Trump hints at naming Bolton as Secretary of State

Ambassador Bolton.

Ambassador Bolton.

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump just dropped quite the hint of naming John Bolton as the next Secretary of State. Of course, that’s if he’s elected.

While being interviewed on the Hugh Hewitt radio program, did admit that while no solid decision has been reached, he is strongly considering the former US ambassador to the United Nations. Continue reading “Trump hints at naming Bolton as Secretary of State”

Ohio’s oil boom – The shape of things to come for the nation, maybe

Shaleusa2Why are Democrats so afraid of this country succeeding?

Without even realizing it, presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s swipe at fellow contender Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) may have unwittingly given all the GOP candidates another topic to use against their Democratic competition. As reported by Jeremy Pelzer of the Cleveland Plain Dealer updated on Oct. 30, 2015, The Donald’s assertion that the economic upturn in the Buckeye State has nothing to do with Kasich’s abilities, but instead just dumb luck due to geologists recently discovering shale oil and natural gas may not be 100 percent true. Continue reading “Ohio’s oil boom – The shape of things to come for the nation, maybe”

Accusations of a naked Aqua-Biden again rise to the surface

Computer animation of a limber Joe Biden letting it all hang out poolside.

Even during the happiest of circumstances, sometimes the water-induced wrinkled head of the past rears its ugly self exactly at the wrong time. Accusations of a buck naked Joe Biden swimming laps au naturel on a number of occasions would be one of those prune-skinned moments. If the thought of naked 72-year-old man isn’t enough to make his Secret Service detail have the uncontrollable urge to iron everything in sight, the knowledge that the Veep has both male and female agents assigned to him kicks the eew-factor up a few notches.

Continue reading “Accusations of a naked Aqua-Biden again rise to the surface”