Movie director: Captain America vs Barack Obama

“This isn’t freedom … this is fear” – Captain America

Despite tanking at the box office, Barack Obama recently hosted a showing of the sparsely viewed “Cesar Chavez: An¬†American Hero,” but for those anticipating Obama giving the same treatment to the already-breaking-box-office-records “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” don’t hold your breath, as reported by the left-of-center Mother Jones news portal on April 4, 2014.

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Obama Grants Constitutional Rights to Foreigners

20120619_OBAMA_POINTING+CONSTITUTION-e1340342558519Reassuring foreigners that his administration isn’t spying on “ordinary people” overseas, Barack Obama is planning on initiating changes to America’s intelligence gathering agencies that certainly are wide and varied.

Specifically, one of Obama’s security measures for “ordinary people” directed will surely raise the eyebrows of conservatives and Constitutional lawyers across the nation, as reported by the Cybercast News Service¬†( on Jan. 18, 2014.

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