Black Country & Western singer goes viral: How to conduct yourself if pulled over

Coffey Anderson.
Coffey Anderson.

Following in the footsteps of DeFord Bailey, Charley Pride, Darius Rucker, Trini Triggs, and yes… even the godfather of Hick Hop, Cowboy Troy,  Country & Western up-and-comer Coffey Anderson is making a name for himself. Yet according to Yahoo News and the Daily Mail, Anderson proves that even though one does something right and decent, there’s always someone to muster up measurable faux-outrage. Continue reading “Black Country & Western singer goes viral: How to conduct yourself if pulled over”

Does Obama even care if children get hurt because of his bad example?

I'll bet he pushed her.
I’ll bet he pushed her.


What’s up with Obama always running up and down stairs and ignoring the handrails? He must not be aware that he could fall down and literally break his face à la Harry Reid. Well, maybe not that bad … but he could end up with a nasty case of road rash. But if he were to trip while running down the Air Force One stairs, will the Secret Service attempt to tackle the mobile stairs?

But I digress, in light of his alleged wife attempting to single handedly make school lunches even more puke-worthy than they already are, coupled with our own beloved President Precious Snowflake ensuring he’s injected himself into the football-is-evil fake controversy, I’m still at a loss as to why he blows off using the handrails.

Is he trying to show the world what an ultra-fit sports stud he is? After seeing him shot put a baseball on national TV, that couldn’t be it.

When it comes to hitting the links, Michael Jordan went so far as to say Obama’s not only a “sh*tty” golfer, but also a “hack.” So that can’t be it.

Despite an endless flow of video and photos of him hitting the hardwood, has anyone ever actually seen Obama slam dunk a basketball? How about him just completing a lay up? Wait a sec, now that I think of it, I’ve never so much as seen him even once sink a basket. No, supposed skill with the rock can’t be it.

But again, I’m compelled to ask: Why all the running with that goofy stride? I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on with those floppy hands. It must be a Kenyan thing. I wouldn’t understand.

Yet again, I digress. He really should set a better example for America’s youth. Perhaps a ginormous helmet big enough to encompass his massive ego, and then bubble wrap the rest of his 10-pounds-shy-of-anorexia frame with big fluffy pillows.

Yeah, that should work.