The questionable roots of Islam under the microscope

The founder of Islam who perpetuated spreading his beliefs by the sword.
The founder of Islam who perpetuated spreading his beliefs by the sword.

A smorgasbord religion whose deity demands human blood…

Kate Henderson of The (of Las Vegas, NV) reported on on Dec. 22, 2013 of the often violent persecution and subsequent sharp declines of the various Arab Christian populations throughout the majority Muslim nations of the Middle East.

Citing sources as diverse as from The Huffington Post to almost a half dozen different British news portals, Henderson paints quite a portrait of historical harmony and religious tolerance between Christianity and Islam specifically in the Muslim World.

As Henderson penned regarding Syria and specifically the 2-year-old civil war:

There was ethnic and religious tolerance, mutual respect and understanding. Now, along with so much in Syria, that harmonious co-habitation has been ripped apart.

Relying heavily on whom she describes as an “esteemed historian” as well as an “expert on the Middle East,” British historian William Dalrymple has also been described as overtly pro-Muslim in his writings.


Once quoted as stating “this obsession of linking Islam and violence is a false one,” Dalrymple squarely laid the blame of the “stereotyping Islam” as violent directly on the West, more specifically on his native Britain.

Describing the roots of Islam as essentially the same as Christianity, Henderson also glosses over the entire reason why Christians are Christian to begin with.

The Religion of Peace in the attack mode.
The Religion of Peace in the attack mode.

Almost apologizing, Henderson states of Islam:

It is only His divinity that is questioned.

Other historically questionable statements such as “the history of Islamic-Christian relations has long, respectful roots” abound in Henderson’s rather lengthy article.

More Holes Than a Box of Cheerios…

Ignored were the historical facts that the belief system founded by Mohammed in the 7th century was spread directly by his army’s conquest of the pagan, Jewish and Christian communities and kingdoms throughout the Middle East. Also ignored was that Christianity was the religion of 1-in-5 Arabs only a few short generations ago.

lineageOnly in very recent decades has the percentage of Arabs who embrace Christianity fallen to a mere 2 percent.

Those Inconvenient Jews…

With the Hebrew people getting no more than a passing reference, Henderson seems to have missed that unlike Islam, Christianity’s genealogy is correctly taken directly from Judaism’s Torah.

Theological differences between Christians and Jews aside, Christians claim to be the spiritual descendants of the Old Testament Patriarch and father of the Hebrew nation, Abraham, via his legitimate son, Isaac.

Islam, however, traces their lineage from the illegitimate son of Abraham, Ismail, born of the slave woman Hagar.