Life in a Communist Dictatorship: ZERO Venezuelan Parents Allowed to Attend Little League World Series

2019 Venezuelan Little League Champs, minus parents.

On a personal note, I attended the first four days of the LLWS in Williamsport, PA. Needless to say, it was great meeting all the players, coaches, parents, extended family members, expats living here in the States cheering on the home team, etc., etc.

The ballplayers from Louisiana, Curaçao, Maui, Italy… suffice it to say that a lot of dreams came true (and still coming true) during the course of the worldwide annual festivities of everything baseball.

Sadly, while every single foreign team, regardless of nation of origin, was allowed to have parents and siblings also attend this once in a lifetime event, there is a singular exception: Team Venezuela.

To add insult to injury, the American establishment media doesn’t even want to talk about this heartless, vindictive act by Venezuela’s totalitarian dictator, Nicolás Maduro.

To find a fair and objective news source on this topic, I frustratingly came up goose egg over and over.

Only after going off the beaten path did I find an article penned by Will Desautelle for the official Little League website did I find the independent verification I sought.

Silly me. I half-expected the news media to cover this news story. What was I thinking?

Anyhow, as cited by reporter Desautelle (emphasis mine);

Secret Agent Culo Gordo.

Cacique Mara Little League of Maracaibo, Venezuela received a loud ovation from a large crowd of supporters as they exited the field at Lamade Stadium for the final time in the 2019 Little League Baseball® World Series.

They bowed to the Curaçao fans sitting along the third baseline and then made their way to the opposite side where they paid tribute to their own supporters, all of which they added this week.

None of the Venezuela players’ families made the trip to Williamsport, so hundreds of fans on site decided they would try to help the players feel more at home during each of the team’s four games.

“We want to cheer them on because their parents can’t be here,” said Sutton Denny, a young supporter of the Venezuela team this week. “They like that we support them.”

But in all fairness, the media did dance around the periphery of the parents of the players not being allowed to exit Venezuela for the Estados Unidos de América.

As reported by CBS Sports, it was Texas Rangers second baseman Rougned Odor to the rescue when he personally paid the visa fees for the players and coaches.

Now you’ve seen two separate, equally valid news articles on the subject at hand. Decide for yourself: Is Nicolás Maduro behind the move to deny the parents the ability to accompany their children… possibly so entire families wouldn’t defect to the good ol’ US of A, thusly embarrassing Maduro on the international stage?

LIVE FEED: Armed Revolution on the Streets of Caracas – Armored Car Runs Down Civilians

Pro-Maduro troops open fire on their own people.

Gunfire, tear gas, burning tires, and gasoline bombs are the sights and sounds of what WAS one of the most prosperous, beautiful cities in all of the Americas – Caracas, Venezuela. That is until the communists took over.

The legitimate, constitutionally elected President of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, has called for the nation’s armed forces to rise-up against the Russian – Cuban stooge dictator, Nicolás Maduro.

Sadly, the Western media has lined up with the very same rhetoric coming out of Moscow and Havana, calling the uprising “a coup” launched against “President Maduro”, as well as referring to Guaido as merely an “opposition leader”, and not the constitutionally elected Commander-in-Chief.

Gun Control, Venezuela-Style: Citizens Stripped of Guns, Maduro Arms 400,000 ‘Colectivos’

This image says it all.

There are actually three different levels of armed forces in Venezuela;

  1. The official armed forces of the nation
  2. The National Guard, effectively a national police force
  3. The National Bolivarian Militia of Venezuela, popularly known as the “Colectivos”

It’s clearly understood that the Cubans are firmly in control of the official armed forces, but there are others on the ground in Venezuela calling the shots. As reported by, there are an estimated 20,000 Cubanos already in-country and essentially running the show;

Communist-run Cuba has been a key backer of the Venezuelan government since the Bolivarian Revolution that began under former leader Hugo Chavez in 1998.

Maduro retains the backing of Russia and China and control of Venezuelan state institutions, including the security services.

