Socialist Bernie Sanders Defends Being a Multi-Millionaire

For someone who’s hot to take away other people’s money, the self-described Socialist from the Green Mountain State doesn’t have much of a problem with his own personal wealth being north of the $2 million mark. Continue reading “Socialist Bernie Sanders Defends Being a Multi-Millionaire”

Hypocrite: AOC Cuts Senior Staff Pay, Still Takes $174K Salary, Keeps Luxury Apartment

Hold on… back the truck up… shut the front door… WTF (Why The Face)!? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is at it again. Continue reading “Hypocrite: AOC Cuts Senior Staff Pay, Still Takes $174K Salary, Keeps Luxury Apartment”

Lifestyles of Venezuela’s Rich and Famous (and Socialist) Kids

Maduro’s second-in-command Diosdado Cabello’s daughter Daniela. The Venezuelan beauty has drawn attention by her stunning good-looks and spoiled-kid lifestyle.

As Mel Brooks’ portrayal of Louis XVI once famously quipped, “It’s good to be the king.” Continue reading “Lifestyles of Venezuela’s Rich and Famous (and Socialist) Kids”

‘Socialist’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Don’t Cry For Me, South Bronx

You heard it here first – the internet rumor that Congressthing-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-Heinz-Kerry-Rodham-Clinton-Wasserman-Schultz (or whatever the hell her name is), will introduce a bill to the House of Representatives to guarantee that the Electoral College will now be tuition free… is false.

But the story of Bernie’s lil’ Socialist side-piece pissing and moaning about the high cost of living in Washington, DC, is entirely true. By the way, Sen. Sanders just purchased his third home for $600,000. Some Socialist, huh?

Just another filthy-rich Socialist.

But back to the latest episode of America’s Dopiest Millennials, AO-C may not be able to afford simultaneous households in The Big Apple and DC, but as cited by The Daily Wire, she magically was able to afford “a Gabriela Hearst blazer ($1,990), Gabriela Hearst pants ($890), and some Monolo Blahnik shoes ($625)” for a photo shoot while she campaigned for Congress.

Then we come to AO-C’s residential woes. I have a novel idea; crash in your House office. More than a few elected officials have done such, both Republicans and Democrats.

As the New York Post reported last spring;

While there is no official tally of the number of House hobos who turn their offices into makeshift bedrooms, interviews with members and several Post stakeouts of the congressional gym — where the live-in lawmakers shower — put the estimate at around 100 representatives, or more than one-fifth of the governing body. Publicly, about 50 members have ‘fessed up to it.

Their ranks include everyone from House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) to New York Reps. Donovan, Gregory Meeks (D-Queens/LI), Lee Zeldin (R-LI), John Katko (R-Syracuse) and Brian Higgins (D-Buffalo).

Zeldin, a military veteran, said sleeping on a bed he stores in his office closet makes him more efficient.

“It must be the Army in me,” said the politician from Shirley. “Literally, from the moment I wake up from the moment I go to sleep, I’m just working without distraction. It’s just the way I’m wired.”

Unfortunately, the Grinch is alive and well and also a member of the House of Representatives;

But some of the penny-pinching pols’ colleagues are disgusted by what they call an unsanitary, undignified practice and want it banned.

Proposed legislation set to be introduced in the House as soon as this month would prohibit politicians from turning their offices into makeshift sleeping quarters, arguing that the move is violating IRS and congressional ethics rules.

“Look, it’s unhealthy. It’s nasty. I wouldn’t want to be entertained in somebody’s bedroom,” said Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), who is among those spearheading the bill.

“Sleeping in your office is not proper’’ ethically, either, Thompson said.

Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss. and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Starving Venezuelans resort to eating garbage, selling human organs


For whatever odd reason, the Hollywood elite along with their allies in various governmental positions and the Establishment Media have gone quite silent when it comes the state of affairs down Venezuela way.

Cheerleaders for the iron-fisted Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro range from the most rotund (and rich) poor man ever, Michael Moore; to Britain’s version of Bernie Sanders, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

And how could we forget the man whose films are about as uplifting as an outbreak of dysentery, Sean Penn.

As noted last year;

After Chávez’s death in 2013, Penn said that the “United States lost a friend it never knew it had” while “poor people around the world lost a champion.”

“Venezuela and its revolution will endure under the proven leadership of vice president Nicolas Maduro,” he continued.

