It’s true, Dodger Stadium is a real sh**hole

Ask any Padres fan, of which I am one, the Dodgers are sh**. The Doyers (as they’re known locally) are so sh***y that their sh**hole of a stadium literally just took a giant sh** in the bottom of the 5th inning in the final Spring Training game versus the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim which is kind of close to Rancho Cucamonga, but actually closer to Compton (or whatever the hell their called).

Obviously, the umps announced a sh** delay, but eventually called the game on account of sh**. Maybe a first for Major League Baseball.

As reported by KABC-TV Los Angeles, the bubbling-up brown stuff was a result of a busted sewer pipe. Yeah… sure.

Appropriately, when Mother Nature turned foul territory into really foul territory, the San Andreas fart line chose this particular moment in time to bust-ass within chaw spitting distance from the Dodger dugout.

As cited by KABC, one of the fans present was quoted;

“It smells really bad, man.”

Who knew Cheech & Chong reunited?

Obama speaks to half empty stadium at Mandela tribute

Not exactly the outpouring as advertised.
Not exactly the outpouring as advertised.

What many in the Western media have billed as the world’s the biggest funeral since the death of Winston Churchill hasn’t exactly started out that way, as reported by The Washington Times on Dec. 10, 2013.

Both in Great Britain and the United States have major news organizations gushed at the predicted outpouring of sheer numbers at the Mandela commemorations.

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