Again, Mass Muslim Deaths on Mass Transit as Dozens Killed on Pakistan Railway

Yet again, in a case of more deaths aboard modes of modern transportation, dozens and dozens of people, mostly, if not all Muslims, have perished on a railway line fire in eastern Pakistan. Continue reading “Again, Mass Muslim Deaths on Mass Transit as Dozens Killed on Pakistan Railway”

Liberal ‘Thinker’ Doesn’t Realize That Khashoggi ISN’T an American Citizen

Don’t you hate it when your watching a fiery political panel argument (I sure as hell won’t use the word “debate”), and you literally scream at the TV, “TELL THAT LIBERAL IDIOT blah, blah, blah, wonk, wonk, wonk?

Well, as I was watching Bulls and Bears this afternoon on Fox Business News, the topic ended-up migrating to the subject of the death of part-time Philadelphia resident and part-time writer for the Washington Post, Jamal Khashoggi.

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Report: Trump forging Pan-Arab military force to relieve US troops in Syria

Warming the cockles of the hearts of every American who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, word is out in DC that the Trump Administration is seeking an Arab solution for an Arab problem.

Mark Moore of the New York Post is reporting that President Trump “is seeking to build a coalition of Arab forces to replace the United States military in Syria and help stabilize the region after the defeat of the Islamic State.”

While it has long been suspected that the official Arab past-time has been getting their asses kicked militarily by the Israelis, maybe there’s a chance that the Arabs, collectively, might have a bit more luck against their jihadist brethren.

And not only is the president looking for the Arab nations to take charge militarily in the once-ISIS held eastern third of Syria, but also pony-up the cash. It is there that roughly 2,000 American troops are wiping out the remaining nests of ISIS terrorists.

Reportedly, the governments of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar have all been contacted to fund the military expedition.

As it turns out, it’s not only the Persian Gulf nations being approached by Team Trump.

While not technically Arabs but descendants of the Coptic race, word is bubbling to the surface that the Egyptians have been approached, albeit unofficially;

National security adviser John Bolton has reached out to Egypt’s acting intelligence chief, Abbas Kammel, to see if he would take part in the effort, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

Very Quietly, Saudi Arabia Forges Ties with Israel

King Salman bin Abdulaziz may be the Saudi Arabian sovereign on paper, but savvy Middle East watchers overwhelmingly agree that the real power rests in the arms of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, popularly known simply as MBS.

And as many news hawks are already aware, the prince has recently ordered the arrests of dozens of Saudi princes, senior military officers, and businessmen on corruption charges. Among the most notable of such would be Saudi multi-billionaire and playboy, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

Alwaleed is also seen as one of the loudest of the anti-Trump voices in the House of Saud. Whether that has anything to do with the openly pro-Trump Crown Prince’s clamp-down on radicals has yet to be made public.

Seen as a sudden and to be perfectly honest, a massive shift in the political, cultural, and religious landscape of possibly the entire Muslim World, the Crown Prince is making an obvious power grab. But in a rare change of pace, MBS’s coup isn’t the usual shift to the extreme, but rather to the moderation of Islam as well as against radical Islamic terrorism emanating from within the Saudi government itself.

Saudi Princess Ameera al-Taweel, ex-wife of
Saudi Princess Ameera al-Taweel, ex-wife of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, shown for no other reason that she’s really, really hot.

Yet what’s missing from the headlines is the role Israel may be playing not-so behind the scenes.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post, the Crown Prince made a secret visit to the Jewish State two months ago;

The times are changing in the Middle East as alien nations find common ground in a bid to avert Iran supremacy within the region. Thrown into the mix is the strong international desire for the ousting of Syrian leader Assad. The opening of the dialogue between Israel and Saudi Arabia is perhaps the most significant shift in the region. There have been no diplomatic ties between the two nations, with Saudi Arabia has been a supporter of Palestinian sovereign rights.

A more open relationship has not come overnight, however, with the two nations having shared intelligence on enemies within the region, including Iran. Both nations hold a common view on Iran and its rise to power within the region. Both Israel and Saudi Arabia have a common ally in the U.S and the acting president also shares a similar view on Iran. In recent years, there has been plenty of reports about Israeli-Saudi relations.

