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Eurabia marches on: Designer chastity belts make a comeback in Europe

OUCH! Chastity belts make a comeback.(screen grab - Mad Max: Fury Road)
OUCH! Chastity belts make a comeback.(Screen grab – Mad Max: Fury Road)

Chastity belts were thought to have gone the way of chainmail and jousting. Guess again.  Continue reading Eurabia marches on: Designer chastity belts make a comeback in Europe

Another of Bill’s Ex-Lovers: He Hated Life with Oily Haired, BO-Ridden Hillary

Not a good day for Hillary. (Twitter)
Not a good day for Hillary. (Twitter)

“‘The garment was long, but stopped too soon to hide her fat ankles and her thick calves covered with black hair,’ Kyle said. But was Hillary’s smell that Kyle says she remembers most.”

In a word – YIKES! As reported by Alana Goodman of Britain’s The Daily Mail,  yet another filly has broken free from Bill Clinton’s stable, and she has plenty to say not only of her former paramour, but also of “The Warden,” Bill’s pet name for Hillary. Continue reading Another of Bill’s Ex-Lovers: He Hated Life with Oily Haired, BO-Ridden Hillary

FSU’s Winston dumped over sexually explicit outburst at Student Union


Being the star quarterback at a leading university normally leads to the bestowing of the nom de sport l’école of Golden Boy. But if you’re the starting two-bit back for #1 Florida State University, discretion may be the better part of youthful exuberance. Case in point being Florida State’s Heisman Trophy winning Jameis Winston. As reported by ESPN.com and also Great Britain’s The Guardian, both on Sept. 20, 2014, FSU’s Golden Boy has again stepped way beyond the bounds of socially acceptable conduct.

With FSU being atop the Associated Press Top 25 NCAA Football rankings, the ‘Noles face a real challenge tonight against the visiting Clemson Tigers, who stand ranked at 22nd in the nation. However, the Seminoles will take the field without their star quarterback, Jameis Winston, due to his recent sexually explicit screaming session at the campus Student Union.

With Winston’s rant unacceptable for a blow-by-blow account the American media, England’s The Guardian was quite explicit and straightforward when it came to an exact quote. In essence, Winston decided to charge atop a table Iwo Jima-style at the Student Union and scream out loud words to the effect of having sexual congress with a woman directly into her reproductive organs. It still remains unclear if Winston had a particular woman in mind, or just an in general shout-out to the female gender overall.

The powers to be at FSU had initially suspended Winston for only the first half of the game, but with domestic violence in the National Football League splashed all over the American headlines, at almost the last minute Winston found himself banned for the entire game. Not exactly his first brush with controversy, the star player was investigated in 2013 for sexual assault, but with more than a few screaming of a cover-up, the state attorney for the Second Judicial Circuit, Willie Meggs, chose not to charge Winston late last year.

On the heels of his dropped sexual assault charges, the dual-sport athlete found himself suspended from the FSU Baseball team for a total of three three games and also ordered to perform 20 hours of community service after being caught stealing $32 worth of crab legs from a local grocery store last spring.