Less than a year ago, the everything political reported that on the heels of the Venezuelan government ordering the confiscation of all firearms by private citizens in 2012, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has seen the murder rate skyrocket; Continue reading “Gun Control, Venezuela-Style: Citizens Stripped of Guns, Maduro Arms 400,000 ‘Colectivos’”

Maduro’s Troops Burn Emergency Food, Medical Shipments; Venezuelan Navy Threatens to Open Fire on US Aid Cargo Ship

Humanitarian aid burned by Maduro’s thugs.

The Guardian newspaper is arguably one of the more leftist media organizations in Great Britain, if not the world.

Nonetheless, even the reliably liberal Guardian is calling out Venezuelan dictatorial socialist strongman Nicolás Maduro. That no easy feat (see video at the end of the article). Continue reading “Maduro’s Troops Burn Emergency Food, Medical Shipments; Venezuelan Navy Threatens to Open Fire on US Aid Cargo Ship”

Lifestyles of Venezuela’s Rich and Famous (and Socialist) Kids

Maduro’s second-in-command Diosdado Cabello’s daughter Daniela. The Venezuelan beauty has drawn attention by her stunning good-looks and spoiled-kid lifestyle.

As Mel Brooks’ portrayal of Louis XVI once famously quipped, “It’s good to be the king.” Continue reading “Lifestyles of Venezuela’s Rich and Famous (and Socialist) Kids”

Maduros has his ‘Dukakis in a Tank’ Moment

In the 1988 race for the White House, for whatever bizarre reason, the Democrat Party nominee, Gov. Michael Dukakis (D-MA), thought it would be a good idea to cruise the parking lot of the General Dynamics facility in Michigan.

The same facility that also doubled served as a proving ground for the M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank.

So there he was, manning the .50 atop the copula, helmet and all. Needless to say, Dukakis got his ass handed to him by George HW Bush. Continue reading “Maduros has his ‘Dukakis in a Tank’ Moment”

Maduro’s New Bodyguards: Russian ‘Security Contractors’ in Venezuela

Answerable to the Kremlin, Russian security contractors.

Technicaly, Russian law officially prohibits its citizens from signing-on with any private company to be sent overseas as mercinaries. But the Russians don’t exactly make a secret that private security firms in the former-Soviet Union are answerable directly to the Moscow government.

So how do the sons of Mother Russia get around the mercenary prohibition law? Easy… just sign-on as “consultants” with the Kremlin government. As reported by the Reuters news service in 2017, “Oleg Krinitsyn, owner of private Russian firm RSB-group, said he sent the contractors to eastern Libya last year and they were pulled out in February having completed their mission.” Continue reading “Maduro’s New Bodyguards: Russian ‘Security Contractors’ in Venezuela”

Rubio Pushes for US Military Action in Venezuela

Venezuela is famous for two things;

~ It’s the only nation on the planet named after the Italian city of Venice.

~ It’s also the basket cased cousin among the family of nations proving what a disaster socialism truly is.

As horrible as the tales are of Venezuelans reduced to eating dogs and rats, few Americans are warming to the suggestion that US troops be sent to South American nation to forcibly restore some semblance of order.

In a 2 July, 2014 photo, Republican Senator Marco Rubio shows a photo allegedly proving the Venezuelan government used military snipers to shoot at protesters in Tachira State, during a speech calling for sanctions against the Maduro government on Thursday. Image: C-SPAN

But one American keen on deploying troops to Venezuela is none other than Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

As reported by;

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) indicated in a Spanish-language interview with Univisión last week that the United States should consider a military intervention in Venezuela.

In the interview with Miami’s Univisión 23 last Wednesday, Rubio said that a military intervention may be justified on the grounds of national security.

“For months and years, I wanted the solution in Venezuela to be a non-military and peaceful solution, simply to restore democracy,” he said. “There is a national assembly elected by the people that has been annulled by a dictatorship.”

