NJ town furious: ‘Stop Blaming White People Month!’

Looks as if very few people in the overwhelmingly white borough of Flemington in western New Jersey have much of a sense of humor.

After all, New Jersey hosts more ethnic fairs, celebrations and festivals than you can shake a stick at.  Everything from Afro-Brazilian to Korean to Ethiopian and numerous other cultural and racial commemorations.

But when it comes to standard generic white folks, even an obvious bit of satire is enough for some to scream accusations of racism.

As reported by Taylor Tiamoyo Harris of the everything Joisey NJ.com news network, she’s describing a pranks at a local post office as a “racial” incident.

The United States Postal Service said it is investigating a racial sign put up outside its Flemington location.

USPS Postal Inspector Greg Kliemisch said Friday afternoon the sign, which read “March is national stop blaming white people month! Accept responsibility for your own bad choices. Hug a white person!,” was put up sometime Thursday. It was taken down in the afternoon by employees, he said.

Kliemisch said posting signs on the building is strictly prohibited. He could not confirm whether or not the location had cameras outside the building that captured the incident.

The sign is similar to messages in memes that have been posted online over the past several years.