AIDS ‘rampant’ in ISIS, infected ordered to be suicide bombers

Sometimes Islamic jihad terrorists just aren’t content with slitting the throats of bound and helpless Egyptian Christian captives. To emphasize they put the terror in terrorism, there have been cases of caged prisoners but to death by burning them alive. The litany of über-violent slaughter for the sake of slaughter doesn’t end there. Regarding the ISIS terror organization’s long term plan to establish a world-wide caliphate based on Islamic Shari’s Law, gang rape, sexual slavery, and throwing people off of rooftops are the figurative tip of the terror-inducing iceberg.

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Poland: Men Band Together to Protect Women from Muslim Rape Gangs

europe-for-the-future-poster“NO insulting our religion and our culture…”

The English-language site for Radio Poland News is reporting on Jan. 15, 2014 that members of the nationalistic Polish Defence League are taking it upon themselves to escort Polish girls and women home after a hard night of clubbing, to ensure they don’t become victims to the epidemic of Muslim gang-rapes that’s sweeping Europe.

As seen in the video below, gangs of Muslim men throughout Europe, especially Scandinavia and Great Britain, have taken gang rape to such proportions that the rape-gang members themselves have nicknamed their sexual attacks “tournante,” French for “take your turn.”

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