Fake News Alert: Schumer, Menendez Flat-Out Lie Regarding Afghan Peace Talks, NY Daily News Buries the Truth

… pants on fire.

Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Bob Menendez (D-NJ) have been caught red-handed spreading fake news. Coming as a shock to no one, the MSM is covering the asses of the two members of the Jackass Party. Continue reading “Fake News Alert: Schumer, Menendez Flat-Out Lie Regarding Afghan Peace Talks, NY Daily News Buries the Truth”

British SAS Sergeant Kills Three Taliban w/ Claw Hammer

Deployment gear list (Afghanistan):

☑ – Service rifle
☑ – Side arm
☑ – Mix tape of Wham’s Greatest Hits
☑ – Dry socks
☑ – Picture of the Queen
☑ – Claw hammer
☑ – Tea
☑ – Crumpets
☑ – Extra carton of Mayfair King Size

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US Air Force apologizes to the Taliban

Maybe I’m pissed off at what the US Air Force just did because of lingering inter-service rivalries remaining during my 20 fun-filled years in the Marine Corps.

No, that’s not it.

Maybe I’m pissed off at what the US Air Force just did because as someone who’s been a part of the US Armed Forces his entire life (dependent, active duty, retiree), just knowing that I’m even remotely associated to the USAF embarrasses me.

No, that’s not it.

Maybe I’m pissed off at what the US Air Force just did because in essence they just tucked their collective tails between their collective asses and apologized to one of the worst examples of organized barbarism ever.

Yeah, that’s it.

Keep aiming high, Air Force.

As noted by Katie Pavlich of TownHall.com, in a very left-handed way, the Air Force just apologized to the Taliban.

But first, a bit of background – just about everyone on the planet has already heard of the Yanny vs Laurel audio illusion. So as any good marketeer assigned to the AF Recruiting Command would know, jump of YvL while it’s hot.

And to their credit, that’s exactly what the Air Force did, possibly coming up with one of the better tweets ever;

Sadly, within a matter of mere hours, the Air Force not only pulled the tweet… they apologized for it.

Then came the blast back that the Air Force so richly deserved. Here’s just a couple of the better ones;

Well, maybe the Air Force didn’t let the terrorists win, but their commitment to killing America’s enemies certainly has been drawn into question.

Cry Havoc: Trump Unleashes CIA Hunter-Killer Groups in Afghanistan

Very quietly, very behind the scenes, President Trump has let slip the dogs of war against the Taliban, al-Qaeda and ISIS in Afghanistan.

And by dogs of war, I mean CIA hunter-killer teams heavily augmented by military Special Operations personnel.

So what will these CIA “paramilitary and contractors” along with a handful of quite lethal Leathernecks and GIs be up to? Long story short, lightning quick assaults on jihadist leadership as well as bombmakers.

As reported by The Daily Caller;

CIA paramilitary forces are expanding partner operations in Afghanistan to hunt and kill high level Taliban operatives, The New York Times reports.

These CIA missions will reportedly include both paramilitary personnel of the CIA along with U.S. special operations forces detailed to the agency for specific missions. The use of special operations forces allows hunter killer teams to call in air support, if necessary, as they hunt Taliban bomb-makers across the country.

The loosening of restrictions on CIA ground operations in Afghanistan is part of a broader push by President Donald Trump’s administration to accelerate pressure on Taliban militants. Trump previously loosened CIA drone strike rules in Afghanistan that will now allow for some civilian casualties relative to the importance of the target.

Also reported by the Washington Examiner, more specifics on how President Trump, Secretary Mattis, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joe Dunford, USMC, plan to crush the jihadists;

Mattis and Dunford looked at the performance of the Afghan military and determined that special forces units and other troops with embedded U.S. advisers usually won, while conventional Afghan troops often lost. So a key aspect of the plan is to put U.S. or NATO advisers with all the Afghan forces on the front lines. That means sending another 3,000 or so U.S. troops, and several thousand more from other NATO countries. Those troops will accompany the Afghan forces into the field, and — this is a critical change — they will be authorized to call in U.S. and coalition airstrikes to support the ground operations. “Make no mistake, this is combat duty, but the Afghan forces remain in the lead to do the fighting,” Mattis said.

How is it different? Under President Barack Obama, the U.S. was operating under the pretense that combat operations with the Taliban ended in 2014, and U.S. offensive strikes were limited to cases of self-defense, or when the Taliban were close enough to present a direct threat. Afghan forces were left on their own, with no air cover to battle the Taliban, often taking heavy casualties. Now Mattis has taken the gloves off. There are no restrictions on airpower, and no requirement for “proximity” to provide close air support. “We did not give the young Afghan boys the sense that they had the high ground when they were fighting against this enemy, that the NATO air support could have given them,” Mattis said. “Today, I can bring that air support to them.”

