Newsflash: One-in-seven ‘transgendered men-to-women’ are HIV Positive

OK guys, I’ll set the stage… it’s 10 ’till 2 and all the 2s are 10. You’ve has more than your share of beer. Continue reading “Newsflash: One-in-seven ‘transgendered men-to-women’ are HIV Positive”

Time magazine honors ‘female penis’, ignores reality of sex-specific cancers

Indya Moore. (Photo: Twitter)

While it would be way too easy for me to start this article off with “Let’s run this idea up the flagpole, and see who salutes”, but Time magazine has already answered that particular question. Continue reading “Time magazine honors ‘female penis’, ignores reality of sex-specific cancers”

Japan’s Supreme Court Upholds Law that Transgenders MUST be Sterilized

Takakito Usui.

Right before Sir Walter Raleigh had his head lopped off, he asked the axe-man to see the blade of the very weapon that was about to end his life. Reportedly, he had as his last words, “This is a sharp Medicine, but it is a Physician for all Diseases.”

Japan’s Takakito Usui probably doesn’t see what’s funny in Sir Walter’s typically understated British humor, but he better get use to it.

You see, Usui has taken advantage of the Japanese government’s largesse in heavily subsidizing his/her/whatever’s sex change operation, but Usui’s still not too fond of the prerequisite that sterilization is definitely on the to-do list. Continue reading “Japan’s Supreme Court Upholds Law that Transgenders MUST be Sterilized”

Your Tax-Dollars at Work: Feds Drop $453K in ‘Financial Support to Transgender Women’ with Emphasis on ‘TGW of Color’

Transgendered duck of color.

Just another wonderful example of your tax-dollars at work. Or wasted, depending on your perspective.

This latest example of your hard earned money being used as improvised toilet paper (my deepest apologies to legitimate toilet paper), the federal government is spending $453,592 on “microeconomic intervention” includes providing transgender individuals with “supportive economic services, employment readiness and financial training, gender transition supports, and economics-based HIV education.” Continue reading “Your Tax-Dollars at Work: Feds Drop $453K in ‘Financial Support to Transgender Women’ with Emphasis on ‘TGW of Color’”

Crowder hammers campus ‘transgenderd’ Gestapo

A very open Steven Crowder attempts to dialogue with a very closed lesbian.
A very open Steven Crowder attempts to dialogue with a very closed lesbian.

I really, really enjoy it when Steven Crowder dissects liberals. I also really, really despise Youtube clips that last more than four minutes.

Nonetheless, I had to suck it up with Crowder’s latest, which has only been out for about three weeks, but already has over 2.25 million hits.

Without me giving away any spoilers, here’s just a couple of things I noticed during the course of the clip – of the five people Crowder interacted with;

  • Of the two men (one white, one black), both had some definite disagreements with Crowder, but were civil and polite
  • Of the three women (all white), all were rude, childish, and in my not-too-humble opinion, complete bitches


No such thing as ‘transgendered’ – Says who? Science



Transgendered is a word being bandied about quite a bit lately.

It’s almost as if certain politicians and media outlets are bombarding us with everything transgendered in a move to desensitize the populous to what this thing truly is, and after we’ve had this shoved down our throats long enough (no pun intended), then we’ll all accept the entire notion of transgendered as perfectly normal.

But I have a different perspective. I’m of the opinion that it’s anything but normal. In fact, I find transgendered to be the textbook definition of abnormal.

Of course, President Trump putting the kibosh on this whole transgendered bunch openly serving in the armed forces has whipped the entire LGBTQIAPK community into quite the angered frenzy.

Just in case you aren’t quite sure what the LGBTQIAPK community is, that particular set of initials stands for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersexual, Asexual, Pansexual and Polygamous, and Kinkiness.”

Anyhow, like I said, the, umm… shall I say this? The alternative lifestyle crowd is in full power-pout regarding The Donald bringing Barack Obama’s grand social experiment to a decidedly unceremonious end.

As the legitimately elected Commander-in-Chief recently sent via social media;




Transgendered hoaxes. (Twitter)

Caution: No Safe Space Ahead…

With all that aside, allow me to make the following trigger-inducing statements;

  • There is no such woman named Caitlyn Jenner
  • There is no such woman named Kristin Beck
  • There is no such woman named Chelsea Manning

There are, however, three quasi-famous men named Bruce Jenner, Christopher Beck and Bradley Manning, respectively. Of course, the common thread is that they’re all transgendered. Or in my personal opinion, three guys who’ve grown their hair long, had breast implants, then mutilated their genitals, but that’s just my opinion.

With transgendered being a relatively new word in the Western lexicon, what exactly does that mean? To liberals it means that a man has become a woman, and conversely, a woman becomes a man, period.

I won’t use a theological argument due to the liberal belief that nothing is greater them. So instead, I’ll just fall back on common sense and basic biology.

  • Of course, everyone is familiar with cloning à la Dolly the sheep. So if and when science starts cloning human beings, what if Bruce, Chris and Bradley donate some scraping from their inner cheek? Will that clone be male or female? We already know the answer to that. No matter what operation they have or pills they ingest, they’ll never change their chromosomes.

Now just a couple of rhetorical questions:

  • Is it scientifically possible for Bruce, Chris or Bradley of ever being diagnosed with cervical cancer?
  • Is it scientifically possible for Bruce, Chris or Bradley of ever being diagnosed with prostate cancer?

I would like to make it abundantly clear that I don’t hate or have any ill will for those who either choose or approve of this particular lifestyle.

Here’s what I’d like – how about stop demanding the rest of us agree with and accept your life choices, or face the consequences of your Gestapo-like reprisals?

That’s reasonable, isn’t it?