The Commander-in-Chief vs. the Commander-in-Grief

Presidents in Uniform: Kennedy recovering from wounds during WWII; Obama wearing an über-hip Bomber Jacket.
Presidents in Uniform: Kennedy recovering from wounds during WWII; Obama wearing an über-hip Bomber Jacket.

The United States Armed Forces lost one of their greatest champions ever 50 years ago today.

With that said, I simply must ask rhetorically if it’s possible that every member of the species Kennediae absolutely must be classified as genus Liberalis, Familuis Democratus

No matter how hard the Left claims John Kennedy as one of theirs, the facts simply don’t pass muster under the harsh light of objectivity and plain old common sense.

What’s especially insulting is those that utter the name of Jack Kennedy in the same breath as Barry Soetoro Obama insinuating the two are ideological twins.

Speaking in terms specifically concerning our military, there’s quite the argument that John Kennedy could out-Reagan Ronald Reagan.

On the other side of the coin, there’s quite the argument that Barry Soetoro Obama makes Neville “The Coroner” Chamberlain look like Genghis Khan cranked up on meth.

Early Years…

After volunteering for active duty as a Naval Officer during WWII, as the son of the US Ambassador to the Court of St. James, Kennedy could have easily landed a cushy and ever-so safe desk job in DC or even at the old Naval Air Station down in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Instead, Kennedy volunteered for the South Pacific. And to further fret his momma, young Jack figuratively had to fight his way into PT Boat duty, one of the most dangerous tours for a sailorman during the war.

Before I forget, Kennedy was also seriously wounded when his plywood PT-109 was actually ran over by a Japanese Destroyer.

His personal courage and leadership saved the lives of more than a few of his men and also ensured he was decorated for personal heroism.

Barry Soetoro Obama? He enrolled in a number of institutes of higher learning under questionable lineage and even more questionable circumstances.

Serving in the Armed forces of his country was obviously the furthest thing of Barry’s mind. Besides, one would think recruiters for the Kenyan Army are few and far between in Hawaii.

It’s All About the Troops…

It was President Kennedy that signed into law that members of the Armed Forces will get an annual pay raise.

As he stated after signing HR 5555 into law:

In his speech the President explains that members of the military deserve increased benefits because they protect the country’s overall security, as well as the safety of individual citizens.

Barry Soetoro Obama’s relationship with the individual troops? 

Bypassing federal law, Barry saw fit to cut the annual pay raise for the troops from an already pathetic 1.8% to an almost microscopic 1 percent.

Barry’s rationale? “Serious economic conditions” faced the country.

Yet amazingly enough, the Family Obama somehow found enough loose change under the sofa cushions to vacation in Africa just a few short months ago.

The cost to the taxpayers for the African holiday? Just a mere $100,000,000… that’s all.

I’ll Use Medical Terms So No One Freaks out…

In the grand scheme of things there are also some considerable differences.

Under Barry Soetoro Obama’s watch, a rather large number of Flag Officers (Generals and Admirals) have been purged from the ranks somewhat mysteriously.

Under Barry’s watch, the basics of human anatomy have also been thrown out the window.

I don’t care what anybody says… if you believe one guy sloshing his penis around in another guy’s feces filled colon is normal, then obviously I’m not the one having trouble understanding the meaning of the word.

JFKSpecWarfareCtrUnder Kennedy’s Watch…

Well, suffice it to say the US Army’s Special Warfare Center is named The John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center for a reason.

No President Kennedy, no Green Berets. It really is as simple as that.

Please remember, during his inaugural address in 1961 he famously stated:

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.

In other words, Kennedy ensured our allies, “if you like America standing by your side against the Soviet Union, you can rest easy in the knowledge America will continue to stand by your side against the Soviet Union, period.”

Could You Envision Barry Doing That? Me Neither….

President Kennedy never accepted a single penny of his presidential salary, electing instead to donate his entire salary to charity.

The man literally volunteered to the the President of the United States.

Personally, I’m still waiting for Comrade Barry to get a “comfortable pair of shoes” and walk with those downtrodden workers.

Just like he promised back in 2008.

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