Palin slammed over dog and child photo, DeGeneres draws oohs and aahs for same

Sarah Palin Attends Tea Party "Restoring America" Rally In Iowa

When novelist George Orwell ended his biting satire of Josef Stalin’s Communist dictatorship of the former Soviet Union, Orwell penned at the end of Animal Farm what could be the greatest literary example of sanctioned and socially acceptable hypocrisy: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” Quite possibly proving faux-outrage and false piety aren’t the exclusive property of Uncle Joe, more than a few in the press as well as social media have come down hard on Republican Sarah Palin for a photo of her young child standing on the family dog, yet giving the darling of the political left, Ellen DeGeneres, kudos for posting an “adorable” and “cute” photo of essentially the same thing.

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MSNBC, CNN continue to be crushed by Fox News

Keep this train wreck moving along...
Keep this train wreck moving along…

In what the Obama Administration might describe as a glitch, both MSNBC and CNN haven’t just slipped in the ratings against their common competitor Fox News, both news networks are being crushed, as reported in two different articles, both published by on Nov. 29, 2013.

With the November ratings out, MSNBC has found that they’ve lost 45 percent of their audience as compared to this same month last year.

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Sarah Palin holds NBC’s Matt Lauer to task


Appearing on NBC’s “Today Show,” former vice presidential candidate as well as the former governor of The Last Frontier State had a bit of a go with Matt Lauer, host of the early morning news-and-banter show, as reported by both the right-of-center news portal News Busters and also The Washington Post on Nov. 11, 2013.

Ostensibly invited to appear on the show to discuss her new book “Good Tidings and Great Joy, Protecting the Heart of Christmas,” Palin found herself to be questioned instead of the questionable apology recently given by Barack Obama to those who found themselves sans health care insurance due to the equally questionable improvements.

As host Lauer stated after his initial greetings, “Now let me – I’ll get to the book in a second – let me start with ObamaCare and the rollout issues.”

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