(VIDEO) Next GOP State? – The Only US Territory w/ a Republican Governor and a Republican Legislature

While the Democrats are making noise of possibly making either the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or Washington, DC (or both) the next state(s), the GOP does have an ace up their sleeve. Continue reading “(VIDEO) Next GOP State? – The Only US Territory w/ a Republican Governor and a Republican Legislature”

(VIDEO) Another Garbage Poll that Too Many Conservatives are Accepting at Face Value as the God’s Honest Truth

The modern-day versions of Jesse James and Pat Garrett.

In spite of rarely watching Fox News, I sometimes watch Fox Business, mainly because of the likes of Stuart Varney, Charles Payne, Lou Dobbs, etc. Continue reading “(VIDEO) Another Garbage Poll that Too Many Conservatives are Accepting at Face Value as the God’s Honest Truth”

(Video) Democrat Dirty Tricks: Pro-Trump Candidate Kim Klacik Calls Out Dem Fake News

Maryland GOP candidate for the 7th Congressional District, Kim Klacik, may be new to the no-holds-barred world of running for political office, but she’s no newbie to Democrat dirty tricks. Continue reading “(Video) Democrat Dirty Tricks: Pro-Trump Candidate Kim Klacik Calls Out Dem Fake News”

So who was the hottie sitting behind Kavanaugh?

She’s already lit social media aflame, but for reasons you might not expect.

As it turns out, this silken-haired sultry Latina has sent Democrats, Socialists, Antifa, NeverTrumpers, BLM and other assorted power-pouters scurrying for their safe spaces.

Enter 36-year-old Zina Bash, the pride of McAllen, Texas, her family’s adopted home. The daughter of Dr Lawrence Gelman and Maria (née) Esperanza has undoubtedly brought some of the Rio Grande Valley spice to a usually staid Washington, D.C.

Judge Kavanaugh: Zina Bash has his back at Senate hearing.

Actually born in Monterrey, Mexico, suffice it to say that just about everything regarding Zina Bash makes liberal heads everywhere explode;

  • She obviously OK with women being seen as mere sex objects. After all, she was cited on The Hill’s 2017 list 50 Most Beautiful list.
  • A self-hating Mexican, Bash is currently employed at the White House where she holds the impressive title of Special Assistant to the President for regulatory reform, legal and immigration policy.

    Walking the halls of power.
  • Her husband, John Bash, is the federal government’s chief law enforcement officer for Central and West Texas. The U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas openly admits “that border security, violent crime, public corruption and national security are his top priorities.”
  • She’s rich, and I don’t mean a little. According to Above The Law, the heiress is (according to an anonymous tipster) worth a cool $18 million.
  • Both Zina and John self-identify as *GASP!* Republicans.
  • Her father, a noted anesthesiologist, hospital administrator, author, film producer, media personality, and conservative activist in his own right, recently completed a documentary entitled The Hoax of Man-Made Global Warming. In the film, “he conveys to the audience the archaic methods used by the “hucksters” who perpetrate the “convenient lie” of man-made global warming/climate change for the benefit of their agendas.”

But what really has Twitter abuzz are three accusations by lefties against the comely Latina in regards to today’s Senate confirmation hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court;

  1. She apparently sneers at the Democrat members of the Judicial Committee when they speak ill of Kavanaugh.
  2. She apparently looks smug when Republican members of the Judicial Committee when they speak approvingly of Kavanaugh.
  3. She apparently flashed the White Power sign to the TV cameras (see video below).

But for a taste of lefties setting their hair on fire via Twitter, here’re some nifty posts;

Then we have the ever-classy Eryq “Still stuck in 7th Grade” Ouithaqueue;

But there were at least some who recognized the obvious;

More proof of the Cult of Democrat, grandparents reject grandkids

cult of democrat

Kevin Nicholson may have once been the president of the College Democrats of America and spoke at the 2000 Democratic National Convention. But that was then, this is now.

