Texas Congressman threatens to stop paying Obama, Homeland Security

obama_laughing“Either enforce the law or they’re not gonna get paid. Period. That’ll work…”

A member of the Texas delegation to the US House of Representatives made it abundantly clear that he’s a firm believer in earning one’s pay. As reported on the Fox Business network’s on-line news portal on July 10, 2014, Representative John Culberson (R-Texas) took to the airwaves to openly call for no more paychecks for either Barack Obama or the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) until they start to “enforce the law” regarding the veritable tsunami of illegal aliens that have been streaming into the Rio Grande Valley as of late.

And the Congressman representing both downtown and the western suburbs of Houston is on the right House committees to make that happen. According to his official website, Rep. Culberson is a member of the very powerful House Appropriations Committee, which is responsible for the actual funding of every action, program or department of the federal government, to include paychecks.

While being interviewed on Fox Business’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” program, the two-term Representative from the Lone Star State’s Seventh District was asked what specifics could be done to help stem the flow of an estimated amount of Central American children numbering in the tens of thousands who have illegally crossed the border in recent weeks. Rep. Culberson quite plainly stated:

As an appropriator, Lou, I’m going to do everything in my power to use the tools the Founders gave us … the power of the purse … so that Barack Obama and Homeland Security they either enforce the law or they’re not gonna get paid. Period. That’ll work.

Not quite done yet putting Barack Obama and the DHS on notice, Culberson left little to the imagination that he and his fellow House Republicans have completely lost their patience with Barack Obama. He also managed to slip in hints that he personally holds the Chief Executive responsible for not only being responsible for the current border situation, but also for attempting to further destroy the United States:

House Republicans have had it. We have watched Barack Obama dismantle and damage so much of the America we known and love. And this is it. We all [House Republicans] feel as I do. We’re done. We’re not going to allow this to continue, this humanitarian crisis…

To further his Don’t Mess with Texas credibility in the halls of Congress, Culberson is also a member of the Commerce, Justice and Science Subcommittees as well as being appointed as the Vice Chairman of the Homeland Security Subcommittee. If his legislative résumé wasn’t impressive enough, the influential Congressman was also selected as the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Military Construction and Veterans Affairs.