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Globalist Backstabber: The Legacy of George W. Bush

For the eight long years of the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, George W. Bush was consistently hammered by both Obama and his ever-loyal Ministry of Propaganda (CNN, NY Times, NBC, etc) as either a bumbling fool with the intelligence (and mannerisms to match) of a baboon, or as some type of evil genius responsible for death, destruction and the shredding of civil liberties from the Euphrates River to Guantanamo Bay to Anytown, USA.

And the whole time Dubya kept his mouth shut. Every Obama failure… every Obama misstep… every time Obama embarrassed himself and this nation, the blame for reliably laid at the feet of the former Texas governor.

Instead of even a minimal defence of his presidency or even himself as a man, Bush remained silent to the Obama insults while he kept himself busy with long-distance bicycle rides with veterans or by painting portraits of the same vets he ordered to war.

Even when Obama ordered a unilateral withdrawal from Iraq in 2009, Bush remained silent.

Even with Iraqi cities and towns such as Fallujah, Mosul, Ramadi and Tikrit began falling to the radical Islamist jihadists of ISIS, Bush remained silent.

Even when it became painfully obvious to even the most partisan of political hacks that the over 4,000 dead and tens of thousands of wounded American kids who were fed into the meatgrinder was all in vain, Bush remained silent.

Even with the likes of the Battle of Fallujah, the Battle of Tikrit, etc, being written in American blood into the annals of the Marine Corps and the Army, Bush remained silent.

Fast forward to present day. Nine short months into the Trump presidency, George W. Bush has decided to speak up. Who does he attack? You guessed it – President Trump.

So what was Bush’s reward for defending globalism and never ending military intervention overseas?

The reliable mouthpieces of globalism and never ending military intervention overseas, The New Yorker and NPR have deigned to pronounce Dubya as an “elder statesman”.

Quite different from the branding of him as drooling mouth breather out to destroy the Constitution, and more than worthy of impeachment, huh?

Not Only The Smartest, Conservative Women Politicians Are Also The Most Attractive

Denmark’s Young Conservative party’s Nikita Klæstrup. The former party chair at the University of Lolland-Falster, Klæstrup is currently studying rhetoric at the University of Copenhagen.denmark Nikita Klæstrup

Angela Gerekou of Greece’s New Democracy center-right political party. Gerekou formerly served as the Hellenic Republic’s Vice Minister of Culture and Sport.Greece Angela Gerekou

Federal Deputy of the Mexican Congress, Gabriela Cuevas Barron is also a regional leader of the politically conservative and Christian-friendly National Action Party. GabrielaCuevas_Ntmex

An-Sofie Dewinter of Belgium’s hard right-wing Vlaams Belang party. Her father, Filip, is an MP in the Flemish Parliament. An-Sofie was the model for the party’s “Freedom or Islam – You Choose” campaign, for which she received multiple death threats from Islamic jihadists.an-Sofie Dewinter belgium

Hachinohe City Councilwoman Yuri Fujikawa of the Conservative Alliance’s Liberal Democratic Party. The Councilwoman was recently voted “World’s Most Beautiful Politician” in an online survey held by Spanish newspaper 20 Minutos.Hot-Yuri-Fujikawa-Cuma1

Former Dutch MP for the center-right Call of Christian Democracy party, Sabine Uitslag. Formed in 1980, the party brought together Dutch Catholics and Protestants who sought to keep alive traditional and conservative Dutch values, beliefs and culture.large-sabine-uitslag

Member of Parliament, Lebanon’s Sethrida Geagea of the right-wing and pro-Maronite Catholic Lebanese Forces party. Geagea has long been credited as one of the leading national figures against Syrian occupation forces.1sethrida-6_0

Alina Kabaeva, member of the hyper-patriotic United Russia party. A member of the nation’s Duma (Parliament), Kabaeva has also been Vladimir Putin’s long time par amour.Kabaeva russian

Maria “Mara” Carfagna of Italy’s conservative People of Freedom party. Prior to attaining her law degree, Carfana was a showgirl and model. Eventually elected to the Chamber of Deputies (Lower House), she served as her nation’s Minister for Equal Opportunity from 2008 – 2011.Mara - Italy

Considered the Grande Dame of hot conservative chick politicians everywhere, All-Ukrainian Union “Fatherland” Party’s former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.yulia_tymoshenko-black-in-pearls