Appearing on the FNC morning show Fox & Friends, the Republican hopeful to unseat incumbent Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin in 2018 told of his conversaion from being the leader one of the largest Democrat youth organizations in the country to becoming the GOP senate hopeful for the Badger State.

I’ll let you see the video for yourself … but it honestly saddens me to know that a husband and wife would actually go out of their way to estrange themselves not only from one of their children, but also their grandchildren.

I equally feel bad for F&F hostess Ainsley Earhardt, who obviously wasn’t briefed that Nicholson and his parents have no contact with each other. She was also obviously very embarrassed and apologized profusely.

All I can say about how horribly I view the grandparents, it just reminds me of how so many were ready to abandon family for love of the likes of Hitler, Stalin and Mao.

Future Politician? Senator Kid Rock (R-Michigan)

Grammy award-winning musician Kid Rock, American Idol contestant and country musician Kellie Pickler, and musician Zack Brown entertain troops stationed at Kandahar, Afghanistan, Dec. 17, during the 2008 USO Holiday Tour. (Wikimedia-Commons)
Grammy award-winning musician Kid Rock, American Idol contestant and country musician Kellie Pickler, and musician Zack Brown entertain troops stationed at Kandahar, Afghanistan, Dec. 17, during the 2008 USO Holiday Tour. (Wikimedia-Commons)

Kid Rock as the next United States Senator from the Wolverine State? According to Michigan GOP press officer Sarah Anderson, the notion of a Senator Rock “would be awesome.” Continue reading “Future Politician? Senator Kid Rock (R-Michigan)”

BACKSTABBER Ryan heaps false praise on Veterans, mum on cutting benefits to fund Obama budget

“This is the worst kind of example of a shady, backroom deal.” – Colonel Michael Barron, US Army (Ret.)

House Speaker and Obama lapdog Paul Ryan made quite the noise regarding his support for military veterans when he spoke at the RNC on July, 19, 2016:

“… and giving our veterans the care that they were promised and the care that they earned.”

Continue reading “BACKSTABBER Ryan heaps false praise on Veterans, mum on cutting benefits to fund Obama budget”

Democratic Plantation Disorder rears its ugly head

970466_552673464799926_1127296949_nBefore Stockholm had its own stick-up syndrome, and prior to Georges de la Tourette figuring out frenzied foul-mouthed Frenchies, the Democratic Party has long ago planted the seeds of the DPD (Democratic Plantation Disorder) in the minds of more than a few blacks. Continue reading “Democratic Plantation Disorder rears its ugly head”

Vice President Ivanka Trump?

Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner WeddingTo say Ivanka Trump is just another pretty face in the crowd is kind of like saying Barack Obama is just another effeminate beta male.

But as Adam Campbell of Liberty News Now recently noted, the apple of The Donald’s eye just may be the key player in yet another Trumpian political shocker — selecting his eldest daughter as his vice presidential running mate.

Continue reading “Vice President Ivanka Trump?”

Obama’s military; troop strength and military pay facing even more slashing

U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Ryan Pettit (left) and Cpl. Matthew Miller with 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment open fire on the enemy during an operation in the Helmand province of Afghanistan on July 3, 2009. Flickr.com photo sharing (Google Image labeled authorized for reuse).
U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Ryan Pettit  and Cpl. Matthew Miller with 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment open fire on the enemy during an operation in the Helmand province of Afghanistan on July 3, 2009.
Flickr.com photo sharing (Google Image labeled authorized for reuse).

Despite many Libertarian-leaning Republicans as well as more than a few in the Tea Party who embrace a non-interventionist sentiment, even those who seek a smaller federal government are admitting that an eviscerated Armed Forces is sorely in need of rebuilding. As reported by the government oriented The Hill news portal on April 5, 2015, two of the most prominent voices to keep America free of foreign military entanglements have come to realize the Pentagon is past due beefing up.

