(WATCH) Kyle Rittenhouse’s Lawyer Releases Never Seen Before Video Evidence

L. Lin Wood, one of the co-counsels for Kyle Rittenhouse, has just released new video clearly showing his client was fired upon first during the Kenosha riots late last month.

With Rittenhouse facing two counts of first-degree murder, Wood founded the organization FightBack.law to provide legal defense for those who have already been found guilty by the liberal news media.

The same website also has a legal defense fund donation link, as the legal team obviously is preparing for quite the courtroom battle.

Wood has previously represented Nick Sandmann, Richard Jewell and Herman Cain when the media had already done their best to figuratively crucify them in the court of public opinion.

Well, Well, Well: One of the Dead Rioters in Kenosha is on the Sex Offender Registry, Long Criminal Record


Imagine that. As it turns out, one of the rioters shot and killed by 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse is none other than 36-year-old Joseph D “Jojo” Rosenbaum of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Continue reading “Well, Well, Well: One of the Dead Rioters in Kenosha is on the Sex Offender Registry, Long Criminal Record”

(Video) Blame it on the Coronavirus: Monkeys Rioting on the Streets of Thailand

It’s all fun and games until the monkeys start to riot.
Here they come. Walking down the street. They get the funniest looks from everyone they meet…

Usually when watching anything regarding the Democrat Party, I’ve been known to sarcastically comment, “I’ve seen better organized monkey shit fights at the zoo.” Continue reading “(Video) Blame it on the Coronavirus: Monkeys Rioting on the Streets of Thailand”

WATCH: Conservative Activist Kaitlin Bennet Attacked at Ohio University

Kaitlin Marie and her AR-10 (7.62×51mm/.308 cal NATO battle rifle) at Kent State.

Not exactly a big shocker that free speech and Second Amendment advocate Kaitlin Bennet and her coterie were verbally and physically assaulted on the grounds of Ohio University. Continue reading “WATCH: Conservative Activist Kaitlin Bennet Attacked at Ohio University”

Cuban, African migrants riot in Mexico, demand access to the United States

Cubans and Africans riot in Mexico, attack Mexican police.

Wait a second… when did Cubans and Africans saddle-up with the “Northern Triangle” nations (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador) in sending an estimated one million illegal aliens invading the United States just in calender year 2019. Continue reading “Cuban, African migrants riot in Mexico, demand access to the United States”

Detroit: Near riot at free toy give-away

You pull a knife, I’ll pull a (toy) gun…

What was your first clue… the word “free” or “give-away”?

In a city that’s been on the Democrat Plantation for well over a half century (the last Republican mayor was in 1962), Detroit has gone from being an industrial powerhouse of nearly 2 million people to a 4th World dung heap that’s seen the population drop by 60 percent.

Small wonder that when any given populous is use to free stuff, and it fails to materialize, things turn violent.

Welcome to Detoit.
Welcome to Detoit.

As reported by Detroit’s WDIV;

Large crowds, fights and a woman arrested for pulling a knife — none are normally synonymous with a toy giveaway.

But Saturday on Detroit’s west side, hundreds, if not thousands, gathered for free Christmas toys.

Police had to be called in because, at times, the crowds were unruly.

“People were fighting over toys, so they shut the door,” one person said.

It was likely a first for any kind of toy giveaway, crowds so large Detroit police had to step in, and those trying to get toys, at times, getting out of control.

Saturday night’s toy giveaway is part of a program called Toys Making I.M.P.A.C.T.S. For months, those in need could register for free toys for their children, and when the doors opened at Tower Center Mall on Grand River Avenue at 4 p.m., close to 6,000 children were signed up.

And more families who didn’t sign up showed up.

Italian riot police protect conservatives; thump communists, anarchists

Wassamatta for you? You toucha my car, I breaka you leg.
Wassamatta for you? You toucha my car, I breaka you leg.

Does it make me a bad person for laughing everytime a riot baton came down with a thud on any given Leftie rioter?

No, I didn’t think so either.

Anyhow, the comrades over at the Putin-friendly RT.com caught on video Italian cops going full BTFO on a mob of communists and anarchists hell-bent on doing what communists and anarchists do best.

Using the Leftist code word of “anti-fascists” to describe rioters, RT.com predictably fell back on the reliable MSM tactic of referring to anyone who so happens to disagree with them as “right-wing groups”.