“I believe that the Armed Forces of the United States are only used in the event of a threat to national security,” he continued. “I believe that there is a very strong argument that can be made at this time that Venezuela and the Maduro regime has become a threat to the region and even to the United States.”

The State Department has recognized Venezuela as presenting a genuine national security threat to the United States. The Maduro regime is allegedly involved in major drug trafficking operations, and also providing safe havens and training facilities for terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and the Islamic State.

Speaking only for myself, this is a South American problem. Let the South Americans clean-up their own backyard.

Besides, regional powers such as Colombia, Brazil and Chile certainly have the military wherewithal to handle Maduro’s less-than full strength armed forces.

With all that aside, if Sen. Rubio really is all that wound-up over sending American troops to undoubtedly engage in battle with dictator Nicolás Maduro’s National Guard forces, maybe Little Marco should fist take the parent test.

Cited in an article by the Colorado Springs Gazette, an Associated Press photo dated Feb. 9, 2016, Sen. Marco Rubio is seen accompanying his daughter, Amanda, listed as being 15-years-old.

As of this date, Amanda Rubio is undoubtedly of enlistment age.

Starving Venezuelans resort to eating garbage, selling human organs


For whatever odd reason, the Hollywood elite along with their allies in various governmental positions and the Establishment Media have gone quite silent when it comes the state of affairs down Venezuela way.

Cheerleaders for the iron-fisted Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro range from the most rotund (and rich) poor man ever, Michael Moore; to Britain’s version of Bernie Sanders, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

And how could we forget the man whose films are about as uplifting as an outbreak of dysentery, Sean Penn.

As noted last year;

After Chávez’s death in 2013, Penn said that the “United States lost a friend it never knew it had” while “poor people around the world lost a champion.”

“Venezuela and its revolution will endure under the proven leadership of vice president Nicolas Maduro,” he continued.

Speaking of the current El Presidente, Breitbart’s Ben Kew has an up-to-date report regarding the true nightmare the Socialist Worker’s Paradise has become;

Venezuelans are increasingly buying and selling items of garbage as a means of survival as the country’s economic and humanitarian crisis continues to deepen.

A 2016 poll found that over 15 percent of Venezuelans were eating garbage as a regular part of their diet, while over half of people go to bed hungry at night. That figure has almost certainly increased as the country’s catastrophic economic situation keeps worsening.

Yonely Martínez lives in a makeshift house kept together sheets of zinc and pieces of wood. A former Chávez supporter who voted for Nicolás Maduro, she tells Luján that she feels betrayed after being promised that the government would help lift her out of poverty.

“We make only one meal a day, we drink water to cheat the stomach,” she said. “I feel a great helplessness when children ask me for food and I do not know what to do.”

A 2016 poll found that over 15 percent of Venezuelans were eating garbage as a regular part of their diet, while over half of people go to bed hungry at night. That figure has almost certainly increased as the country’s catastrophic economic situation keeps worsening.

Other extraordinary measures people have used to raise money include women trading their hair, young girls turning to prostitution, and selling human body parts. There have also been cases of people eating wild dogs, butchering zoo animals, while the ruling socialist regime has suggested turning to rabbit farming as a solution.

In a rather shocking video that has been recently circulating the internet, starving Venezuelans are seen beating a cow to death with rocks and sticks  (click here).

As noted by the video’s publisher;

Disturbing footage of starving villagers stoning cow to death in Venezuela.

Starving mob beat cattle to death with rocks in desperate search for food and four people are killed during looting in Venezuela as country’s economic collapse continues.

Dozens of men shout “we are hungry” and “people are suffering” as they beat the cow.

Socialist Venezuela raises minimum wage to $2 a month

Seen at the Simón Bolívar international Airport - "Welcome to Venezuela. Notice: We have electricity, no toilet paper, no eggs, no president, not a fucking thing."
Seen at the Simón Bolívar international Airport – “Welcome to Venezuela. Notice: We have no lights, no toilet paper, no eggs, no president, not a single fucking thing.”

