Gay hijacking of Christianity: ‘Glitter Ash Wednesday’

Glitter gay Ash Wednesday. (Twitter)
Glitter gay Ash Wednesday. (Twitter)

Ash Wednesday is soon to be observed by all Catholics, a number of Protestant denominations (Episcopalians, Lutherans, Moravians, etc) as well as a handful of Western Orthodox Churches (Celtic Orthodox Church, The French Orthodox Church, etc).  Continue reading “Gay hijacking of Christianity: ‘Glitter Ash Wednesday’”

UN’s ‘Gay Envoy’ slams religious freedom

Godless gays on parade. (Wiki)
Godless gays on parade. Chick repellant incarnate. (Wiki)

Deeply ingrained in the American mindset is that every one of us has the civic right to worship, or not worship as the case may be, as each of us sees fit. Continue reading “UN’s ‘Gay Envoy’ slams religious freedom”

‘Devout Catholic’ Tim Kaine’s Fake Catholicism Exposed

Tim Kaine - America deserves better. (Youtube)
Tim Kaine – America deserves better. (Youtube)

Don’t expect the Western media to ever factually report what the Catholic Church actually teaches. If anything, either through willful ignorance or willfully lying, the liberal media has quite the knack of bastardizing Catholic teaching to fit their agenda. Continue reading “‘Devout Catholic’ Tim Kaine’s Fake Catholicism Exposed”