Continue reading “Obama’s military; troop strength and military pay facing even more slashing”

Treason; Dr. Ben Carson drops a ‘T-Bomb’ on Obama


The man who served as a professor of neurosurgery, oncology, plastic surgery, and pediatrics, and at the age of 33, was appointed the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Baltimore’s prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital may know a thing or two about making split second life-or-death decisions as well as working under crushing pressure. He’s also seriously considering making a run at the Presidency of the United States of America.

Continue reading “Treason; Dr. Ben Carson drops a ‘T-Bomb’ on Obama”

London: Republican presidential hopeful stands firm on Muslim ‘no-go zones’

The Jindal family as of 2003.

Being the only two American governors whose parents hail from the Punjab region of India, Louisiana’s Piyush “Bobby” Jindal and South Carolina’s Nikki Haley (née Randhawa) not only share their Republican Party affiliation and conservative policies, but also have smashed more than a few of the racist stereotypes of Southern voters. In the meantime, the word on the street in the Bayou State as well as from inside the Washington, DC Beltway is that Governor Jindal is taking a very serious look at making a run for the White House.

Continue reading “London: Republican presidential hopeful stands firm on Muslim ‘no-go zones’”

Democrat front runner H.R.C. still haunted by ‘Hillarycare’


As reported by NBC News on Dec. 16, 2014, Hillary Clinton still bears the title as the presumptive front runner for the Democratic Party’s hopes of keeping the White House in 2016. Yet Republicans aren’t done reminding the nation that Hillarycare very well could have been a much bigger and broader-reaching federal program than even the much derided Obamacare health insurance plan.

Continue reading “Democrat front runner H.R.C. still haunted by ‘Hillarycare’”

Right Wing News of the Day

Katherine Timpf knocks another one outta the park.
Katherine Timpf knocks another one outta the park.

Activists pretend to be dead at UC Berkeley to protest animal testing

Fox News Hits 50-Quarter Ratings Streak With Megyn Kelly on the Rise, Benghazi Still a Hot Topic

Mexican helo crosses border, opens fire on two Border Patrol agents

Medical staff warned: Keep your mouths shut about illegal immigrants or face arrest

VA Offers Vietnam Vet Appointment Two Years After His Death

Study: Feeling ugly makes you more likely to donate to the Occupy movement


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: ISIS in ‘heroic romantic struggle’

Obama Lies (again) to the American People – More Troops Ordered to Iraq

Virginia Democratic Lawmaker Indicted for Sexual Relationship with Teenage Girl

The Kick Ass Song of the Day

Right Wing News for June 11, 2014

Univ of Texas removes ‘sexist’ dress code signs prohibiting ‘short skirts,’ ‘short shorts’ UT-Nursingafter feminists complain

Swedish police beaten up in Muslim area

Hillary Clinton: Obama and I Restored America’s Leadership in the World

Honor killing in Scotland: Muslim burns ex-wife to death for being ‘too Westernised,’ twin daughters: ‘We had an hour to say goodbye. She was so badly burned we were told we couldn’t look at her face.’

White House Struggles With Naming Foreign Policy Achievements

The Jews, as well as the native Christians…were daily and hourly subjected to oppression…and insults from their Moslem neighbours”

Confederate Naval Jack in university chapel protected, South Carolina AG says

Hillary Laments High Taxes on ‘Hard-Working’ Rich (Like Her)

UK: Muslim school found with books promoting stoning says it’s a victim of “Islamophobia”


The Kick Ass Song of the Day!

