The glaring holes in Julie Swetnick’s so-called ‘deposition’ against Kavanaugh

Julie Swetnick is the latest specimen dredged-up by ambulance chaser lawyer Michael Avenatti in his latest hatchet-job against President Trump.

The glaringly Democrat propaganda website Democratic Underground has posted what they’re claiming is “Deposition of Julie Swetnick (Kavanaugh’s new accuser)”.

Actually, it’s a declaration, not a deposition. Huge difference.

The judge and the party girl.

Anyhow, I ask of you, dear reader… please take a gander at Section 13 (photo, below) of Swetnick’s declaration.

As sharp-eyed Twitter user Cherokee Warrior noticed, nowhere in her statement was Brett Kavanaugh ever fingered by Swetnick of raping her;

Also, Charlie Kirk, author and founder of Turning Point USA, references Section 7 of Swetnick’s declaration;

Yet another sharp-eyed Twitter user, Ex-Dem Latina, sees something in this whole charade that’s been hiding in plain sight;