The theology of evolution: The ultimate anti-science

WARNING! Harsh language alert! If you’re easily offended by course language, this may not be the page for you.

I’ll just come right out and say it — no matter how often liberal atheists puff out their collective chests and sneer at us lowly “anti-science” mouth-breathing conservatives, the truth of the matter is that Believers are more science-minded than given credit for … and even though they hate to admit it, atheists most certainly believe in a Supreme Being.

Evolving vs. Adapting …

Evolution is pure and total bullshit. It makes a helluva lot more sense that plants and animals adapt to the environment they just so happen to live in.

There’s a reason why people who live on or near the equator have more melanin than those that live in the northern latitudes.

There’s a reason why Malamutes can handle a Wisconsin winter far better than a Basenji.

Speaking of reasons, there happens to be a reason why humans are taller, stronger, live much longer and healthier lives than we did just a few generations ago.

And that reason has nothing to do with evolution, but everything to do with advancements in medicine and not eating rotted food on a daily basis.

The God of Evolution …

Despite more than a few atheists/liberals/pro-evolutionistas worshiping at the altar of the Big Bang, even we simpleton Believers are smart enough to understand the basic law of physics that dictates matter cannot and without exception generate itself from nothingness.

But don’t tell that to the other side … that’s one of their Articles of Faith.

So please continue to tell us Believers how “anti-science” we are.

The Atheist God …

Something else atheists/liberals/pro-evolutionistas believe in — God.

According to the theory of evolution, it’s the perfect perpetual motion machine. It simply doesn’t end … ever.

Well, I take that back. It does eventually end.

When we evolve into God.