Despite Facts, Kamala Harris STILL Lies About the Death of Breonna Taylor

Zero pushback from the liberal media…

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(Video) Belgium Riot: ‘Migration-Background Youths’ Open Fire, Hurl Stones at Police

I’m a fairly well-read individual, but for the life of me, I’m not quite sure what race ‘migration-background youths’ are. But says such things exists, so I’ll just have to take their word for it. Continue reading “(Video) Belgium Riot: ‘Migration-Background Youths’ Open Fire, Hurl Stones at Police”

Is Paris Burning? Yes it is, and the EU-Friendly Macron Government Blames ‘Ultra-Right’

Probably not seen in Paris since the last round of Islamist riots because the French haven’t sufficiently kissed their asses enough, this time it’s real live (patriotic) Frenchmen who’ve had enough.

And to listen to the Establishment Media, one would think this is all because of a new federal tax on gasoline and diesel. Well… jacking up the cost of fuel by almost 25 percent is a major reason for violence in the streets, but not the only reason.

Of course, the EU-loving government of Emmanuel Macron places the blame on the “ultra-right,” as reported by Yahoo News.

Anti-Macron riots erupt in Paris.

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Possible Haitian bloodbath: US government orders American citizens to ‘shelter in place’

The UN’s very own vassal state and the Western Hemisphere’s basket case of a country, better known as the République d’Haïti, is literally in a state of self-destruct.

So much so, that the US Embassy in the nation’s capital of Port-au-Prince just issued a Demonstration Alert to American citizens in-country;

Event: Embassy personnel are still under a Shelter in Place order. Roadblocks are continuing to pop up throughout the city and being manned by people throwing rocks. Some roadblocks have armed demonstrators that will shoot at vehicles trying to run through the roadblock

Actions to Take:

• Shelter in place. Do not attempt to travel at this time.
• Avoid protests and any large gathering of people.
• Do not attempt to drive through roadblocks.
• If you encounter a roadblock, turn around and get to a safe area.

In a separate notification, the embassy also advised that things just went from bad to worse;

Event: Due to continuing demonstrations, roadblocks, and violence across Port-au-Prince and throughout Haiti, U.S. citizens should continue to shelter in place. Do not travel to the airport unless you confirmed your flight is departing. Flights are cancelled today and the airport has limited food and water available.

In true diplomatic-ese, the embassy failed to paint a true picture of just how bad things really are.

Fox News is reporting of deaths caused by out of control Haitian police;

At least three people have been killed, including two protesters who were fatally shot by authorities and a security guard who was beaten to death by demonstrators after attempting to disperse a crowd by firing his gun into the air.

In the meantime, United Press International is reporting of direct threats against Americans;

Demonstrators tried to set fire to a Port-au-Prince hotel where about 120 Americans and 100 Haitians are staying. The protesters also tried to penetrate security and enter the hotel, which among the guests include children and missionaries.

UPI also cited;

Fires were set to police stations in Gonaives and Carrefour on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince and gunshots were fired during demonstrations in the capital city and town of Cavaillon.

Haiti’s Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant on Saturday appealed for calm and announced a temporary stop to the price increases, which were rise by 38 percent. Diesel prices were to go up 47 percent and kerosene by 51 percent.

The fuel hikes were part of an agreement between the Haitian government and the International Monetary Fund as part of an assistance package. The country could lose up to $96 million in budgetary support from international donors if [either party] fails to meet the agreement.

In 2004, the United Nations took it upon themselves to embark on a military occupation of Haiti with an initial military force of 6,700 troops. As cited from UN documents, the globalist organization even cited that the Haitian transfer of power was in keeping with their constitution, but still invaded, nonetheless;

“taking note of the resignation of Jean-Bertrand Aristide as President of Haiti and the swearing-in of President Boniface Alexandre as the acting President of Haiti in accordance with the Constitution of Haiti.”