How great is socialism? So great, that the minimum wage in the Workers Paradise of Venezuela was nearly doubled, but the same worker is now only pulling in a measly one and one-fourth penny (00.0125¢) per hour.

That’s right… the nation defended by a spectrum ranging from the airheaded to the completely useless (Sean Penn, Jamie Foxx, Oliver Stone, Naomi Campbell, Michael Moore, Jeremy Corbin, Bernie Sanders, Danny Glover, etc.) is now paying those in the government controlled workforce a whopping Bs. F 797,510 (bolívares fuertes), worth roughly $2.02 a month according to the Spanish language currency converter website

Despite both Left and Right leaning news services agreeing on the specific amount of money going to the Venezuelan people, both liberals and conservatives agree that things in the South American nation pretty much suck.

As reported by Reuters;

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced a 40 percent increase to the minimum wage as of January, a move that will foment what many economists already consider hyperinflation in the oil-rich but crisis-stricken nation.

In his televised year-end address, leftist Maduro said the new wage level would protect workers against what he calls Washington’s “economic war” to sabotage socialism.

“Good news!” said the former bus driver and union leader, speaking next to a Venezuelan flag in a midday address.

Venezuelans will now earn some 797,510 bolivars a month, factoring in food tickets, or just over $7 on the widely used black market index. Millions will still be unable to afford three meals a day, while the increase is likely to stoke inflation further. Prices went up 1,369 percent between January and November, according to figures released earlier this month by the opposition-led Congress, which estimated the 2017 rate would top 2,000 percent. The Venezuelan government no longer publishes inflation data on a regular basis.

"We die of hunger because of total dictatorship."
“We die of hunger because of total dictatorship.”

On the flip-side, notes;

Venezuela’s socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro has raised his country’s minimum wage by a further 40 percent, meaning public sector employees will now earn around two dollars a month in his seventh and final major hike of 2017.

“We have good news regarding the protection and stability of all the workers,” said Maduro in a televised address. “I am announcing the rise of the national minimum wage by 40 percent for all our doctors and public sector workers.”

The move means that working Venezuelans will now receive a basic salary of 248,510 bolivares, equivalent to $2.02 a month. On top of that, they are also handed an increased food ticket worth 549,000 bolivares worth $4.46, meaning their total income amounts to around $6.48.

As part of his socialist “Bolivarian revolution,” Maduro’s late predecessor Hugo Chávez would boast of Venezuela having the highest minimum wage in Latin America, equivalent to $372 a month.

However, inflation began to soar as early as 2007 and accelerated further after oil prices crashed in 2012. In recent years, Venezuelans have been seen carrying thousands of banknotes to buy the simplest of products, in scenes similar to Germany’s Weimar Republic or Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation crisis.

The government has responded by introducing higher denomination bank notes, although even the maximum note of 100,000 bolivares is still worth under one dollar.

Since the below video was first posted to Youtube in November 2017, to 100,000 bolivar note was worth $2.42. It has since shrunk in value to roughly 78¢.

Venezuela’s socialist government rewards soldiers with toilet paper


CTDUkOjWUAAhxPsWhen toilet paper is the coin of the realm…

I can’t seem to keep it straight. Is it Venezuelan money that’s essentially toilet paper, or is it toilet paper that’s essentially Venezuelan money?

Of course, as the old saying goes, “When alVenezuela rewards troops with toilet paper l else fails, recognize the obvious.” Continue reading “Venezuela’s socialist government rewards soldiers with toilet paper”

The (Socialist) shape of things to come; Venezuelan preview of Hillary’s America

Socialist utopia. (Pinterest)
Socialist utopia. (Pinterest)

The Democrats use phrases such as “redistribution” and “sharing of resources” as well as the rich paying their “fair share.” Regardless of whatever Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren call it… it’s still socialism.  Continue reading “The (Socialist) shape of things to come; Venezuelan preview of Hillary’s America”