One particular article claimed that the Saudis had run tests on bringing down air defense systems to provide the Israeli Air Force a path of least resistance to Iran.

Just this summer, former Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon said that Sunni Arab countries and Israel face the same threat of a nuclear Iran.

News of a secret visit by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Israel in September suggests that the need for stronger ties is ever increasing. Adding to the media frenzy over the possible opening of diplomatic relations between the two nations was news of Kushner visiting both countries last month. Kushner is Trump’s chief Middle East adviser. The U.S administration is keen to see Israeli-Palestinian talks resume and for relations between Israel and Arab nations to improve.

Maria Bartiromo’s stunning interview with crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Pentagon: Saudi frigate hit by suicide bomber was meant for US Navy (Video)

Saudi Al Madinah-class frigate hit by terrorist suicide boat. (Youtube)
Saudi Al Madinah-class frigate hit by terrorist suicide boat. (Youtube)

In a video released by the Houthi-run news site Al-Masirah, a rather jerky clip was released by the Houthi terrorists of a suicide bomber in a speedboat striking the stern of a Saudi Arabian warship. Continue reading “Pentagon: Saudi frigate hit by suicide bomber was meant for US Navy (Video)”

Fact Check: Specifics on How Much Clinton Cash was from Nations that Execute Women and Gays

A smiling Hillary Clinton and Saudi honcho of the much feared Morality Police, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz.
A smiling Hillary Clinton and Saudi honcho of the much feared Morality Police, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz. (Wikimedia Commons)

While the actual amount of how much money the Famiglia Clinton took from certain nations is unfathomable to the average American, the 7th century barbarity in which those same certain nations treat human beings here in the 21st century is equally unthinkable to Joe and Jane Lunchbucket. Continue reading “Fact Check: Specifics on How Much Clinton Cash was from Nations that Execute Women and Gays”

Trump-bashing father tied to Hillary Clinton, Saudis, international Islamists

Maybe some finger wagging should be aimed at Hillary Clinton.

Reporter Matthew Boyle of the news portal has blown the lid off the Clinton narrative of mean ol’ Donald Trump has taken it upon himself to pummel a set of grieving Gold Star parents. Continue reading “Trump-bashing father tied to Hillary Clinton, Saudis, international Islamists”

Saudi family therapist teaches correct way for men to beat their wives

Saudi therapist teaches correct way to beat one's wife.

In regards to Barack Obama’s recent visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld recently bemoaned the absurdity that here in the 21st century, the United States, and by inference the entire Western World, still have to deal with absolute monarchs who literally govern their realms as Islamic royalty has for over 14 centuries. Perhaps serving as the crack at the end of Mr. Gutfeld’s verbal whip would be the knowledge that it’s still the norm within the KSA to flashback to the 7th century with regards to wife beatings. Continue reading “Saudi family therapist teaches correct way for men to beat their wives”

Despite another anti-woman fatwa, Clinton still takes millions in Saudi money

Hillary_Rodham_Clinton_shakes_hands_With_Prince_Mohammed_bin_Naif_bin_Abdulaziz_2013-01-16Its been said that politics makes for strange bedfellows, but as it turns out, so does receiving millions of dollars from an oppressive and backwards nation for a politician’s questionable charity foundation. As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald (of Australia), and also by the Jordanian-based Al-Bawaba news service, both on Apr. 12, 2016, the Grand Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has handed down an official religious ruling defending the royal decree against women openly driving vehicles anywhere within the kingdom. Continue reading “Despite another anti-woman fatwa, Clinton still takes millions in Saudi money”

Saudi Arabia; dead bodies thrown in heaps, crushed survivors eventually killed

saIn what’s happening with disturbing regularity, hundreds and hundreds of Muslim pilgrims are killed during the once n a lifetime required Hajj to Mecca. Among the latest carnage are accusations of the Saudi government treating the dead no better than piles of garbage. Even worse, one reputable news service is reporting that survivors were trapped among the dead, yet died during the mass of confusion.

