byWGHB of High Point, NC on Nov. 6, 2014, as a local Democratic Party boss kicked a GOP volunteer directly in the groin after a round of name calling between the two.

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Tar Heel Democrat boss threatens party faithful with intimidation, voter shame

Patsy Keever, Party Boss.
Patsy Keever, Party Boss.

In spite of the Democratic Party of North Carolina doing their level best to bring out the vote in yesterday’s mid-term General Election, to include examples of intimidating and threatening letters sent to party faithful, the Democrats were trounced across the state. As reported by The Tribune Papers news portal of western North Carolina on Nov. 4, 2014, a number of registered Democrats from across the state are stepping forward asking why their own Party is intimidating and threatening them.

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