During the United Nations military occupation of the Caribbean nation from 2004 until 2017, officially tagged the United Nations Stabilization Mission In Haiti (UNSTAMIH), there were at least 5,000 soldiers and police officers from dozens of member nations running the country under the UN banner.

While troops came from such diverse nations ranging from Canada to Nepal to the Philippines, the bulk of the solders were from Brazil and Chile, and the UNSTAMIH commander was always a Brazilian army general.

The high water mark for deployed troops reached a whopping 9,000 in 2007 when lynching’s became a commonplace occurrence, as noted by the BBC.

In 2007, the BBC also reported of a major battle between 700-800 UN troops and a street gang known as “The Evans” that took place in the largest slum on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, Cité Soleil, population 300,000.

The true definition of “shithole country.”

In 2010, a cholera epidemic swept Haiti, afflicting 812,000 Haitians, killing an additional 9,600 as reported by the Miami Herald.

The BBC cites “the source of the outbreak was a Nepalese peacekeeping base, whose toilets contaminated the Artibonite river…”

There were also a number of rape scandals perpetrated by UN troops against Haitian citizens, usually children;

  • Four Uruguayan troops raped an 18-year-old man, then ran the video taken of the drunken crime on social media
  • “Several” Pakistani troops were accused of the gang-raping of a 14-year-old boy, but only two were found guilty, then sentenced to a 1-year prison term each
  • Of the 950-strong Sri Lankan contingent, 110 were sent home following numerous rape charges involving children
  • The rape of a Haitian minor female by soldiers from Nepal resulted in an “internal investigation the UN declared that it would punish and remove the guilty parties.”

‘Terrorists within’; wealthiest Arab-Muslim nations refuse any Syrian refugees



Between the Syrian National Army; ISIS; al-Qaeda; Hezbollah; Iranian Revolutionary Guards and al-Quds fighters; Hamas; the al-Nusra Front; Russian Navy and Air Force troops; Palestinian Liberation Army; a host of lesser known armed groups but with impressive names such as The Jihad in the Path of God Brigade, and The Falcons of Mount Zawiya Brigade, suffice it to say Syria is a very, very dangerous place. Even Britain’s venerable BBC has estimated the total number of armed rebel groups in the 1,000 range.

While Auntie Beeb also estimates the total number of fighters to be somewhere around 100,000, these numbers were from late 2013. With the likes of ISIS reportedly pulling in 1,000 new recruits a month, the total numbers have undeniably ballooned. As reported by Donna Rachel Edmunds of the news portal on Sept. 5, 2015, somewhere between 10 to 12 millions Syrian civilians have been dislocated during the current revolutionary war against the Damascus government.

While Edmunds did specify that the majority of those uprooted by the war have remained within the borders of what at least is technically Syria, roughly four million have fled to neighboring predominately Muslim nations or to Europe. Interestingly enough, the five wealthiest Arab-Muslim nations in the region have refused to accept a single Syrian refugee, Muslim or otherwise.

As Edmunds penned, “Yet amidst cries for Europe to do more, it has transpired that of the five wealthiest countries on the Arabian Peninsula, that is, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain, not one has taken in a single refugee from Syria.” Also noted by the reporter, the five cited nations have argued against accepting any Syrians due to their concern that “terrorists could be hiding within an influx of people.”

Edmunds also added to her report a tweet from Raheem Kassam, the editor-in-chief of Breitbart-London. As Raheem noted, the following listing of neighboring countries and how many Syrian refugees they’ve accepted:

  • Lebanon – 1.2 million
  • Turkey – 1.8 million
  • Iraq – 247,861
  • Jordan – 624,427
  • Egypt – 133,000
  • Saudi Arabia – 0
  • Kuwait – 0
  • Bahrain – 0
  • United Arab Emirates – 0
  • Qatar – 0

While Edmunds did note that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE have written sizable aid checks to assist the mass of humanity displaced from Syria, she also cited that Great Britain alone has contributed more than the three oil-soaked nations combined. But Edmunds shouldn’t feel alone from the inevitable blow-back she’ll receive for calling out the richest Arab-Muslim nations. For his history of working with conservative politicians and publications in Britain, Raheem Kassam was named by the London-based Islamic Human Rights Commission as winner of the 2014 “Islamophobe of the Year” award.

