Twitter meltdown: Liberals flip-out over Taylor Swift birthday message


There’s just no getting around it, Taylor Swift is a doll.

But with her wholesome, All-American good looks aside, Swift has yet another super-power that very few possess – the ability to simultaneously send liberals up a wall while being just as sugary as all the sweet tea in South Carolina.

As reported by;

Pop star Taylor Swift apparently struck a nerve with leftists and Internet trolls this week after she said she “couldn’t have asked for a better year” in 2017 and thanked her fans in a birthday Instagram post.taylor-swift-apple-music

“I love you guys so much,” Swift captioned a photo taken at a recent London concert. “I couldn’t have asked for a better year, all thanks to you. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Can’t wait to see what 28 will be like. See you on tour.”

That simple message was apparently too much for some Twitter users — and at least a few media outlets — who questioned how Swift could have a “great year” with all the tragedy occurring in the world, including the election of President Donald Trump.

However, Swift does have her fans who don’t mind standing-up for her;

There were even a couple of Swift defenders that landed a handful of well-aimed haymakers at the liberal crybabies;

— Todd Kron (@Toddkron) December 15, 2017

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