The other big change: There is no timetable for victory, no announced withdrawal date, so the Taliban cannot just wait out the U.S. “There was always a sense that the United States was going to pull out in 12 months,” Dunford told the Senate panel. “And the Taliban, frankly, fed that message to their fighters, and that’s how they motivated their people year after year, was, ‘One more year in a fight, and then we’re going to defeat the coalition. They are going to leave Afghanistan.’”


Interestingly enough, word is on the streets that small (less that 100 Marines per detachment) and highly mobile Marine artillery units will be peppered across the country to respond at a moment’s notice for “thunder from the sky”.

Even more interesting, Marines from the 6th ANGLICO (Air and Naval Gunfire Liaison Company) have spent the last seven months in Germany training the 31st Georgian Light Infantry Battalion on the intricacies of calling-in pin-point airstrikes and artillery fire missions.

Also reported is that when the Georgians deploy to Afghanistan, a number of Marines from 6th ANGLICO will deploy with the 31st;

The role of the 6th ANGLICO SALT (Supporting Arms Liaison Team) was to serve as the battalion’s fire support coordination center and to plan, coordinate, and execute surface to surface fires, air to surface fires, and assault support in support of the battalion’s mission. These Marines will also deploy to Afghanistan with the 31st Georgian Light Infantry Battalion in October, 2017.

Surprisingly reported by the reliably hard-Leftist New York Times, the CIA’s new director Mike Pompeo was quoted expressing an opinion that Generals Kelly and Mattis would be proud of;

“We can’t perform our mission if we’re not aggressive,” Mr. Pompeo said at a security conference this month at the University of Texas. “This is unforgiving, relentless. You pick the word. Every minute, we have to be focused on crushing our enemies.”

Milquetoast-in-Chief: No We Can’t

Barack Obama stops to salute to the crowd before the rally on the UO campus.

“Let’s assume we send 50,000 troops into Syria. What happens when there is a terrorist attack generated from Yemen? Do we then send more troops into there?” – Barack Hussein Obama, 16 Nov. 2015.

I know the Oba-Drones believe no matter where he goes, this guy is automatically considered the smartest person in the room. But does the alleged Constitutional Law professor realize that we’re the same nation that won the Second World War?

For those who may have forgotten, without this nation, Britain would have fallen, China would have fallen, Russia would have fallen, Australia would have fallen. Every reputable military historian fully understands that the United States truly was the Arsenal of Democracy. Between Lend-Lease and over 16 million Americans in uniform – yeah, we really did save the world.

Without a doubt, the Brits and Chinese and Russians and the Aussies would have fought like hell. Yet they still would have lost without the same good ol’ US of A that President Pantywaist seems to think couldn’t fight its way out of a wet paper bag.

Obama whines that deploying 50,000 troops to Syria AND the same to Yemen is somehow a non-starter and well… let’s be honest, he implies that’s something we just aren’t capable of.

Why is it that in 1945 a nation of 150 million could field a military of more than 16 million? But in 2015 a nation of well over 300 million can only man an armed forces (both active and reserve) of slightly over 2 million?

Oh, I know why. Most American youth are more worried about “safe spaces” and imaginary racists who wear sombreros on Halloween. How sad only a small percentage of American males actually have what it takes to stand-up for their country.

People of America, you need to nut up or shut up. We need to either kick the dog snot out of these ISIS, al-Qaeda and Taliban savages, or start ordering our womenfolk to wear burqahs, throw homosexuals off buildings, and slowly carve the heads off anyone who refuses to hit the prayer rug five times a day and chant “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet.

If this nation expects to win, the change begins by getting rid of the Kenyan-born, woman-hating interloper currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

If that idiot was around on Dec. 7, 1941, he would have surrendered to Japan on December 8th. Oh, and then he would have apologized for the Hawaiian Islands sailing right into the middle of the peaceful Japanese Imperial Fleet.

Taliban attack school; slaughter children, burn teacher alive

talibanattackThe Pakistan branch of the Taliban terrorist organization has struck again. This time at a school for the children of Pakistani military personnel stationed in the often lawless Peshawar region of Southcentral  officially known as The Federally Administered Tribal Areas. As reported on Dec. 16, 2014 by both the International Business Times (of London, England) and also by CNN via KMSS (of Shreveport, Louisiana), an estimated six or seven Taliban gunmen assaulted the Army Public School and Degree College, killing 141 people, 132 of them children.

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Debate rages if water boarding is torture or just an uncomfortable few seconds

Victim plunges to death at the hands of terrorists. Photo via Tumblr.
Victim plunges to death at the hands of terrorists. Photo via Tumblr.

In the wake of Senate Democrats releasing to the world a partisan report regarding U.S. government authorized enhanced interrogation techniques (EIT), to include water boarding, NBC News is reporting on Dec. 11, 2015 that due to the Dems release of the report, even the Taliban are accusing the United States of still torturing members of their terrorist organization. NBC News also made note that in the same breath the Taliban was alluding to America being evil, they also claimed responsibility for two separate terrorist bombing in the Afghan capital.