As reported by Esquire magazine on Sept. 24, 2015, and also by Toronto Sun (of Canada) reporter Tarek Fatah on Sept. 25, 2015 via Twitter, of the at least 717 people killed in a stampede of humanity in the Islamic pilgrimage site in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the Saudi officials are being accused of treating the dead with little regard to common decency. As the Sun’s Fatah sent via his Twitter account, two of the three photos show what appears to be a bulldozer-like front-end loader literally scooping up human corpses and dumping them into heavy duty trash trucks.

The third and most prominent of the photos sent out by Fatah is also featured by Esquire, showing a stack of dead bodies piled 5 high. Also on Sept. 25, 2015, Nidal al-Mughrabi of the Reuters news service reported of the terrifying moment when two massive groups of pilgrims literally crashed into each other, resulting in the 717 reported dead thus far and 863 injured.

As the throngs of people were converging on a crossroads in the Mecca area of Mina, a few miles east of Mecca, on their way to performing the “Stoning of the Devil” ritual at Jamarat, it was then they crashed into each other. As one eyewitness who requested to remain anonymous stated, “There were layers of bodies, maybe three layers. Some people were alive under the pile of bodies and were trying to climb up but in vain, because their strength failed and they dropped dead.” Daytime temperatures in Mecca at the time was 105°F (40.5°C).

Hakim, from Morocco, said: “It is simply scary to hear how people crushed one another. More frightening is that we do not know how it happened.” An anonymous Algerian told his nation’s al-Shurouk television: “We saw death: People were stepping over the mutilated bodies in front of you, four or five on top of each other.”

Saudi Health Minister Khalid al-Falih said “an investigation would be conducted rapidly and a final toll of dead and wounded calculated.” Blaming the stampede on the pilgrims themselves, the Minister al-Falih added the cause “was perhaps because some pilgrims moved without following instructions by the relevant authorities.”

Citing multiple sources, Esquire also cited that incidents such as the latest “are not uncommon during the Hajj. In 2006, for example, hundreds of people were killed​ in a similar stampede in Mina. But Thursday’s event was the deadliest such incident since 1990, when 1,426 pilgrims died in a stampede. Earlier this month, 109 people were killed in a crane collapse in Mecca in preparation for the pilgrimage.”

Iran, Saudia Arabia’s chief rival in the region, slammed the Saudis guilty of “incapability and incompetence to run the haj.” Chiming in was Tehran Friday prayer leader Mohammed Emami-Kashani who angrily stated, “The world will not accept excuses like the weather was hot or the pilgrims were disorganized.”

Attack on Iran’s nuke sites; Saudis authorize their airspace for Israeli strike

Muslim Bedouins openly serve the State of Israel.

Whispered in the shadows of power in recent years that the Saudis have come to a secret military alliance with the supposed much hated Israelis. While many Middle East watchers are of the opinion that the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia consider Iran to be a much greater threat than any Jewish government that could ever come out of Jerusalem.

As noted by the Washington Free Beacon on Feb. 25, 2015, Israel’s Channel Two News is reporting that the Saudis have very quietly given permission to the Israelis permission to fly over Saudi airspace in the event the Jerusalem government plans on wiping out Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities. Citing a “knowledgeable” European official in Brussels as stating “The Saudi authorities are completely coordinated with Israel on all matters related to Iran.”

With the Shiites of Iran and Sunnis of Saudi Arabia literally blood enemies, the body count on both sides make the South-Side of Chicago look more like Provo, Utah on a nondescript Wednesday night. To up the ante, the Saudis have made clear that the closer the mullahs and ayatollahs in Tehran get to membership into the nuclear club, the diplomats from the House of Saud have already secured tactical nuclear weapons from The Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

On Nov. 6, 2013 the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) cited multiple sources that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has not only invested in Pakistan’s nuclear weapons arsenal, but an anonymous NATO source tells the BBC’s Mark Urban that the Saudis now have Pakistani-manufactured nuclear weapons “sitting ready for delivery.” The Israeli-centric news portal the Debka File of Jerusalem cited on Nov. 17, 2013 that French President Francois Holland and his Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius quietly arrived in Israel’s capital for talks with regional powers concerning aligning the Gallic Republic with the Middle Eastern powers against the Iranian threat.

