Media bias: The myth of ‘Occupied’ Israeli Territories

Midia bias? Naaaaahhhhh...
Midia bias? Naaaaahhhhh…


As the joke goes: Do you know why the terrorists didn’t hit the UN Building on 9/11? Because too many of their relatives work there. Yes, official international hatred of Israel has been around for decades. Unfortunately its ugly, terrorist-friendly head has reared itself into the West. Even worse, our allegedly free and objective press has jumped on the bandwagon.

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Hamas may receive $400M from Obama Administration, urges kids to ‘shoot Jews’

Despite being deemed a terrorist organization by the US government, Hamas (translation: “Enthusiasm“) is slated to saddle up with the West Bank’s ruling Palestinian Authority (PA) in what’s being called a “unity agreement” which will ensure the secular PA will speak as one with the highly militant and Shari’a complaint Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, as reported by Fox News on May 5, 2014. The PA is also slated to receive its annual $400 million worth of US taxpayer largesse. However, unsettling to the vast majority of Israelis as well as more than a few Westerners, Hamas controlled television on the Gaza Strip has in the past and continues to air children’s programs that are quite blatant when it comes to motivating Arab-Muslim children shoot “all” the Jews, as reported on May 6, 2014, as well and the pro-Israel news portal Palestinian Watch, both on May 5, 2014.

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