Playboy centerfold jumps to her death, takes 7-yr-old son with her

As shocking as it may sound, ex-Playboy model Stephanie Adams has apparently committed suicide leaping from the 25th floor of a New York City hotel, taking her 7-year-old son with her.

All this comes on the heels of her long and drawn-out custody battle with her ex-husband, Charles Nicolai.

As reported by the Daily Caller’s Audrey Conklin, “Adams, 47, allegedly wanted to take her son, Vincent, on vacation to Europe, but … Nicolai stopped Adams from traveling with her son.”

Also cited by reporter Conklin;

In a court case held at Manhattan Supreme Court, Nicolai requested that Vincent not be taken on the trip to Europe, which the judge granted, ruling that Adams hand over her son’s passport.

Adams was recorded in a two-minute phone call to The [New York] Post’s Richard Johnson on Thursday, saying, “All I want to do is take my son and get away from this nightmare for a few days, but they won’t let me.”

Other than posing for Playboy in 2003 as the first ever lesbian model, Adams also had quite the payday courtesy of the New York City taxpayers. As reported by CBS News;

Former Playboy Playmate Stephanie Adams was awarded $1.2 million for rough treatment she received during a 2006 scuffle with police, which she says she led to permanent neck and back injuries. In her lawsuit against the city, Adams says officers threw her to the ground at gunpoint after a taxi driver falsely claimed she was armed and dangerous.