As reported by a rather sorrowful RT.com from the Italian city of Modena;

The incident took place on Friday evening. A local far-right group called ‘Defend Modena’ organized a rally in the center of the town to protest against the Jus soli – or the right of the soil – a legal principle that allows anyone born on the territory of a state to obtain its citizenship. Italy currently does not use this principle in granting citizenship but local lawmakers in Modena have discussed the possibility of its introduction.

Footage provided by the Ruptly video new agency shows the anti-fascists throwing what look like thunder-flashes, firecrackers and smoke pellets at the police with the officers in riot gear subsequently charging into the crowd. The video also shows officers beating people lying on the street with batons and attempting to detain some of the protesters by force.

According to local media, police also used water cannon to disperse the crowd. The protesters also reportedly engaged in clashes and scuffles with police on several occasions. However, there were no reports of any serious injuries, although local media said that some people were “bruised” in the brawls and at least two people were arrested.

Germany: Overwhelming majority of Leftist rioters are worthless human beings

Germany: Lefties hold mass temper tantrum. (Wiki)
Germany: Lefties hold mass temper tantrum. (Wiki)

Germany – a nation long known as the land that gave the world delicious Speckpfannkuchen, shady Schicklgrubers, and deadly Sturmgewehr 44s.

Sadly for those proud of their Deutsche lineage, Germany is now famous for their über-schnorrers (Loosely translated: Big time bums). Continue reading “Germany: Overwhelming majority of Leftist rioters are worthless human beings”

Sweden: Muslim migrant children riot, no free candy

Another example of Muslim gratitude.
Another example of Muslim gratitude.

Great civilizations are never murdered… they die from slow suicide.

The likes of Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton have been assuring the West that we have nothing to fear from the hundreds of thousands of Mohammedan “migrants” flooding into Europe. Even Sweden’s Prime Minster Stefan Löfven recently stated that as far as he’s concerned, there is “no limit” to the amount of immigrants his Scandinavian nation can and will receive.  Continue reading “Sweden: Muslim migrant children riot, no free candy”

German Muslim cleric: Cologne rape victims ‘own fault’ for wearing perfume, being ‘half-naked’

Islamic Imam Sami Abu-Yusuf of the Al Tawheed mosque in Cologne (Köln), Germany has made clear where the fault lay regarding the massive rape riot that rocked the western German city on New Year’s Eve – the victims. As reported by the Breitbart London news service on 19 Jan. 2016, and also by Detroit News Time on 20 Jan. 2016, the Salafist holy man may be giving the anti-immigration groups more verbal ammunition.
Continue reading “German Muslim cleric: Cologne rape victims ‘own fault’ for wearing perfume, being ‘half-naked’”

German cops hit German citizens with water cannons, pepper spray – AWOL when Muslims riot and rape

Pegida-Cologne5While most European leaders kowtow to political correctness regarding the tsunami of 1 million media dubbed “asylum seekers” from various Middle Eastern and North African Muslim nations, more than a few average and everyday citizens of the very same European nations have made it clear they’re fed-up with the lawlessness and refusal to assimilate that many of the “rapefugees” are bringing with them.

The same demonstrators who marched in favor of law and order found themselves on the receiving end of police water cannons and pepper spray.

German police open up with a water cannon against pro-German marchers.
German police open up with a water cannon against pro-Germany marchers.

Continue reading “German cops hit German citizens with water cannons, pepper spray – AWOL when Muslims riot and rape”

Malaysian Muslims Flip-Out Over Halal Seal on Beer Can

calsberg-halal+infolajuIn what could be the next reason for Muslims to riot, burn things down and execute various kafirs on the spot, the Malaysian government is furious over an image of a can of beer sporting the Islamic halal-approval symbol, as reported by the Malaysian news portal AstroAlawi.com on Jan. 10, 2014.

The Malaysia Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) is screaming mad over the picture of a certain Danish fermented adult beverage making the rounds on the internet that has the Mohammedism seal of approval right there for Allah and everyone to see.

Crack Open a Cold One…

That’s what caused officials in the Malaysian government to get their taqiyahs in a wad — unlike having sex with one’s dead wife deemed wholesome and appropriate, the consumption of beer is expressly forbidden in Islam.6a0111685b4b71970c012876c4bdf2970c-800wi

To ironically add insult to injury, the banned brew just happens to be Danish.

Denmark is still number 1 on Islam’s khara-list after a Danish newspaper in 2005 ran a series of editorial cartoons depicting the face of Muhammad.

Considered haram (forbidden), the images of the founder of Islam resulted in waves of massive riots that swept throughout the Muslim world.

By the time the furor subsided, the body count exceeded 200. Property damages were also estimated well into the hundreds if not thousands of dollars.