Possibly signaling more of the areas political goings-on than the average American is aware, Debka File stated matter-of-factly that French leaders are in Jerusalem to determine how their country could incorporate themselves into a military and political alliance with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, The United Arab Emirates and Jordan. With the latest news to come out of Jerusalem, the alliance may be already in place, however secret. Since the Iranian-allied ISIS terrorists savagely executed a Jordanian Air Force pilot and also 21 Egyptian Christians, both ISIS and the Iranians have gone out of their way to make enemies of both King Abdullah II of Jordan and President al-Sisi of Egypt.

In the oft chance the Pakistani deal should happen to fall through for the the deal initially brokered by the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, with a wink and a nod it’s clearly understood in the shadowy world of realpolitik that the Saudis will give any assistance to the Israelis needed to unleash as many of their estimated 200 nuclear devices in Iran as needed. And the Iranians have plenty to worry about. Other than Israel’s vaunted IDF Air Force, the Israeli Navy maintains a small but extremely lethal submarine fleet that is more than capable of launching nuclear-tipped cruise missiles almost the entirety of the Iranian nation.

Blasphemous: Saudi Arabia officially bans 50 names for newborns

The hard-core Islamist theocrats in the Saudi Arabian government have just outlawed at least fifty names for babies as illegal on the basis of being either blasphemous, culturally insulting, or due to the perception of being disrespectful towards the Royal House of Saud, as reported on March 16, 2014 by the Islamic/Arabic-centric news portal Al-Bawaba (of Amman, Jordan), The Washington Post, and The Week magazine (of London, UK).

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Released: Imam raped, tortured 5-yr-old because he ‘doubted her virginity’

In the eyes of Saudi Arabian jurisprudence, Sheikh Fayhan al-Ghamdi has been released from 13 months in jail and subsequently cleared of his rape, torture and murder conviction against his daughter due to the “blood money” he paid out to his former wife, as reported by the International Business Times (of London, UK) on March 10, 2014.

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Saudi fatwa: No giving birth unless ‘male guardian’ is present

Arguably one of the most oppressive regimes on the planet, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s (KSA) religious clerics council has ruled no woman may seek or receive medical attention from male medical or health professionals unless a “male guardian” is present, as reported by the English-language newspaper the Arab News (of Jeddah, KSA) on Feb.14, 2014.

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Best terrorist-related headline of the year: 33 terrorists dead in gun battle between terrorists

Hezbollah — Naziism alive and well in the 21st century.
Hezbollah — Naziism alive and well in the 21st century.

The Daily Star, one of the oldest and most respected newspapers in Lebanon, reported on Dec. 24, 2013 that a bloody gun battle took place in the eastern part of the already fractured nation, killing 33 total between rival terrorist organizations.

With reportedly 32 members of the al-Qaeda branch in Syria the al-Nuṣra Front (The Front for the Support of the People of Greater Syria) killed in an ambush, only one member of the hometown favorite Hezbollah (The Party of Allah) was killed in the fighting.

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Possible Israeli-French-Arab alliance on the horizon against a nuclear Iran


Jews and Arabs may band with the French against Iranian nuclear weapons program…

In a case of truth being stranger than fiction, the Jewish State and her surrounding Arab neighbors just may have a real reason to no longer point weapons at each other. Not so much due to groundbreaking peace negotiations finally coming to fruition as it being a case of both the Israeli Jews and the Arab Muslims agreeing that someone else wants to nuke both of them out of existence, as reported by the Israeli-centric news portal the Debka File of Jerusalem on Nov. 17, 2013.

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Saudi Boy Kills Relative: Mistook for Monkey, Sharia Court Orders Prison Instead of Death

Sharia law in Saudi Arabia

“Commuting the sentence from death to prison is considered an act of forgiveness…”

A young Saudi Arabian boy was recently spared the hangman’s noose and instead ordered to a yet to be made public prison sentence for the accidental killing of an elderly relative, as reported by The Independent (of London, England) on Nov. 11, 2013.

Relatives of the boy convinced the killing was an accident, as the boy opened fire at a distance at what he thought was a monkey “trying to damage one of the neighbourhood’s trees.”

It turned out the elderly relative was collecting leaves to feed the family goats.

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