The new face of ISIS; the club kid nicknamed ‘Cowgirl’

cowgirl facebookFor those who thought all Islamic jihadists were exclusively bearded Muslim males between the ages of 16 to 35 and not so nattily attired in all back dishdasha thobes, of course with the occasional female sporting the latest in burka haute couture with a bomb vest secreted beneath, you better guess again. The stereotypical look of Islamic jihadists just made a seismic shift, much to the chagrin of security personnel everywhere attempting to protest their respective people and nation from the sanguine goals of jihadists across the globe.

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Obama’s good 1 million Europeans; bad 1 million Europeans


Pegged by the world’s media as the Freedom March, this past weekend’s overtly anti-Islamic Jihadist protest march in Paris not only drew well over 1 million citizens of the French Republic, but also a wide cross section of leaders from across the globe ranging from Spain’s Catholic Prime Minister Mariano Rejoy to Jordan’s Muslim King Abdallah to Israel’s Jewish Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Noted by the press as well as the French people for failing to send a senior representative to the march, the Obama Administration is starting to feel the heat.

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