Speaking of the current El Presidente, Breitbart’s Ben Kew has an up-to-date report regarding the true nightmare the Socialist Worker’s Paradise has become;

Venezuelans are increasingly buying and selling items of garbage as a means of survival as the country’s economic and humanitarian crisis continues to deepen.

A 2016 poll found that over 15 percent of Venezuelans were eating garbage as a regular part of their diet, while over half of people go to bed hungry at night. That figure has almost certainly increased as the country’s catastrophic economic situation keeps worsening.

Yonely Martínez lives in a makeshift house kept together sheets of zinc and pieces of wood. A former Chávez supporter who voted for Nicolás Maduro, she tells Luján that she feels betrayed after being promised that the government would help lift her out of poverty.

“We make only one meal a day, we drink water to cheat the stomach,” she said. “I feel a great helplessness when children ask me for food and I do not know what to do.”

A 2016 poll found that over 15 percent of Venezuelans were eating garbage as a regular part of their diet, while over half of people go to bed hungry at night. That figure has almost certainly increased as the country’s catastrophic economic situation keeps worsening.

Other extraordinary measures people have used to raise money include women trading their hair, young girls turning to prostitution, and selling human body parts. There have also been cases of people eating wild dogs, butchering zoo animals, while the ruling socialist regime has suggested turning to rabbit farming as a solution.

In a rather shocking video that has been recently circulating the internet, starving Venezuelans are seen beating a cow to death with rocks and sticks  (click here).

As noted by the video’s publisher;

Disturbing footage of starving villagers stoning cow to death in Venezuela.

Starving mob beat cattle to death with rocks in desperate search for food and four people are killed during looting in Venezuela as country’s economic collapse continues.

Dozens of men shout “we are hungry” and “people are suffering” as they beat the cow.

Venezuela’s socialist government rewards soldiers with toilet paper


CTDUkOjWUAAhxPsWhen toilet paper is the coin of the realm…

I can’t seem to keep it straight. Is it Venezuelan money that’s essentially toilet paper, or is it toilet paper that’s essentially Venezuelan money?

Of course, as the old saying goes, “When alVenezuela rewards troops with toilet paper l else fails, recognize the obvious.” Continue reading “Venezuela’s socialist government rewards soldiers with toilet paper”

Myth Busted: White Southern Democrats then just like White Southern GOP now

Angry Democrats set the dogs loose on blacks.
Angry Democrats set the dogs loose on blacks.

The Southern Fried Socialism your teachers never told you about.

As any white liberal Northerner will tell you, just forget that the pre-1970 Democratic Party was actually the party of the KKK, water cannons and attack dogs. The same white liberal Northerner will ensure that everyone in earshot understands that those evil white Democrat Southerners back then did nothing more than to make an easy switch to the GOP when the Jackass Party moved hard left almost half a century ago. Continue reading “Myth Busted: White Southern Democrats then just like White Southern GOP now”

Sanders seeks presidency, slams Koch brothers; ignores liberal big money

While he represents the voters of the Green Mountain State in the US Senate, Bernie Sanders has a stereotypical Brooklyn accent that’s so thick it could slice through a three pound pastrami sandwich all by itself. And as reported by the National Journal news portal on April 30, 2015, Sanders made it official today that he’ll make a run at being the first person with a working-class New York City dialect to make it to the Oval Office.

Continue reading “Sanders seeks presidency, slams Koch brothers; ignores liberal big money”

Seattle’s Socialist/Marxist councilwoman pulls in at least $217,000 annually


Update – April 3, 2015: While the tax status of Councilwoman Sawant’s Solidarity Fund remain dubious, the fact of the matter is she still accepts the full $117,000 paycheck from the taxpayers of Seattle. How she actually disburses the $117,000 is still the Councilwoman’s business.

While two icons of the American liberal movement have been caught having quite a double standard when it comes to cozying up to oppressive regimes that execute homosexuals, one of the few self-described Marxists ever elected to public office in the United States may have a bank account closer to John Lennon than that of Vladimir Lenin. As reported by the left-leaning The Guardian (of London, England) on April 1, 2015, Seattle City Councilwoman, Occupy Wall Street activist and so-called social justice campaigner Kshama Sawant has been hailing the Council’s recent vote to raise the minimum wage.

Continue reading “Seattle’s Socialist/Marxist councilwoman pulls in at least $217,000 annually”