Russia eclipsing America in Middle East, jets arrive in Iraq

“I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.” — Barack Obama

In reports published by both The New York Times and The Atlantic Wire on June 29, 2014, the Iraqis have grown weary of waiting on a promised delivery of American fighter aircraft.  In what many consider the further waning of the United States as a prime mover and shaker, especially in the Middle East, the Russians are capably filling the void.

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Obama’s foreign policy gaffe: Russia only a regional power, no ‘global ideology’

Hope and Change is easy. Being the leader of the Free World is hard …

American chief executive Barack Obama gave plenty for his critics to pounce upon when he stated in the Netherlands that Russia is simply a “regional power,” as well as declaring the Belgium that Moscow doesn’t have any “global ideology,” as reported by the right-of-center Front Page Magazine on March 28, 2014, and the Christian Science Monitor of March 29, 2014.

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Ukrainian women cut off Russian men: Full love boycott launched

Arms aren’t the only extremity Ukrainian women seek to control. As the right-of-center news portal reported on March 26, 2014, and the fashionista magazine Elle on March 25, 2014, a new movement has sprung up in the Eastern European nation calling on the nation’s women to refrain from engaging in sexual relations with ethnic Russians at least for the duration of Moscow’s saber rattling at their fellow Slavs.

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Former Miss Ukraine keeps calm as she calls for calm

Karina Zhironkina may have put away her Miss Ukraine 2012 sash and crown long ago, but she obviously hasn’t shelved her patriotism in the face of an increasingly arrogant Vladimir Putin, as reported by the right-of-center Washington Free Beacon on March 20, 2014.

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Putin: Russian troops in Ukraine aren’t really Russian troops

In the course of human history, there has been more than a few examples of arrogant leaders. And then there are those who take arrogance to a new level. Vladimir Putin’s assertion that the 16,000 heavily armed Russian troops that are rapidly occupying all of the Crimean Peninsula aren’t actually Russian troops has left many Westerners speechless, as reported by on Mar. 4, 2014 by both The Washington Post and News Corp Australia.

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The American and British treaty with Ukraine brought to light

Despite a handful of Western media outlets claiming a relatively unknown treaty binding the United States and Great Britain to the defense of the Ukraine may lead to armed conflict with Russia, a closer look indicates American and British intervention may not be in the offing, as reported by the right-of-center The American Spectator and on Mar. 3, 2014; and London’s The Telegraph and The Daily Mail on Feb. 28, 2014.

Former President Yulia Tymoshenko.

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Obama and Putin: 1945 Yalta redux


There’s an old political adage that’s been floating around Eastern Europe for centuries, “Without the Ukraine, Russia is just another country. With the Ukraine, Russia has become an empire.

There’s also the sage wisdom of Spanish-American philosopher George Santayana who noted: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

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Ukrainian police leave posts, join protesters

In another pivotal moment as the Ukraine speeds towards civil war, police officers have walked off their posts to join the protesters, as reported by NBC News on Feb. 21, 2014.

With the western part of the country known as the heartland of Ukrainian nationalism, at least 40 police officers from the city of Lviv were joined by former soldiers as they trekked the 330 miles from their home city to the nation’s capital of Kiev, located roughly in the center of the country.

With estimates of the death toll topping 100, the chief of police of the Lviv Oblast (translation: “province“) Col. Vasyl Krykovskiy led his men to Kiev to stand with the protesters against the pro-Russian president Viktor F. Yanukovych, who is seen by many as wanting to bring the nation back into the Russian sphere of influence.

With such a high ranking officer leading the cohort to Kiev, it’s unsure if they were the acts of renegades or if the Oblast leadership authorized their actions.

As the officers arrived in Kiev and joined the ranks of the protesters, the crowd applauded and cheered the seasoned law enforcement officials to their ranks.

Colonel Krykovskiy made of point of stating:

We wear this uniform, and in this uniform I made a vow to be a servant of the Ukrainian people. I just have to be here and protect these people.

Lviv Police Capt. Vladimir Chesak made note of his personal resolve to stand with his fellow Ukrainians:

We will be here until the moment everything ends and the Ukrainian people peacefully go home and no one else is killed.

Composite photograph of Kiev’s Independence Square prior to the rioting contrasted to now.


Sochi Update: Russia to Punish Families of Potential Terrorists
Russian child rescued from Muslim terrorists during the Beslan Massacre of 2004.

Gitmo is a vacation paradise compared to what the Russians have planned for terrorists …

Possibly borrowing from the Israeli playbook, Russia has made it abundantly clear to wannabe martyrs for Mohammed — if you kill yourself in a terrorist attack, your family will face the consequences … and pay dearly.

In a story that has slowly become known to the West since the bloody Islamic Jihadist attack on a school in Beslan, Russia in 2004, and most recently in Volgograd (the former Stalingrad of World War II fame), the Moscow authorities are cracking down in a fashion that have more than a few American and European Beta Males squirming in their jammies.

Sources ranging from the Wall Street-friendly Business Insider to the very left-of-center Think Progress to the US Government-ran Stars and Stripes have all noted a strategy that may not suit all palates, especially those of well-fed and even more protected self-proclaimed civil libertarians.

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Sochi Olympics: IOC, Swiss, Hungarians Downplay Terror Threats

JRN5tABeing too calm has its drawbacks…

A slew of Western nations have received terrorist threats directly related to the upcoming Winter Olympics in Russia, yet the powers-to-be at the Olympics as well as at least two European countries Olympic Committees are giving it lip service, as reported by both and also by Fox News on Jan. 22, 2014.

The United States, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy have all received varying degrees of threats ranging from the vague to the specific concerning their respective nation’s participation in the 2014 Winter Games to be held in Sochi, Russia.

Without giving specifics, the Germans have officially stated their threats were vague, at best.

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