Iranian ‘Women’s’ Soccer Team Cleared for Play, But Are They Really Women?

Persian women are world renown for their grace and beauty. But that’s just a guy way of saying
that the proportional number of hot to not among the women of Iran is definitely leaning towards the hot category.

With that aside, is reporting that the ayatollah-led government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has taken a giant leap forward into the 1920s by allowing *GASP!* women to play an officially sanctioned European Professional Kick-Ball match (aka: Soccer).

But rest assured, this will not be a sausage-fest in any way, shape or form. According to Breitbart, men are banned for any and all of the contests.

Absolutely not a member of the Iranian women’s soccer team.

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There’s a notch in the crotch: Eight dudes on Iran’s chick soccer team

I’ll admit it… it took me awhile to come up with a male alternative to “junk in the trunk”.

Now that I have that out of the way, it turns out that eight players on the Iranian national women’s soccer team are rockin’ both an X and a Y chromosome.

As reported by Warner Todd Huston of, the famously repressive Iranian authorities apparently don’t have much of a problem with guys becoming girls. Even those caught mid-stream.

The news broke after an Iranian official, Mojtabi Sharifi, admitted that “[Eight players] have been playing with Iran’s female team without completing sex change operations.”

Soccer authorities ordered all members of Iran’s team to undergo gender testing. The names of the males in the team were not identified.

“Gender change operations are legal in Iran according to a fatwa – or religious ruling – pronounced by the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, spiritual leader of the 1979 Islamic revolution,” the Telegraph reports.

The revelation is nothing new for Iran’s female teams. The problem has been extant for a decade, at least. Rumors abounded in 2010 that members of the female team were men and the nation’s soccer authority introduced random gender checks in 2014 after members of the women’s team were revealed to be men.

While veterans die waiting, Pentagon moves ahead with Manning sex change

In the wake of an ever-burgeoning “wait for them to die” scandal within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the heavy hitters in the Obama Administration have made their priorities known; specifically, while accusations swirl of purposeful lack of medical attention to vets have resulted in needless deaths, the head honcho himself for the Department of Defense (DoD)greased the skids for a convicted turncoat to receive a taxpayer subsidized sex change operation. As reported on May 14, 2014 by both the Toronto, Canada-based The Globe and Mail and also the USA TODAY news portal, convicted renegade soldier Bradley Manning could soon be transferred to a civilian hospital on the orders the Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, according to two Pentagon officials speaking on grounds of anonymity.

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