Meanwhile in the United States,’s Ian Hanchett reported on Sept. 5, 2015, that despite his rhetoric of too many low-skilled illegal immigrants edntering the country, GOP front-runner Donald Trump was interviewed by Cokie Roberts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” When asked for his take of the human tsunami of refugees flooding Europe, Trump stated, “There’s only so much we can do. We have to fix our own country” but the US should “help as much as possible.” When asked specifically if the US should accept any of the refugees, The Donald plainly stated, “And the answer is possibly yes, Cokie, possibly yes.”

Ferguson, Missouri: When apathy, entitlement and arrogance collide


Things went wrong in Ferguson way before Michael Brown was shot by Officer Darren Wilson. The situation may have been out of control before the infamous Swisher Sweets were stolen from the QuikTrip convenience store. The Ferguson Riots very well may be the perfect example of what happens when equal parts of apathy, the entitlement mentality and arrogance meet.

Pigeon-holed by the Washington Post to their Monkey Cage category (their words, not mine), the good folks at the WaPo don’t exactly pull their punches with an article entitled “How Ferguson exposes the racial bias in local elections.” Little is left to the imagination as to why the town’s mayor as well as five out of six city council members are all white in a city that’s almost 70 percent black – it’s all a plot by white folks designed to keep the black folks down. At least that’s how I take the WaPo’s manipulation of dubious charts and alleged facts.

Now just to make sure I understand things correctly, more than a few are asking why the Ferguson Police Department, as well as the aforementioned elected officials, are overwhelmingly of the Caucasian persuasion. Especially in a city where blacks have been in the majority of the population for over two decades, why isn’t there a greater representation on the FPD than a measly 6 percent? In all honesty, that’s a fair question.

Yet according to the Washington Post the problem lies in local elections being held during odd years, as well as the elections are defined as non-partisan (where party affiliation doesn’t appear on the ballot). Or as the wisened writers for the Post tell us, when the equation involves odd numbered years and candidates not telling us if they’re Democrats or Republicans, the inevitable result is that the losers are “people with less education and less income.” Ummm… isn’t it just a wee bit prejudiced to automatically insinuate that the blacks are the ones who are stupid and poor? That’s just how I read the Post’s strong suggestion thereof.

Again, I just to make sure I understand things correctly – There’s no poll tax in effect in Ferguson nor are there any Jim Crow laws or any literacy requirements on the books. If the oppressed blacks of Ferguson, Missouri want change in the complexion of their police department (instead of making sure the best cops available are hired), then why don’t they demand such of their local officials?

As the Post pointed out, black residents of Ferguson essentially stayed home during the April 2013 municipal elections. Despite whites being roughly a third of citizenry, whites showed up to the polls greater than blacks by a 3-1 average. Now if it’s due to odd years and no party affiliation being the reason, then why does Memphis, Philadelphia and Jacksonville all have black mayors? Why does Los Angeles and El Paso have Latino mayors? All those cities also happen to have their elections on odd numbered years.

What’s happening in Ferguson now is exactly what happens when We The People just don’t care anymore. But now that someone’s been killed, the tear gas is flying, and agitators of all colors take take to the streets, are we suppose to throw out a slew of legitimate and transparent elections because of the threat of mob violence? That’s not the way we do things in America.

If those so interested in burning down their own neighborhood because they don’t like the way things are, now want immediate gratification in the wake of Michael Brown’s killing, then maybe if they were more interested in voting instead of throwing Molotov Cocktails, maybe … just maybe Michael Brown would still be alive right now. Just a thought.

By the way, just this weekend alone, there’s been one killed and 26 wounded in Chicago shootings. No word if Barack Obama, Eric Holder or Al Sharpton will be mentioning or investigating or visiting the Windy City anytime soon.