The culturally accepted 800 pound homosexual gorilla in the room

Thank you for pointing out the glaringly obvious.
Thank you for pointing out the glaringly obvious.

Editorial – WARNING: Harsh language alert.

During my fun-filled years in the Marine Corps, we had a particular rhetorical question that was often pointedly asked of the invariable oddball in our midst who was of the opinion he was above reproach, “What … you think your shit don’t stink?”

Never being one who would take it upon himself to investigate if everyones shit really does stink, I’ll rely on conventional wisdom that human solid waste actually does have a rather nasty funk. I’ll even go as far as pointing out that the human brain is hardwired to be disgusted and revolted by the smell, sight, and I dare say even the mere thought of tasting fecal matter.

Now if the social engineers ranging from the White House to the Pentagon to almost every college lectern to, sadly, more than a few pulpits are correct, then that very small minority who find everything  sphincter-centered are actually normal despite the gag reflex, the distinct possibility of dysentery, and the overwhelming chances of contracting HIV/AIDS.

But as for the rest of us knuckle draggers who are not quite turned on by the beans-around-the-campfire scene in “Blazing Saddles,” not only is nature wrong for correctly ensuring human beings are revolted by what our bodies expel, nature is also wrong for not designing the colon to be a two way street.

Golly, in light that homosexuality is in direct contradiction to what nature intended, doesn’t that make homosexuality the textbook definition of deviant? Yes …  yes it does.

3 thoughts on “The culturally accepted 800 pound homosexual gorilla in the room

  1. Spot on. Spot on!! (No, really, did you see the guy with the spot on his upper lip that looked like a mole? Yeah, fecal matter.) This is so spot on. This is what I have been iterating for the past who-knows-how-long. It doesn’t matter if we agree/disagree, accept/don’t accept, etc. Scientifically, homosexuality is incorrect. Period. Does that mean that I then refuse to speak to anyone of that persuasion? Of course not. I don’t have to embrace his/her sexuality in order to embrace his/her soul, heart, friendship, etc. And THAT is what completely is such a turnoff when it comes to the entire homosexual movement: If you do NOT accept, then they don’t want to know you. I would love if we could go back to the times when it was a hush hush matter; the time when what you do in your bedroom is your business. Gosh, when did our bedroom doors get propped open for inspection? Cuz goodness, people are gonna see that I am in love with myself, apparently….Yes, I’m coming out. I am introsexual. I only like sex with myself. There. I said it.

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