Death of a Coward: Actual Video of Raid That Killed al-Baghdadi

Video circulated by Syrian activists purports to show a US raid targeting ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in northwest Syria. The final confirmation on his death is pending while DNA and biometric testing is conducted, sources tell CNN.

Hilarious: Minor League Ballclub First Slams AOC, then Apologizes

Logo of the Fresno Grizzlies, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

I’m not sure which is weirder; a fairly populous county in California that Donald Trump came within a hairsbreath of winning in the 2016 presidential election (123,660 HRC votes — 113,949 DJT votes), or that a professional baseball team “didn’t know” that they were about to publicly humiliate one of the more ultra-leftie members of the US Congress. Continue reading “Hilarious: Minor League Ballclub First Slams AOC, then Apologizes”

Oral ammunition: How to shut-down the anti-border wall mob


Nothing drives Democrats up the wall faster than the truth. Especially when it comes to talking about building a wall.

To assist my fellow citizens who agree with me that we’ve endured at least the past quarter century at the receiving end of a millions strong silent invasion of no-skill/low-skill laborers.

Much like the Democrat convulsions over Trump possibly allowing Obama’s DACA dying on the vine, how quick those same Democrats fail to remember that DACA was an Obama “temporary fix” with no guarantee of immunity, amnesty or to be seen as “a pathway to citizenship”.

And let’s not forget that the travel ban on certain Muslim-majority nation didn’t originate with Trump, but with Barack Hussein.

Anyhow, with the Border Wall about to be in the news non-stop for the next few weeks, here’s a couple if videos you may want to share with those who wish to rail against Trump, just show them these videos;

Video from the $700K Climate Change Musical: You Paid For It – Enjoy It



Just about everyone has seen the news report of Office of Management and Budget Director and all-around bad-ass Mick Mulvaney calling out a reporter in regards to the Obama Administration dropping a hard-earned taxpayer-shafted-again $700,000 on a musical production centered on the burning question of climate change (see video at the very end of article).

While no one… and I mean no one… from the Left called out Mulvaney on his accusation, I decided to look into this for myself.

Guess what — the federal government’s National Science Foundation (NSF) really did write out a $700,000 check for said musical. Well, not really. It was a check for $697,177.00.

Says who? The National Science Foundation, that’s who.

As seen on the NSF’s official website, a Brooklyn, NY,  theater company known as The Civilians, Inc. (of 138 S. Oxford St. 3C, Brooklyn, NY 11217.  718-230-3330), was given the hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce a theatrical extravaganza entitled “The Great Immensity“.

But Wait, There’s More…

OK, so the hipster SJWs had over two-thirds of a million dollars thrown at them. Did the story/hilarity end there? Of course not. The cluelessness was strong with these ones.

As Science Magazine noted in their Oct 2, 2014 issue, Texas Republican Rep. Lamar Smith was quoted;

“There are many grants that no taxpayer would consider in the national interest, or worthy of how their hard-earned dollars should be spent. … The public deserves an explanation for why the NSF has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on musicals about climate change, bicycle designs, and a video game that allows users to relive prom night.”

Also cited by Science Magazine in the same issue, other examples of NSF spending included;

  • “Oppression and Mental Health in Nepal.” The 3-year, $160,000 award supported a study of how social status affects the mental health of Nepalese adolescents.
  • $19,684 for a doctoral dissertation on “culture, change & chronic stress in lowland Bolivia.”
  • $5.65 million, is for a project that aims to use innovative education methods to educate Arctic communities about climate change and related issues.

Six months prior to Science Magazine reporting of the truckloads of cash thrown at questionable spending, researched if Rep. Smith’s accusation was true.

Not only did they find the Texan’s claim to be true, but also published the NSF bragging of the spending;

A foundation spokeswoman, Dana Topousis, said by email the grant was awarded in 2010, adding: “The Civilians, Inc., a Brooklyn, N.Y., theatre company, developed an innovative, out-of-the-box approach to exposing U.S. citizens to science. The project represents the unique cultural leverage of theater in its attempt to inspire the public’s imagination and curiosity about basic science and its relation to their everyday lives.”

But like most scary stories, this one has a happy ending. The Washington Times reported on Sept. 17, 2014 that things didn’t exactly go all that well during the production’s run; (emphasis mine)

A taxpayer-funded musical on climate change is closing its curtains early amid a storm of criticism from reviewers and lawmakers.

“The Great Immensity,” produced by Brooklyn-based theater company The Civilians Inc. with a $700,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), has ended its run after reaching just 5 percent of its anticipated audienceFox News reported.

The play also opened a year late and failed to produce a buzz once it did.






Black Country & Western singer goes viral: How to conduct yourself if pulled over

Coffey Anderson.
Coffey Anderson.

