Multiple Simultaneous Terrorist Attacks Hit Munich

Gunman opening fire on the streets of Munich, Bavaria.
Gunman opening fire on the streets of Munich, Bavaria.

UPDATE: German television is now stating that Bavaria is officially in a state of emergency. Civilians have been ordered to stay off the streets.

On the heels of a axe-wielding 17-year-old Afghan migrant attempting to kill a number of people on a commuter train in Bavaria just a few days ago, terrorism has again hit the south of Germany.

In a fluid and constantly changing situation, Great Britain’s Sky News live streaming is reporting that at least eight innocent people are dead and “several” wounded at the hands of at least three gunmen.

The Washington Times is reporting that “The Associated Press said shots were fired at a McDonald’s near the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum shopping center. Sky News has confirmed a second shooting at a metro [railway] station in Munich.”

According to Munich’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, “the city has shut down its transit system as authorities believe the shooter or shooters are still on the loose.”

Sky News is reporting that while the style of attacking more than one site at a time has all the earmarks of either al-Qaeda or ISIS, there are eyewitnesses claiming that at least one of the gunmen was yelling in a native Bavarian-sounding accented German insults against “foreigners”.