The big sleep; North Korea’s Lil’ Kim executes drowsy Defense Minister

The spoiled child best known for controlling nuclear missiles, brainwashing his subjects into believing he’s a god, and being the absolute dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-un has also has quite a penchant for executing those that have fallen out of his favor. Case in point would be the former Minister of Defense meeting his demise in a hail of anti-aircraft gunfire.

Derisively known outside of North Korea as “Lil’ Kim,” the man with the official titles of Supreme Leader; Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army; First Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea; and also holding the rank of Marshall (5-star general) in the Korean People’s Army, the BBC reported on May 13, 2015, that Kim ordered the execution of Hyon Yong-chol, until recently the Defense Minister in Kim’s politburo.

With General Hyon Yong-chol the latest reported victim of Kim’s wrath, more than a few in the West are openly wondering if a military-led coup could be in the making. According to Britain’s beloved “Auntie Beeb” (popular nickname for the BBC), General Hyon was executed on 30 April by a firing squad. But not just any everyday, run of the mill firing squad. Supposedly in front of an audience of hundreds, Gen. Hyon was dispatched by a battery of rather large caliber anti-aircraft guns.

Falling out of Kim’s favor not for treason or seeking escape from the North, Hyon was put to death for reportedly falling asleep during an event attended by Kim, as well as being found guilty of the rather vague “not carrying out instructions.” Also coming to light was that Kim has also recently ordered the executions of 15 senior officials. Among them were two vice-ministers who had “challenged” Kim over his policies.

Not the first time the absolute leader’s moves have made international headlines. As reported by The Telegraph (of London, United Kingdom) on April 10, 2015, the supposed super-human feats of the 300 pound tyrant who rules over a nation best known for rouge nuclear weapons and millions of peasants starving to death were made public. Kim ordered teachers in the so-called Worker’s Paradise of North Korea to instruct the little ones of his own somewhat amazing childhood. Perhaps not since the son of Jor-El crash landed on the Kansas farm of Ma and Pa Kent has a child been attributed with such super-human abilities.

According to reports, middle and high schools students across the country now have a new subject to bone-up on, specifically titled “Kim Jong-un’s Revolutionary Activities”. Among Supreme Leader’s activities include him learning how to master driving an automobile at the tender age of 3, as well as when he was a mere 9-years-old, managed to out-sailor “the chief executive of a foreign yacht company who was visiting North Korea at the time,” beating the CEO in a yacht race.

Not the first time Kim’s showed a flair for the extreme, on Christmas Eve of 2013, the Huffington Post noted that the dictatorial dwarf reportedly had his uncle and top rival for power, Jang Song-thaek, put to death by firing squad, and not just any firing squad. Uncle Thaek was reportedly whacked by the same type of heavy machine guns used to shoot down airplanes.

But just a handful of days later, NBC News via KARE-TV of Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, reported a much disputed update to the sanguine demise of Uncle Thaek. NBC referenced the Hong Kong-based newspaper Wen Wei Po, long known for supporting the Communist government in Beijing, as publishing that Uncle Thaek and his five closest aides were actually fed to 120 snarling hunting dogs which had been starved for five days prior.