Revenge of the Unibrow

C’mon, people… it’s the 21st century. Time to bid fare thee well to things like rotary11372441_1459475761017226_639623463_n
phones, baseball umps sporting bow ties, and ever using the word “groovy”.

Sadly, one other bit of throwback nostalgia that refuses to die would be the dreaded unibrow (aka: “Forestash”, “lonebrow”, or simply “The Bert”).

Here are just a few examples of the cranial caterpillar that will forever be burned in our corneas:

Actress Salma Hayek — half-Mexican, half-Lebanese, wall-to-wall carpeting.


Turkish naval officer Ali Tatar — can be used as a personal floatation device.


Brainiac Rick Sanchez — exception to the rule.

everything-we-know-so-far-about-rick-and-morty-season-3 (1)

Model Sophia Hadjipanteli — “Something About Mary” hair: Pass. “Bedtime For Bonzo” brow: Fail.


Actress, dodgeball death threat Missi Pyle/Fran Stalinovskovichdaviddivichski — I’m afraid to say anything to her.


Unidentified genetic throwback — Rockin’ the ‘stash².