Right Wing News for June 10, 2014

RATINGS: Megyn Kelly Tops O’Reilly First Time For Entire WeekMegyn-Kelly-GQ

Militant Atheist Richard Dawkins Teaches Children To Believe In God Is Child Abuse 

Islam 2nd Largest Religion in 20 US States

Rubio: If Bergdahl Islam Conversion Report Is True the White House Directly Lied To Me

Spain to Deport Pakistani Refugee for Criticizing Islam

Reasons to release terrorists: Run a milk and honey farm, take up yoga

Another Dem Quits on Obama: ‘Even I have had enough’

GLOBAL WARMING ALERT! JUNE: Icebergs Afloat On Lake Superior…

The Muslim ‘prayer bump’ and Traumatic Brain Injury

Military medals stolen from 92-year-old World War II veteran on the 70th anniversary of D-Day

Right Wing News for June 9, 2014

The Miss USA Contestant Conceived In Rape1missusa6n-2-web

Max Hastings: ‘Obama Is a Pygmy When Compared to Wartime Leaders Like Roosevelt’

Racist: Va. Dem. Mike Dickinson disparages Allen West as toilet, animal feces

Bergdahl Has Declined to Speak to His Family

Chomsky: Obama Determined To Demolish Our Civil Liberties

King Juan Carlos: ‘I don’t want my son to grow old waiting like Prince Charles’

Scotland: Muslim murdered ‘westernised’ ex-wife 

Kerry: ‘Baloney’ that releasing Taliban detainees too risky to US troops

Obama to Attend $32,000 a Person Fundraiser in Laguna Beach

CIA Director defends Koran, defines Islamic teaching

Kick ass song of the day – Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)
by The Leningrad Cowboys with The Red Army Choir

Right Wing News for June 7, 2014

Obama Chomps on Gum During D-Day Ceremonies855907978

Professor suggests building ‘great walls’ costing $16B each to stop tornadoes

Obama praises Honduran Sgt. and female assault soldier at D-Day commemoration –
greeted with silence

U Chicago students say school made them ‘unsafe’ by allowing a speaker to say ‘tranny’

Body Language Expert: Putin ‘Agitated’ During Meeting With Obama

BUCHANAN: Somewhere in Hell, Bin Laden Is Smiling

Duke ‘porn star’ to host American Idol-style porn reality seriesSex

Feinstein: No Evidence of ‘Credible Threat’ to Bergdahl

D-Day’s 70th also marks Obama cultural shift away from US ‘suck it up’ attitude

Zoo Staff Accidentally Shoot Man In Gorilla Suit

Kick Ass Song of the Day

Right Wing News for June 4, 2014

Russian jet, U.S. plane nearly collide in Top Gun-like showdown over Pacific600full-kelly-mcgillis

Hillary Rodham Clinton defends prisoner swap

GOP senators unveil ‘choice’ plan for VA patients

MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow Misleadingly Assures Viewers Released Taliban ‘Not Al-Qaida’

British Police continue to treat Christian preaching as a hate crime

Feds Offer $1.5 Million Grant for Job Creation – in Belize

Al Jazeera Senior Analyst: Jews Should Know Their Place

News anchor fights back tears while interviewing parents of soldier killed

Secret Service Hunts Down Sarcastic Tweets

Rubio: Obama ‘Believes He’s Become A Monarch Or An Emperor’

Kick ass song of the day

Right Wing News for June 2, 2014

Bowe Bergdahl’s girlfriend Monica Lee has moved onarticle-2645075-1E5EDC1500000578-132_306x423

UK Muslim waging jihad in Syria calls on Muslims to replicate Rigby attack

Sterling Raises Eyebrows By Attending Services At Predominately Black Church In South LA

Arab Israelis Find Israel ‘Good Place to Live’

Colorado vet: “VA owes me a leg”

Susan Rice: Bergdahl Served With ‘Honor and Distinction’

Dems in search of new slogan

Release of Begdahl bumps VA Scandal from headlines

Ted Cruz wins NOLA Straw Poll

Syria: Islamic jihadists murder 102-year-old Alawite and his family

Right Wing News for June 1, 2014

Pin Up Queen Poses for ‘Hope for the Warriors’SafariScreenSnapz074

Egypt’s Sisi Has Higher ‘Favorable’ Rating There, Than Obama Here

Outrageous: Veterans finally get burial after waiting a year and a half

Eva Longoria’s Steakhouse Closed After 32 Health Code Violations

NC School district condemns Christian prayers at veteran event as violation of policy