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Fox News: Bergdahl converted to Islam, calls himself ‘warrior for Islam’

James Rosen of Fox News is reporting on June 5, 2014 that U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has converted to Islam during his five years stay with the Taliban-allied Haqqani terrorist network who also openly declared himself a “mujahid,” or warrior for Islam. In what Rosen states are “secret documents prepared on the basis of a purported eyewitness account” were obtained by Fox News that also retold of Bergdahl being trusted enough to be allowed to bear firearms along with his new violent jihaddi comrades in arms.

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Bergdahl’s ballet teacher rationalizes desertion: He “had a bad day”

“And yes, he did walk off the base, so by technicality, that does make him one [a deserter], but…”

As the Canadian singer-songwriter and pop music one hit wonder Daniel Powter once crooned to the world “‘Cause you had a bad day, you’re taking one down, you sing a sad song just to turn it around.” Ironically, the family name of the British Columbian tune-smith along with the title of his only hit could be the reason why Bowe Bergdahl’s former roommate and ballet instructor gives him the benefit of the doubt regarding more than a few of his former comrades in arms accuse him of desertion in the face of the enemy, as reported by Fox News on June 3, 2014. Continue reading “Bergdahl’s ballet teacher rationalizes desertion: He “had a bad day””

Newsman chokes up interviewing parents of soldier killed searching for Bergdahl

“It’s a big cover-up like Benghazi, just like everything Obama has done…”

Despite almost an entire lifetime of training and experience in any given profession one may have gained, there are times when emotions overcome the senses. As reported by the conservative leaning Mediaite.com news portal on June 3, 2014, that is exactly what happened to a Fox News anchor earlier the same day.

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Dept of Defense: Bergdahl ‘may have been an active collaborator with the enemy’

What did the president know and when did he know it?

As news reports regarding soldiers who served with Bowe Bergdahl as well as family members of those killed in action searching for the missing Buck Sergeant continue to flood newsrooms accusing Bergdahl of deserting to the enemy, the news is leaking out that the Department of Defense (DoD) believes that he may have actually been an active collaborator with the Taliban terror network. As Fox News reported on June 2, 2014, the DoD is admitting to maintaining a “major classified file” on the Idaho native, as well as more than a few in the intelligence community have and still harbor “serious outstanding concerns” if he has been an active collaborator with the enemy during time of war.

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Hints rising the Bergdahl-Taliban swap could be the downfall of Obama presidency

Obama allowed the Taliban to hand-pick the “Gitmo Five” to be released…

With the number of scandals plaguing the Obama Administration seemingly popping up by the day, Kevin Cirilli of the inside-the-beltway news portal The Hill reported on June 1, 2014 that the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has managed to knock the deaths of 40 vets at the Phoenix, Ariz VA hospital off the headlines, at least for the time being. In the wake of the Bergdahl-Taliban deal, a  growing chorus from media outlets across the political spectrum have been raising previously under-reported or flatly ignored specifics of Barack Obama’s prisoner exchange deal with the terrorist network.

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Intel reports: ‘Significant concern’ US facing triple al-Qaeda threats

Despite Barack Obama’s campaign promises of the al Qaeda terror network being “on its heels” and “on the run,” CNN is reporting on May 20, 2014 that both the United States and our Western European allies are facing a three faceted threat from the global jihadists, which in turn has is the catalyst for “significant concern inside the U.S. intelligence community.” The Washington Free Beacon news portal also made note on May 20, 2014 that the CNN Pentagon beat corespondent is privvy to inside information that the US-born al Qaeda operations and planning honcho in Pakistan, Abdullah al-Shami is being “closely monitored by American intelligence.”

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Marine Awarded Silver Star: Saves Wounded Comrade, Kills Mucho Bad Guys

silver-starA Camp Pendleton, California Marine was awarded the nation’s third highest award for personal heroism in a combat situation, as reported by both The Marine Corps Times and The San Diego Union Tribune on Jan. 7, 2014.

While assigned to Combat Support Adviser Team, Regimental Combat Team 6 in July of 2012, Staff Sergeant Timothy Williams was on a joint patrol with four other Marines and 11 Afghan soldiers in search of a Taliban weapons cache when they were ambushed by 20-35 Taliban insurgents.

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British editor predicts Kabul government will ‘lose Helmand to Taliban’

Marines slug it out for Helmand against the Taliban.

On the heels of the news of al-Qaeda terrorists capturing the same Iraqi cities American troops and their allies fought so hard to free, a British editor is predicting that after the NATO troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban eventually will retake control of Helmand province, as reported by Britain’s Sky News Service on Jan. 7, 2014.

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