The psychological castration of ISIS by Arab women


“With the advent of women actually killing them on the field of battle, that may have crippled more than a few ISIS fighters both below and above the belt line…”

With the White House and Pentagon’s brain trust somehow missing this, possibly the best way to get inside the collective psyches of the ISIS terrorists may have already gotten off the ground by way of Middle Eastern Arabs themselves, or more to the point, by way of Middle Eastern Arab women. With Major Miriam Al Mansouri of the United Arab Emirates Air Force seeing both name and photo splashed all over the Western press and social media, the 35-year-old Squadron Commander as become a modern-day folk heroine in the fight against the global Islamic Jihaadists, as evidenced by the report from ABC News on Sept. 25, 2014. And that very same accolades for Maj. Mansouri of a woman standing up to, fighting back, and beating Islamist Jihaadists could hurt them in ways the West may have never considered.

What our civilian and military leadership maybe overlooking factoring in armed women into the equation of defeating ISIS, that seed could have been planted centuries ago in the mind of Muslims, both culturally and theologically. Nonetheless, Western intelligentsia had the obvious pointed out by Dr. Dawn Perlmutter in her academic treatise The Semiotics of Honor Killing & Ritual Murder, as published by the UCLA’s Anthropoetics Journal of Generative Anthropology (Fall, 2011). Yazidi_girl_Nora_Q_3024065b

With Arab women ranging from Maj. Mansouri (Sunni Muslim) to the Israeli Army’s Cpl. Elinor Joseph (Catholic) to the Kurdish women all-female fighters (both Sunni and Shia) as well as women from Iraq’s religious Yazidi minority stepping forward to enter the fray, Dr. Perlmutter’s conclusions very well could cause ISIS males to fall into convulsions. With her resume sporting she’s assisted the FBI’s National Gang Intelligence Center as well various and sundry police departments and prosecutors offices on cases involving ritual murder, the good doctor isn’t exactly subtle when she penned “Islamists live by a code of honor and are willing to die and kill to preserve their way of life.”

Perlmutter’s dissertation describes mindsets of Islamists that coupled with the advent of women actually killing them on the field of battle, that may have crippled more than a few ISIS fighters both below and above the belt line. “According to the Islamist code honor is signified by stereotypical male characteristics such as courage, bravery, heroism, power, virility, and strength; dishonor is signified by stereotypical female characteristics such as weakness, vulnerability, helplessness, and submissiveness. Honor is what defines Islamists as men and psychologically is experienced as dignity and pride; conversely dishonor is indicated by female traits of weakness experienced as humiliation and shame. Islamists are in a constant struggle with fear of disgrace and maintaining manhood…”

Other than looking upon women as little more than chattel, Perlmutter also points out how the mere knowledge of being defeated by armed women could shatter an already fragile sense of self-worth as well as explaining the ISIS penchant for torture, crucifixion, throat slitting and beheading, “The Islamist code inculcates a hypersensitivity to shame and humiliation, a result of the symbolic conditioning of a shame-honor culture in which manhood is always in question. ‘Punishing others alleviates feelings of shame because it replaces the image of oneself as weak, passive with the contrasting image of oneself as powerful.'”


However, while ISIS and the other proponents Islamic Jihaad terrorize innocents, NBC reports that a prominent female Iraqi human rights lawyer has just been executed in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. Known for taking a tough stance on the Islamists in the past, Samira Salih al-Nuaimi was executed today by a masked firing squad. For the high crime of posting anti-ISIS messages on her Facebook page, al-Nuaimi was found guilty of apostasy by a sharia law court. Reportedly, al-Nuaimi was tortured before shot to death.