The United States of Beta Males

Is you is, or is you ain't my healthcare?
Rachel Maddow finally hits the big time.

Political Correctness now has a face…

No name, but a face… and footie pajamas. And a big ol’ mug of steaming hot chocolate.

And possibly suffering from the worst case of Low T in the long and storied history of both simultaneous and sequential hermaphrodites.


With the emphasis on “boy,” The Washington Times hammers the tousle-haired nerdlinger poster boy for Doc Obama’s health care scam.

And your little Portuguese Water Dog, too.
And your little Portuguese Water Dog, too.

And by health care, I mean anyone with at least a severe Case of the Monday’s being mercifully drowned in a vat of Michelle’s favorite brand of hair relaxer or pummeled to death by pillow case full of Rosie O’Donnell’s No!No! kits.

But I Digress… 

Can there really be stones thrown at the architects of ObamaCare’s PR campaign?

Ever since the end of the Draft, the death of John Wayne, and my retirement from the United States Marine Corps, the state of American masculinity has been swirling the drain.

The election of Barack Obama in 2008 signaled the death knell of anything even remotely resembling a functioning set of testes in the cultural landscape of Western Civilization.

The 2012 re-election of the Kenyan Woman-Hating Interloper was really nothing more than Alan Alda-types dancing on said graves with lumberjack shirt-clad shemale big rig drivers. Cue the k.d. lang music.

That’s Why Bad Daryle Lamonica and John Brodie Were Superior Athletes…

Besides golden boy quarterbacks nowadays being off limits from a crushing blow if any of those protected species slides feet first,  the first real sign of the psychological castration of Yankee Doodle Dudedom crossed all sports boundaries when the hated designated hitter rule came into being back in ’73.

As anyone who’s ever seen Sand Lot knows, any given ballplayer must actually lay hands on a ball, bat and glove. Anything less is just… well, Un-American.


Speaking Strictly as an Alpha Male…

As terrible as anyone being killed or wounded in action is, once we hit the 21st century it became not only routine for women to be on military casualty lists, it became acceptable.

The hard-core reality why members of the fairer sex were being blown into small bits had nothing to do with equal rights, women in the Combat Arms fields or a sudden infusion of testosterone or upper body strength for Suzy, Sally or Sha’Nique.

Suzy, Sally and Sha’Nique are administrative clerks, supply clerks and truck drivers.

Not a real book, but should be.
Not a real book, but should be.

With IEDs being the biggest killer of our troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan, is it any wonder why so many women were and are being blown up?

Now Comes the Question Liberals Hate…

So why are so many gals serving as administrative clerks, supply clerks and truck drivers in the Service?

Quite simple – most American men are Beta Males.

Rachel Maddow jokes aside, most guys in this country have no problem whatsoever tearfully waving goodbye at the pier while the wifey sails off to some far off CZ.

It’s sad but true, but in the years to come when one of the grandkids is sitting on their knee, that wide-eyed tyke will look up to his or her grandfather and ask “Grampa, what did you do in the war?”

Pathetically, the only answer that could truthfully be given is “I changed your mommy’s shitty diapers.”


5 thoughts on “The United States of Beta Males

  1. Sad but true. I would aspire to be a Marine-type. But as surely as Clint Eastwood admonished us, I know my limitations.
    This pussy, who we find out today works for OFA, has not the slightest inkling of manly aspirations.
    One has an almost visceral reaction to beat the shit out of him for being a biological error of his own making.
    I’d tell him to man up, but it’s doubtful he has a point of reference.

  2. Thank you! I’ve been screaming of this for years. The castration of the male of the species! Boys aren’t allowed to be boys and pussys have taken over the NFL!

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