Following in the footsteps of DeFord Bailey, Charley Pride, Darius Rucker, Trini Triggs, and yes… even the godfather of Hick Hop, Cowboy Troy,  Country & Western up-and-comer Coffey Anderson is making a name for himself. Yet according to Yahoo News and the Daily Mail, Anderson proves that even though one does something right and decent, there’s always someone to muster up measurable faux-outrage. Continue reading “Black Country & Western singer goes viral: How to conduct yourself if pulled over”

Taxpayers dollars at work: Feds unveil painfully embarrassing anti-terrorism video

vidAs the old saying goes, you’re not paranoid if everyone really is out to get you. That particular axiom just may be the official motto of the good folks at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

In a recently released taxpayer paid-for video with the Star Wars-esque title of Know the Risk – Raise Your Shield: Travel Awareness, never has acting been as compelling and believable as that offered up by Dirk Diggler of Boogie Nights fame.

And as anyone who’s ever had the misfortune of being forced to sit through a butt-numbing, coma-inducing government movie, you can rest assured that KTR-RYS:TA won’t disappoint.

Of course, the Obama Administration’s flick never uses the words “radical Islamic terrorism,” but it’s made abundantly clear that if a white nerdlinger should happen to get hit on by a rather lovely woman (possibly of Arab extraction?) she’s just not that into you.

Remember, don’t allow yourself to get set-up for a kidnapping and possible decapitation. The DNI makes clear that you should think with your big head, not the other one.

What must always remain in the back of the mind any given American traveling overseas is this: The government doesn’t have a surplus of individuals with a very particular set of skills, skills they have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make them a nightmare for people like those who want to kidnap you.

Long story short, don’t count of the Feds to bail you out.

So what to do when everyone from Customs officials to the concierge to the hottie you just shared a cab with wants the inside dope on your travel plans? Fret not, the Feds have a solution – get a burner phone and a temporary email address.

Disregard for human life; ‘migrant’ threatens baby if Greek police relocate him

downloadIn what at first glance seems like a doll, raw footage of one of the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants in Greece threaten the life of an infant. As reported by Donna Rachel Edmunds of the Breitbart news portal on Apr. 7, 2016, and also by the staff of Britain’s ITV television network on Apr. 6, 2016, an individual identified by the press only as one of the 53,000 so-called migrants illegally in the South Eastern European nation threatened police with his impromptu weapon of a wee child. Continue reading “Disregard for human life; ‘migrant’ threatens baby if Greek police relocate him”

New ISIS English language video; Eiffel Tower destroyed, London and Rome next

32DC824D00000578-0-image-a-43_1459852013129There are two maxims the US Marine Corps has understood for well over two centuries; “Only imbeciles and fools fight fair, and won’t do so for long” and “There is only one rule in war: When you win, you get to make up the rules.” Interestingly enough, the Spanish-American philosopher Jorge Santayana once famously opined, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Continue reading “New ISIS English language video; Eiffel Tower destroyed, London and Rome next”

Putin-mania sweeps Middle East, Russia; ‘I Go Hard Like Vladimir Putin’

CQvJ5BNWsAAfPOGRussian smart bombs, wayward Russian cruise missiles, and ultimately Russian troops aren’t the only things sweeping the Middle East. As reported by Ivan Plis of the Daily Caller news portal on Oct. 12, 2015, the folk hero image of Russian President Vladimir Putin may be old hat back in Mother Russia, but the cult of Vladimir is sweeping across the Middle East faster than the invading Mohammedan armies of old.

Continue reading “Putin-mania sweeps Middle East, Russia; ‘I Go Hard Like Vladimir Putin’”

Palestinian ‘How to kill a Jew’ instructional video goes viral


With Islamic Jihadist so-called lone wolf attacks already drawing blood from London to Sydney and also with sanguine stops ranging from Boston to Ottawa to Fort Hood, a how-to video has gone viral on Palestinian social media regarding killing Jews with an edged weapon. As reported by the news portal on Dec.29, 2014, and also by the Jewish Press on Dec.28, 2014, a “teacher” and “victim” give step by step instructions on inefficient but nonetheless pain inducing techniques used to slay randomly chosen Jews.

Continue reading “Palestinian ‘How to kill a Jew’ instructional video goes viral”

Miley Cyrus camp leaks fake self-stimulating video on Christmas day

Santa coming down the chimney.
Santa coming down the chimney.

Keep it classy, Miley…

Never missing the opportunity to further degrade herself, Miley Cyrus ensured she launched a foul-mouthed tirade after someone in her inner circle allegedly leaked her at the time, unreleased video “Adore You” on Christmas Day, as reported by the right-of-center news portal on Dec. 26, 2013.

In a message to her hard core followers, nicknamed the “Smilers,” Cyrus didn’t exactly come across as too broken up over her rather raunchy faux-masturbation video sneaking out one day ahead of schedule:

Continue reading “Miley Cyrus camp leaks fake self-stimulating video on Christmas day”