Over 5% of Brits are now Muslim

Environmentalists rush to defend nudist pro-incest/pedophilia ‘fractovist’

Muslim terror suspect demands taxpayers provide traditional Arab clothing, granted special permissions due to religion


Czech Republic President says: “Islam (NOT radical Islam) is to blame for the attack on Jewish Museum in Brussels”


Right Wing News for May 30, 2014

UCLA to host event encouraging students to masturbate instead of studying for finals…UCLA

Gunmen kill U.S. doctor from minority sect in Pakistan…

Somali-British woman renounces Islam, family wants her dead…

Cardiac fundraiser scratched; deemed racist, exploitative by one person…

Teen Pakistani raped again for filing report of being raped…

Iran’s president urged to ‘punch Obama in the mouth…’

Muslims on rampage, riots continue in Sweden … again

Liberal hatemongers on Twitter attack Stacey Dash for joining Fox News…

NBC’s Richard Engel: U.S. Relations Have Not Improved With a Single Nation During Obama Presidency…

Right Wing News for May 28, 2014…

New Prosecutor General of Crimea becomes Japanese anime sensation…52c4930607743bf09e3c6af12befaab1

CNN declares Michelle Obama has power to sign bills into law…

Michelle Obama: Changes to School Lunch Menu ‘Unacceptable’…

1,250 Marines on stand-by for combat operations in Libya…

NYC Mayor bans media from dozens of events…

Egyptian ‘wife rape’ fatwa issued…

Leading Caribbean AIDS Expert Fired For Noting That Gay Males Get AIDS From Anal Sex…

Family stones 25 year-old Pakistani woman outside courthouse because she married the man she loved, not her cousin…

Chinese navy flexes muscle, sinks Vietnamese fishing boat…

Joe the Plumber: ‘Your dead kids don’t trump my constitutional rights’…

Right Wing News for May 26, 2014…

Smokin’ Stacey Slams Scumbag…

Scumbag Democrats Privately Calling President Scumbag ‘Detached,’ ‘Flat Footed,’ obama-scared‘Incompetent’…

Iranian Scumbags Threaten to Whip Actress Who Was Kissed on the Cheek…

Scumbag Communist Chinese Fighter Jets Threaten Unarmed Japanese Military Aircraft…

Scumbag Kansas Sheriff Wusses Out to Scumbag Muslims…

Man Accused of Racial Slurs Sues Restaurant, Waitress Who Accused Him – Someone is Undoubtedly a Scumbag…

Surprise Scumbag Politician Makes Nasty Comments Regarding Patriotism as Memorial Day Approaches… 

“Earthquake” of Right Wing Political Parties Kick the Dog Snot out of Scumbag Libturds in Euro-Election… 

Scumbag Kuwaitis to Distribute 250,000 korans at 2014 Professional Kickball Championship in Brazil…

Egyptian Newspaper: President Scumbag Member of Muslim Brotherhood…

Kick ass song of the day.

Right Wing Headlines of May 25, 2014

Kate Upton Victim of Robbery… Kate-Right-Stuff

Gene Simmons (the one with the freakishly long tongue) to be on cover of U.S. Veterans Magazine… 

The Case of the Cross-Eyed Mohel — Jealous Boyfriend Castrates and Murders French Mayor…

Outrageous: Al Qaeda Scum at Gitmo Receive Better Medical Treatment Than Our Own Military Veterans…

Sensitive Sioux Demand Students Who Wore ‘Siouxper Drunk’ Tees at OFF-CAMPUS Blow Out.

Pretending to be Important, UCLA’s Empowered Arab Sisterhood Erases Israel From the Map…

Multicultural Madness and Murder Hits Brooklyn…

Obama Lie # 290,614: Veterans’ Health Care has ‘Been One of the Causes of my Presidency’

Austrian Ski Burka Ban Declared “Tourism Apartheid”…

Swedish Patriots Fed-Up with Troublemaker Illegal Immigrants…